News of Casey James’ Upcoming CD Generates Much Internet Buzz

Although there had been some leaks (notably, a full track list courtesy USAToday’s Brian Mansfield), the official press release from Sony Nashville concerning Casey James’ debut record brought confirmation that the wait to hear Casey’s first album was almost over.  Quickly, the news spread throughout the internet.

The show responsible for introducing most of us to Casey, American Idol, announced the news today, along with, Music Row, Keepin it Country, Country Music Rocks, Music News Nashville, and Countrys Chatter, Today’s Country, and other country music sites.  Others, like MJ’s Big Blog, Roughstock, and Country Music is Love published much of the album information ahead of the official press release.

While many of the songs are familiar to Casey’s fans, as seven of the eleven on the album have already been performed a number of times in concert, not every writing credit was known on those songs – until now.  In addition, we have the title and songwriters for four additional as-yet-unheard songs.  And we have the intriguing news that Casey co-produced his debut, along with songwriter/producer Chris Lindsey.

So what new did we learn?   One of the new songs, Miss Your Fire, was co-written by Casey, co-producer Chris Lindsey and his wife, songwriter Aimee Mayo.  While we knew the three were working together, we didn’t know which of the songs they had written together over the past year-and-a-half would be on the album.  Now we do!

Another new song co-written by Casey is called Tough Love, and his co-writers are Brett James and David Lee Murphy.  Brett is a two time ASCAP country songwriter of the year (2006 and 2010) and Grammy winner for Jesus Take the Wheel, among his many top ten hits (including AI alum Scotty McCreery’s I Love You This Big).  David Lee has written such hits as Million Dollar View and Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not.

The two songs that Casey did not have a hand in penning are Crying on a Suitcase by Lee Thomas Miller, Tom Shapiro and Neil Thrasher and Workin’ On It by Bob DiPiero, Brandon Kinney and Daniel Tashian.  These songwriters also have a long list of songs for other country music superstars.  For example, Miller has written for Tim McGraw and Joe Nichols.  Shapiro has written for Trace Atkins, George Strait, Keith Urban and Sara Evans. Thrasher has written for Rascall Flatts, Carrie Underwood and Montgomery Gentry.  Bob DiPiero has an extremely impressive resume, thirty years in the making, with hit songs for everyone from the Oak Ridge Boys to the late Etta James.

In less than two months, you’ll be able to hear these songs and start the debate over you new favorite Casey James song.


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10 Responses to News of Casey James’ Upcoming CD Generates Much Internet Buzz

  1. I can’t waitt for the first of what will be I’m surre many wnderful CDs filled with Casey’s heart and soul.

  2. Cyndee says:

    I’m intrigued by the fact that he co-produced the album. What does this mean exactly?

    • Bybee D James says:

      Whew that’s a big question! Not sure I woukd know where to begin on that one. Producing involves which instrument goes where in the song, when it comes in, when it goes out, where the vocals are placed, if there is harmony needed, how fast or how slow, every ambiance, where the song should build, how it should end…
      I could go on, there is SO much involved it would boggle the imagination. Hope that helps a little.

      • Alexis Dunn says:

        Thanks Debra I can’t wait for the Opra or the C/D I am sure his fans will come thru again for helping him. I am still mad that here in Texas we are not getting the radio station support he deserves .

      • TCJB says:

        KILT in Houston is a HUGE supporter of Casey’s, so you should listen to them. In fact, both Houston stations are playing Casey!

  3. Cherrel Underwood says:

    Thanks, Debra, for giving us an idea about what “producing” an album involves! And thanks, Cyndee, for asking the question! (I’d wondered too….) :)))

  4. I am so proud of our Casey, multitalented man that is just going up, up, up; Just can’t wait to get that CD. Thanks Mama James for educating up about producing. Another talent to add to Casey’t long list; God bless you Casey!!!!!!!!!!

  5. lisa says:

    Alexis I’m not sure where in Tx your at but I’m in houston area and it’s on both country stations here.I’ve only been lucky enough to hear it a couple of times.that’s why I went back to listening to country because of Casey.lord knows I’ve tried to listen to Scotty Mcreey,just can’t seem to connect to that guy.he just irraitated me so much when he was on idol with his expressions.and I never was a Josh Turner fan.the thing about Casey is he could sing any kinda music.

  6. Gale says:

    I had the same question, so went to Wikipedia:
    “A record producer is an individual working within the music industry, whose job is to oversee and manage the recording (i.e. “production”) of an artist’s music. A producer has many roles that may include, but are not limited to, gathering ideas for the project, selecting songs and/or musicians, coaching the artist and musicians in the studio, controlling the recording sessions, and supervising the entire process through mixing and mastering. Producers also often take on a wider entrepreneurial role, with responsibility for the budget, schedules, and negotiations.”…
    A music producer can, in some cases, be compared to a film director, with noted practitioner Phil Ek himself describing his role as “the person who creatively guides or directs the process of making a record, like a director would a movie. The engineer would be more the cameraman of the movie.”[1] The music producer’s job is to create, shape, and mold a piece of music. The scope of responsibility may be one or two songs or an artist’s entire album – in which case the producer will typically develop an overall vision for the album and how the various songs may interrelate.
    In the US, before the rise of the record producer, someone from A&R would oversee the recording session(s), assuming responsibility for creative decisions relating to the recording…
    In most cases the music producer is also a competent arranger, composer or songwriter who can bring fresh ideas to a project. As well as making any songwriting and arrangement adjustments, the producer is also in charge of the creative mix. He or she will liase with the sound engineer who concentrates on the technical aspects of recording, whereas the music producer keeps an eye on the overall projects marketability.”

  7. Karen says:

    Casey has put so much of himself into this cd between writing, singing, playing guitar and co-producing. I can’t wait to hear the finished product!

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