New CMA Week Interview with KFDI Wichita

Two days ago, drummer Blaine Crews tweeted that he would be playing with Casey James in Wichita in the middle of this month.  (We have no further details, but will let you know as soon as we do.)  Today, @CaroLaughs found this audio interview of Casey James conducted last November during CMA Awards week by radio station KFDI Wichita.  Coincidence?  Who cares, it’s a great interview with a quote from Casey that is sure to excite fans.

When asked by the station’s Carol Hughes if Casey is basically living the life he dreamed of, touring around the country, Casey said, “when I get to the point where I can play four hour shows if I wanted to” then he’ll be where he wants to be.  What Casey is looking forward to is when he can “unleash a full set.”

Casey was also asked about his fan base, with the natural assumption being that it’s mostly women.  Casey mentioned how he enjoys during a concert watching the guys who may have been dragged there against their will come around to being fans by the time his set is over.  Just imagine if they had the full four hour experience!

You can listen to the interview here:


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3 Responses to New CMA Week Interview with KFDI Wichita

  1. Roni Jones says:

    Casey is a wonderful performer !!!!!! Plays and sings from his heart. All of his fans just
    love him, and now that’s it 2012, we must all support him. Get the stations to play his music,
    vote on the countdowns etc. Casey have a great year.!!!!

    Roni J.


    I have been a fan of casey James from the very beginning.
    I’m from Eastern Canada and I’ve been trying to do whatever i can to support him because I believe strongly in him. I began supporting St. Jude’s Hospital For Sick Children because of him and I joined Facebook utube and received an iPod for Christmas because I wanted to buy his single on itunes, and my two grown sons and my husband know how much I love his music, so now Casey James is a household name at my home.
    I’m a new grandmother, and consider myself very current as a good judge of great music. My brother is a singer/songwriter/music teacher and my sons are musicians.
    I was busy over the last few weeks and fell behind in Casey news but now that the holidays are over… I’m back!

  3. Tiffany B says:

    My husband is one of those guys that was dragged to a show… and left a fan. He was super impressed. 🙂

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