Casey James ~ Weekly Recap Ending 1/21/2012

Patience is a virtue, and good things come to those that wait.  As fans struggle to remain calm awaiting Casey James’ album release, this week, several new details were posted answering many questions of enthusiastic fans.  USA Today posted a detailed article describing Casey’s debut album, which will be self titled “Casey James”.  The release date has been announced for March 20, 2012.  The track list has also been confirmed, containing seven originals that we all know and love, and have dreamed of the day to experience the opportunity to purchase studio recordings on iTunes or Amazon.  The album will also contain four new tracks, two of which were not co-written by Casey.  Catch our detailed post USA Today Reveals Track List of Casey James’ Album.

Thanks to dedicated fans for all of your support concerning anything you do to contribute and promote Casey.  Your votes have paid off! On the CMT Pure 12 Pack “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” is number one! On the GAC top 20, it has moved from the #15 spot to #13!  The single took the #32 spot in the Top 40.  After 22 weeks, it is at #34 on the billboard charts. Please continue your appreciated support!

Don’t miss our brief interview with Casey this week as he responded to questions pertaining to the anticipation and significance of taking the stage at the Grand Ole Opry, January 27, in Nashville.  Keep your supportive tweets going, as it appears that Casey has been known to peek in on occasion.  To get the details click Casey talks about his Opry debut.

Casey returned to the stage Saturday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin  as part of WMIL’s Class of 2012 Concert held at the Northern Lights Theater inside Potawatomi Bingo Casino.  Performing a 4 song acoustic set, Casey played incredible renditions of two anticipated album tracks, “Drive” and “She’s Money”.   Our detailed post will continue to be updated on the first stage appearance of 2012.  Check back often to catch the first performance of the year.  Click here.

If you are one of the fortunate to attend Casey’s Opry debut, don’t miss our post, Fans Coming Out on gatherings including dinner and group photo plans.  If you can’t make the trip, you may listen live at WSM Online.  Debra (Bybee) James, explains her personal appreciation and connections that have developed with Casey’s dedicated fans.  She provides a heartwarming and genuine description of her thoughts that truly confirms why so many feel honored to meet her.  Thank you Debra, for your display of gratitude, sharing your heart, and allowing us to share our hearts with you.

Debra James states:   “I feel it safe to say that with God’s grace, Casey’s fan base will grow with him as time passes.  What a beautiful thought!  I am so blessed to see this rocket launched,” she told TCJB. “I believe strongly it was a core group of faithful fans that contributed to this launch. It’s almost like these special people all got together, picked Casey up, and threw him toward the stars. I thank, love, and appreciate them all. They have spent so much of their time, voting, praying,  and traveling. Words can’t express my appreciation. No words…just love”

2012 has gotten off to a strong start, and Casey will have one live performance on Friday, January 27, at the Ryman Auditorium during the Opry.  Our site is updated continuously, so check back often for the most current information including new concert dates.  Our concert schedule tab is located up top, and dates are updated as they are confirmed.

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4 Responses to Casey James ~ Weekly Recap Ending 1/21/2012


    Beautiful words from his mom,
    which reaffirms how well Casey James was raised.


    Casey James fans, KUDOS!
    You are awesome too!

  3. Cherrel Underwood says:

    I really appreciate the weekly recaps since sometimes I get behind on reading the blog.
    When one of those rushed weeks occurs, I can count on an easy-to-read, informative recap to get me back on track following Casey!! Thanks, Jen L., for sharing some of the more personal aspects of Casey news (like the above quote from his mom)!!! :))))

  4. Renee says:

    Hope one of the unknowns is a rocker since we won’t have DMUMM.

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