Fans Cannot Get Enough of Casey James

When most of us first saw Casey James it was on our TV screens, singing ninety-second song snippets on American Idol Season 9 back in 2010.  But the first time we really heard what Casey James was all about was when he traveled far from Hollywood and showed us what he’d been doing in and around Ft. Worth, Texas for years before being discovered.

When we heard him during the AI hometown visit, unleashed and let loose, we saw the real Casey James, the live performer who had been restrained by the confines of the TV show.

Since then, Casey has continued to wow audiences with what he can do onstage — whether during a relatively short four-song set, like during the AI Live Tour or as an arena show opener, or longer headlining sets in smaller venues.  At each live show, fans come away feeling that seeing Casey James perform live was an experience not to be missed.

Many fans have taken that sentiment to heart and have traveled far and wide just to see Casey play live, enough times for some of them that they jokingly wonder if there should be a restraining order on them.  But at every concert stop, Casey has the same effect on the audience and whether you walk in a fan, by the time you’re leaving you’re looking forward to your next Casey concert.  Once is never enough.

They say you never forget your first time…seeing Casey James in concert.  For some fans it was during the whirlwind homecoming tour stops at the Keys Lounge and elsewhere in Ft. Worth.  Kathy Terry, who has seen Casey five times, remembers it vividly:  “We 1st saw Casey James at the Keys Lounge May 14, 2010 and that really convinced us how charismatic and amazing Casey is.  [My husband] Steve and I were both amazed. Although I had watched all his performances on AI and was voting for him… seeing him IN PERSON was so much better.”

Others were first introduced to Casey’s live performances during the American Idol Live Tour where Casey sang four covers (including one duet), like Jen Bussone who first saw Casey in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  Since then she’s seen Casey a total of nine times saying, only partly joking, “Ya know, like potato chips. Betcha can’t see just one.”  She added, “phrases like ‘four hours is not far at all’ have entered my vocabulary.”

Some fans may have first seen Casey during one of his opening gigs on the Sugarland Incredible Machine Tour, like @everydayisa10, whose “first and only time” seeing Casey was his March 19th show at.  But, she adds, “hope to see more soon!”  Another, Eileen Lanigan, noted “though not everyone knew who he was before the [Sugarland] show, the audience still loved him as he won everybody over.”

One fan who has seen Casey multiple times, Rhonda Nelson, said of Casey’s Sugarland gigs, “I’m not sure any CJ experience can surpass the thrill we experienced that night standing in the ‘Sugar Pit’ waiting for Casey to step out and begin what we all knew was going to be a long & legendary career. I will always be glad I was there to witness that.”

Cindy Hodges first saw Casey “on 3/12/11 when he opened for Sugarland in Jacksonville, Fl. It was special for me because (1) Casey was finally getting some play time since his audition on AI, then (2) this show was held at my birth place & close to my birthday so seeing Casey James then & getting to meet him for the first time was one of the best birthdays I have had.”  But like so many fans, she didn’t stop there.  “Since then I’ve seen Casey James at 3 other shows & on 1-27-12 I will be seeing Casey James embark on his first debut at Opry Ryman. Casey’s love for his Fans & His Music is what keeps me coming back to see his shows.”

Kathy Rainwater first saw Casey was when he was playing a full set, not as an opener but as a headliner, at the 3/25/11 date at Whiskey Tango in Kansas City.  “He was outstanding & it helped me to put together all the images and sounds from the tv/internet into reality.”

Casey recently told reporters that the live concert experience means as much to him as it does to the fans, especially when he sees the fans singing along to one of his songs. “I mean…I just…that moment where you’re lookin’ out and people are singin’ a song that came from your heart and your soul, and it means somethin’ to them, too. I can’t ask for more.”

