New Radio Station Adds for “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night”

Casey James’ first single is continuing its steady climb up the charts and across North America’s country radio stations.  Three new stations added Let’s Don’t Call it a Night last week, including one in the #6 ranked market and one in the #12.

Houston station KKBQ joined fellow top ten market station KILT as officially adding LDCIAN last week.  You can request LDCIAN on their station using the online form at KKBQ, calling (713) 390-5000, or contacting them on Twitter @TheNew93Q and on Facebook: The New 93Q.

Miami radio station WKIS also added LDCIAN last week.  You can request LDCIAN online at WKIS, by calling (954) 550-9999, or by contact them on Twitter @999kisscountry or on Facebook: Kiss Country 99.9.

Flagstaff station is in a smaller market, but it’s important that Casey’s single is played in both small and large markets.  So please request LDCIAN online at KAFF, by calling 928-779-5151, by text/online for their Request Line at Nine, or by contacting them on Twitter @KAFF_Country or on Facebook: 92.9 KAFF Country.

After 20 weeks on the chart, Casey’s song has reached #30 on Bob Kingsley’s Weekly Top 40 Countdown Show.  It’s up to #32 on Mediabase and #33 with a bullet on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs.

Casey’s single continues to score extremely well with radio listeners, ranking #21 on the Call Out America chart and #31 on Radio Feedback chart.  Both of those charts are based on the results of listener feedback.  So please sign up to take surveys rating the music at your local stations, your voice will be heard and your vote will count!  A list of some of the rate the music panels can be found here.  You can also check out the website of your favorite stations for their sign up information.


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7 Responses to New Radio Station Adds for “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night”

  1. Karen says:

    Happy to see Casey gaining more stations and these rank pretty high!

  2. Cynthia says:

    I appreciate all this information so the better coaching we have
    the better Casey’s team will be prepared! Hooray!

  3. Tracy Scott says:

    So happy Casey is gaining more radio stations! Don’t understand why 98WSIX is the only Nashville station to be playing Let’s Don’t Call it a Night! And, YES, thank goodness for small markets-I can hear Casey on my local station anytime I request it!

  4. Jake says:

    Great News indeed! It’s crazy how all that works, didn’t know the process until you guys this blog. Great job keeping us posted!

    • TCJB says:

      This has Brenda learning process for all of us! One thing in particular that we should keep in mind is how long songs make the climb up the country charts. The newest #1 song took a year to get there. So Casey’s song is doing just what it’s supposed to – keep growing its audience week after week.

  5. lisa says:

    thank you kkbq for adding Casey James I will be requesting it everyday along with kilt in houston….

  6. Roni Jones says:

    So happy to hear more stations adding Casey. I wish more in the north east would play his
    song, as my i pod is wearing out!!(only kidding) But I play it often. Good Luck Casey we’r all
    supporting you.

    Roni J

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