Fans Coming out to Support Casey James’ Opry Debut

From the minute it was announced that Casey James would be making his debut at the Grand Ole Opry on January 27th, Casey’s fans have been overcome with excitement. This is a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime rite of passage for a country artist, the experience of stepping on that famed stage for the first time. And Casey’s fans want to be there to witness this magical moment.

A large contingent of Casey James’ fans are heading to Nashville from all around the country to be there in person to see Casey walk out on the Opry stage for the first time. The rest, who can’t make the trip, will be there in spirit, listening to the live stream of the show on WSM Online from wherever they are and looking forward to hearing the stories their fellow fans will share of this special occasion.

Some fans decided to meet beforehand for dinner and this idea blossomed into a huge pre-show celebration and a chance for fans who have become friends through their mutual love of Casey’s music to meet in person. Over 50 fans have already RSVP’d that they’ll be attending the fan dinner. The group will be meeting at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville at 4:00 pm for food, hugs and conversation and then they will all head over to the Ryman Auditorium for a group photo at 6:00 pm before going in to see the show.

Attending this dinner is Casey’s #1 fan, his mother, Debra “Bybee” James, the woman who famously urged her son to try out for American Idol and lent him her car to make the trek to the last audition stop in Denver. She accepted the invitation because she could not pass up a chance to celebrate with this core group of loyal fans who has stood by Casey for nearly two years with unwavering support and love.

“I feel it safe to say that with God’s grace, Casey’s fan base will grow with him as time passes. What a beautiful thought! I am so blessed to see this rocket launched,” she told TCJB. “I believe strongly it was a core group of faithful fans that contributed to this launch. It’s almost like these special people all got together, picked Casey up, and threw him toward the stars. I thank, love, and appreciate them all. They have spent so much of their time, voting, praying, and traveling. Words can’t express my appreciation. No words…just love”

Glenda Jordon, who runs the Casey fan blog “Caseymania” summed up on Facebook what the rest of the fans heading to Nashville are likely feeling: “So excited for his debut and getting to meet others I haven’t met yet, and of course, seeing all those again, I do know!! This is gonna be GREAT!!! :)”

Of course, not all of Casey’s fans can make the trip to Nashville, but they plan on sharing the experience from wherever they are that night. Susan Derksen, a California-based fan, expressed the sentiment of the fans who won’t be there, saying “I’ll be at The Grand Ole Opry in spirit!”

Cindy Hodges has been counting down the days, tweeting “each day the excitement grows” as she keeps track of who is coming along with Carman Wesson who has this list on Twitter.

As one fan, Tracy Scott, said on Facebook, “Casey is gonna be feeling some serious love on Jan. 27th!!!”

Here’s the current list of Casey’s Twitter and Facebook fans who are planning on being there for Casey’s big debut:

Cindy Hodges (@sweetshadows17) & Pati Lackey
Darla Straube (@ilovemusic812)
Gail Vaughn (@wildwillowdes)
Nancy Atwood (@ridgef)
Cyndee Hoialmen (@CyndeeMN)
Sara McCandless (@SaraMac_in321)
Pamela Wood (@pjwood67)
Yvonne Liest-Crestwell +1
Lisa Perkins (@Lisap0181) +1
Rhonda Nelson (@rjnelson785)
Robyn Lankford (@rokkinrobyn) & her mom
Tracy Scott (@CrazyCEJFan) & her daughter
Mindy Dotson (@Mindybug123) & friend
Kath Williams (@kathwilliams2) & husband & son
Wanda & Taylor Moore
ValJean & Kevin Nixa (@ValJean_Nixa)
Amber Caro (@CJFan_Amber)
Glenda Jordon (@CEJTxGal)
Carol Mathews (@indianamomof4)
Anthea & John Brownrigg
Jeanette Wiggins (@jwtexaslady)
Carman Wesson & husband (@CoolCJFan)
DeeDee Wilson
Diana Embry
Debra Nilsen
Ines Alexander
Cecil Anison (@blues4me4ever)
Sharron Grissett (@slaphappynbama) + 1
Artist_at _Heart
Regina Roberts (@CJFan_Regina)
Leslie (@CJFan_Leslie)
Diane Dailey (@deesquared777)
Cindy Clark +3
Chrissa Danielle (@chrisiiboo726)
Christy Blaylock (@clblaylock)
Debra James (@BybeeDJames)
Jan Humphrey (@janita 394)
Dona Charnell (@hbhunny)

Congratulations and safe travels to all of Casey’s fans. And congrats to Casey for generating so much love and feeling of community among his many fans!