The blog put out a call to fans on Twitter and Facebook to let us know the first time they saw Casey James live on stage and how many times they have seen him in total.  Answers ranged from those who have seen Casey just once and were quick to add that they couldn’t wait to see him again, to one fan who has seen him 18 times — soon to be 21 before the end of next month.  On Facebook, a number shared more details of that first time, which you can see here.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, just a representative list of some of the fans who wanted to share with the blog their first time seeing Casey and how many times they’ve seen him as of the date of this post.  They, along with thousands of new fans, will be creating a whole new set of concert memories when Casey goes back on stage next week.

walkinginSonshine @everydayisa10 Sioux City, IA 3/19/11, 1 time

Linda Fletcher Billy Bob’s Dallas, TX 7/1/11, 1 time

Jami Chavarria Dallas, TX 8/9/10, 1 time

Sylvia Faulkner Knoxville, TN 12/13/11, 1 time

Debbie Indiero Atlantic City, NJ 7/10/10, 1 time

Debi Jones Glover Adams Houston, TX 8/7/10, 1 time

Sharon Grissett, Nashville, TN 6/9/11, 1 time

Karen Smith @raisen06 Chicago, IL 8/28/11, 1 time

Kathe Hamilton, Ft. Worth, TX 7/1/11, 1 time

Tiffany Bailey, Philadelphia, PA 12/9/11, 1 time

Tracie Smith Boston, MA 10/20/11, 1 time

Evilizabeth Schafer  Pittsburgh, PA 7/21/10, 1 time

Toni Jensen Green Bay, WI 6/11/11, 1 time

Barbara Bortle @daydreaminmeme Roanoke, VA 10/14/11, 1 very special time

Megan @haveaniceday711 Greenville, SC 3/10/11, 2 times

Robyn Harms @rockinrobyn59 Sioux City, IA 3/19/11, 2 times

Tina M. Deraco @TinaMDeraco Hershey, PA 7/15/10, 2 times

Tracy Scott @CrazyCEJFan Nashville, TN 6/9/11, 2 times (“There’s no such thing as too much Casey”)

Laura Buck @bucky26 Jones Beach, NY 7/7/10, 2 times

Cherrel Underwood @chu2821 Lexington, KY 8/30/11, 2 times

Eileen Lanigan Jones Beach, NY 7/7/10, NY 2 times

Yvonne Leist-Creswell Hershey, PA 7/15/10, 2 times

Susie Anderson Taylor Los Angeles, CA 8/13/10, 2 times

Karen Smith @kdsaa4  St. Louis, MO 8/25/10, 3 times

Jen Taylor @NYYCEJfanJT Philadelphia, PA 7/11/10, 3 times (she adds “so far!”)

