Casey James in All Access’ “Headline of the Day”

Casey James was featured in Neil Haislop’s Nashville IQ’s “Headline of the Day” for All Access Media Group today, talking about being on stage and hearing the audience sing along to one of his songs.  The audio was posted yesterday by radio station KILT in their article “Casey James Making History.”


Casey James says that the emotion of hearing his song sung back to him was almost overwhelming.

“My heart almost stopped! I mean, I really think that when I saw the people singin’ along with me, it was…it was just one of those moments where I just…I almost forgot to breathe, it was so intense. And there’s no words really to describe it for me, you know, and I’m sure that a lot of people – the big-time people, you know – get that sensation all the time, and I wonder to myself, ‘Does it ever get…does it ever…do you ever get used to it?’ Because I don’t think I will. I mean…I just…that moment where you’re lookin’ out and people are singin’ a song that came from your heart and your soul, and it means somethin’ to them, too. I can’t ask for more.”

Source: All Access  Listen to the audio from KILT here: If you scroll down, Haislop also lists the GAC playlist of videos for 1/9/12 and you will find Casey Jame’s “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” in very good company in the “Medium” rotation section!


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6 Responses to Casey James in All Access’ “Headline of the Day”

  1. LaDonna Dennis says:

    It does mean something to us!!! It defiantly means something to me…it’s in my heart and soul!! I love Casey’s music and that is one of the things I love….it comes from his heart and soul!! It goes right into ours when he sings!! You get back what you give baby! 😉 Casey deserve the best and I for one want to make sure he knows….how much we love and adore him, his music, his family and his precious
    heart and soul!! I have and ALWAYS will support Casey 100% with all my heart and soul in it!! 😉

  2. Rita joyce Starpoli says:

    Casey, get use to it because when your album is released, you will have every one singing back to you many,many,times over …we want you to keep getting that feelng over and over and over……

  3. janice teal says:

    yes definetley get usued to it casy,because we you devoted fans with you sice you first stepped onto the american idol stage will always be singing your songs!!

  4. Roni Jones says:

    young and old, we are all behind you Casey. You have won our hearts. We all sing your song in the car, home, yard and shower, we all love it. You are our idol.


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