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13 Responses to Fans Coming out to Support Casey James’ Opry Debut

  1. Diana says:

    I too will be there in spirit. I’d give anything to be there with you all.
    I know it will be fun night. Safe travel to all.

  2. Darlene G Smith says:

    I would love to be there, but I have to be in school. Budget cuts are serious and deep!!I am there in soul and spirit with all fans who love and support Casey!

  3. Gail V. says:

    Thanks Shari, for keeping us updated on everything. I don’t know what we would do without you šŸ™‚ I am so happy to see that Debra will be at our dinner. It will be such a joy to get to meet her. Her words touched my heart, and made me cry. This is going to be such an emotional time for us all and such an honor to be together to share it…….

  4. Tracy Scott says:

    Ditto..what Gail V. said especially the emotional part……Wish I could stop time when Casey walks out onto that stage-just for a minute so we will have a little longer to savor the moment! This is so special! Shari-your dedication is unreal and Caseys fans love you for it!

  5. Ditto On what Gail V. said, this is going to be an amazing Casey adventure! To see him make history once again, his Opry debut. This is a really big deal to an artist, and I am so glad so many of us are going to be there for support and cheering him on! This will be my 6th time to see Casey perform. I look forward to many more shows, but this one will be very special to Casey and one he will always remember. Looking forward to meeting Debra and all the other Casey fans/supporters whom I have not yet met, as well as seeing a few that I have met so far.

  6. Anita (neet) says:

    I’ll also be there in spirit – been a fan since day 1. Wish I could be there, but then again, I’d probably bawl like a baby when Casey comes on stage. I’m so glad so many of you are able to be there – I know you all will have an unforgettable time.

  7. IndianaMomOf4 says:

    I am so excited about this trip! I really need to thank my husband more often for putting up with my Craseyness! I found out about Casey’s Opry debut in the car on the way from Dallas back to Indiana. When I asked him if we could go and have my mom from Alabama meet us there, he got on the phone and started calling my sisters and his brother and sister to see if they all wanted to meet in Nashville for an adult family weekend. We now have 10 of us going from 4 states (Indiana, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee)! They all know how much I love Casey and I’m excited for them to hear him live! My brother-in-law is a bass player in a band and when he saw Casey’s video he was impressed. I just hope I don’t start crying in front of my family when I see Casey on that stage!

    I can’t wait to meet Casey friends that I have already shared laughs with via computer and to reconnect with a few that I met in Vegas at The Chrome (another trip my hubby arranged).
    So here’s to my hubby, who after all the eye-rolling during my obsessive voting and the groaning at 3:00 am when my phone would beep with a tweet from Casey, has finally given in and joined me for my mid-life crisis!

  8. hav says:

    I too wish I could be there, but my spirit and prayers will be with Casey and Family. Coming from New Jersey is a little difficult in the winter. I will be checking the computer for news everyday.
    My best to Casey, Bybee and Billy, we will be cheering from home. Love to all.

    Roni J

  9. Rigel Delgado says:

    How I wish I could be there with you all!!! I’m from Venezuela, so I hope Casey gets such a success that he could come to my country someday… Please tell her mother Bybee that her son have people who love him all around the world!!! I’m one of those šŸ˜‰ Take a lot of pictures please and make videos for all of us who can’t be there physically… Enjoy the show!!!

  10. Cherrel Underwood says:

    So excited for all the fans who will be attending Casey’s debut Opry appearance!!! šŸ™‚ I will be there in spirit and will be listening to the livestream! For those of you who will be there in person supporting Casey, please tell him there are many of us who send our love and best wishes! We will be eagerly waiting to hear all about this very special evening!!!

    A big thank you to TCJB for keeping us updated and connected! Really appreciate all your time, effort and support of Casey’s ever-growing fanbase!!!

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  12. Patty Cleghorn says:

    I am so happy for Casey!!!! I’ve been there from the beginning. So many of my friends are attending tonight…… We all admire Casey and his unbelievable talent!!!! Casey– as far as I’m concerned— you belong on that stage!!!

  13. Ellen says:

    I am so excited for Casey tonight!! Although I can’t be there in person to witness this great event, I will be there in spirit and listening online…
    I know that the ladies attending will have so much fun- Enjoy enough for the rest of us! And take lots of pictures please!

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