HP @HPsquares Philadelphia, PA 7/11/10, 3 times

LaDonna Dennis @LDG_lildrumgirl Kansas City, MO 3/25/11, 3 times

Michelle Tanner @MichelleLTanner Jacksonville, FL 3/12/11, 3 times

Lori Crowl @Lstylist  N. Canton, OH 8/20/11, 3 times

Taylor Denise Moore @tademo Atlanta, GA 8/1/10 3 times

TerriKanoelehuaSyslo @TexasT Dallas, TX 8/9/10, 3 times

Tammy Minder @sdbulldog  Minneapolis, MN 8/19/10, 3 times

Kathy Rainwater @krainia Kansas City, MO 3/25/11, 3 times

Paula Morris @IamPaulaLM Dallas, TX 8/9/10, 3 times

AliShack @horsefarmwoman  Chesapeake, VA  9/30/11, 4 times

Erin Esposito, Las Vegas, NV 4/1/11, 4 times

Pamela Wood @pjwood67, Charlotte, NC 7/25/10, 4 times

Julia @daylightshineon Bristow, VA 7/23/10, 4 times

Stacey McGinnis @rockendog  Petaluma, CA 7/21/11, 5 times

Kathy Terry  Ft. Worth, TX 5/14/10, 5 times

Lisa P @Lisap0181 Nashville, TN 6/9/11, 5 times

Carolyn Collins, Auburn Hills, MI 7/1/10, 5 times

Nancy Atwood @ridgef, Indianapolis, IN 8/31/10, 5 times

Carman @CoolCJfan  Houston, TX 8/7/10, 7 times

Regina Roberts @CJFan_Regina  Knoxville, TN 7/28/10, 7 times

Gail @wildwillowde Bloomington, IL 3/18/11, 7 times

Amber Caro @CJFan_Amber Little Rock, AK, 3/4/11, 7 times

Rhonda Cloutier, Ft. Worth, TX 5/14/10, 7 times

MC @AintItBeautiful NYC, NY 6/2/10, 8 times

Sara @SaraMac_in321 Tampa, FL 8/4/10, 8 times

cecilann @blues4me4ever Mountain View, CA 8/15/10, 8 times

Robyn Lankford Knoxville, TN 7/28/10, 8 times

Patti Watkins @msverucas, Los Angeles, CA 8/13/10, 9 times

Marie Leathem @marieleathem1 Sacramento, CA 8/10, 9 times

Jen Bussone @spinnyjb Auburn Hills, MI 7/1/10, 9 times

Cyndee Hoialmenn @CyndeeMN Minneapolis, MN 8/27/10, 9 times

Joan @jcareyarts Los Angeles, CA 8/13/10, 10 times

Beth @BethEShep  Manchester, NH 7/14/10, 10 times

Glenda Jordon @CEJTxGal Hollywood, CA  4/27/10, 11 times

Rhonda Nelson @RJNelson785 Dallas, TX 8/9/10, 11 times

Amy E. Smith @ASassy9 Hershey, PA 7/15/10, 18 times

If you don’t see yourself on the list, or you want to share more about that first experience, please add a comment!


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13 Responses to Fans Cannot Get Enough of Casey James

  1. Laurie Guarnieri says:

    Laurie Guarnieri N.Canton, OH 8/20/11 1 time

  2. abbie says:

    wondering when my first time will be, but happy for those who have seen him and grateful that those who have gone to his shows have been so generous enough to share audios, videos, pics and their stories! and mostly grateful for TCJBs exhaustive coverage of all these! 🙂

  3. Beth W says:

    Beth Willoughby -Charleston SC 3/11/2011, 6 times. Thanks so much to the TCJB for keeping everyone informed about upcoming concert dates! This information is very helpful when purchasing tickets, making travel plans, etc….sometimes I think y’all know about events even before Casey does!! Looking VERY forward to the Opry!

  4. Renee says:

    I have to second what Abbie said. Don’t know when or if I’ll get to see him live but I’m so greatful to all those who have recorded his performances to share with those that can’t be there. It goes to show the kind of people Casey attracts-caring, unselfish fans who love him and his music and want to share his gift with others. Special thanks to Shari, Marie, Jen and others at this site and to Mickey and Glenda for the many hours they spend to bring us the latest about Casey. I used to be an avid reader and now Casey has become my hobby/addiction. He’s a habit I don’t want to quit!!

  5. kathyt1 says:

    Wow – 18 times – wish I had the free time…. that would be amazing (so jealous)… Thank you for the great post as always… I hope to have some more free time this year to go to some more Casey James concerts. The one in NASHVILLE is so on my wish list… but will not be able to do it – will be working.

  6. Patti (MsVerucas) says:

    Great article Shari! I actually forgot one of mine, which was the “Crystal Palace”, and it was one of my favs! So, I have seen him 10 times, and it’s definitely not enough. 🙂

  7. Kaylee says:

    I saw Casey with Sugarland in Greenville on March 10th. It was my first concert ever and he was EPIC! I was so depressed that he was sick and didn’t feel well enough to do a meet and greet… I’m dying to go to another of his shows 🙂

  8. Jen Lloyd says:

    The first time I saw Casey live was 8/25/10 from the front row in St. Louis. I didn’t get the chance to meet with him that night, but fortunately have had the opportunity to see him 9 more times, giving the grand total of 10 shows. Great guy, and supporting his dreams has been a pleasure. Thanks for such a great post!!!

  9. Donna Camarata says:

    1st time was in Des Moines, Iowa on 8/26/2010 on AI tour. Total I have seen Casey perform 5 times in 5 different states! Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Tennessee, & Missouri! Love every memory!

  10. Roni Jones says:

    Saw Casey, first time, in person, in Atlantic City. He was a head above all the other american idol performers, literally and musicaly. He out shined them all!!!!!!! Went to radio station Wkmk to see Casey and it was cancelled, Casey was ill. Hope to see him in New Jersey real soon. Supporting Casey and his mom and family is my pleasure to such a gifted person.

    Roni J

  11. Norma Williams says:

    Stockyard Station in Fort Worth (Rain out on parade, BOO), Bulldog Stadium in Millsap, TX & American Airline Center in Dallas, AI Tour. Can’t wait for 4th time!!

  12. Marsha Ardila says:

    Saw Casey for the first time on the AI tour in Charlotte, NC…..have now seen him a total of 8 times, in 4 states….wish it was more…..can’t wait for the future!!!!

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