Casey James ~ Weekly Recap ending 12/31/11

Happy New Year! We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, and we are looking forward to a new and exciting year as we grow closer to the release of Casey James’ first album.

Casey has returned home, and spent time with loved ones and close friends. Thank you to Debra James for sharing this photo.

Along with other season American Idol contestants, Casey was mentioned in an article on To view, click here. He can be found in the 5th paragraph as one of the idol contestants with a planned album release this year.

Don’t miss Casey in this audio recap of the Sony Nashville April highlights that was recently released, Click here.

Windmills mentioned Casey in the year end recap, and offered some new information on co-writes for two album cut songs.  To read the article, click here.

As the holidays pass, and the New Year begins, Casey will be returning to the busy life as a Sony recording artist. We will shortly return to posting new videos, photos, and concert dates as quickly as they become available.  Thank you for your support,  as your videos and photos continue to be great contribution to all of our efforts in supporting Casey.  We are pleased to keep you updated as we all anticipate a tour schedule and a CD for 2012.

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6 Responses to Casey James ~ Weekly Recap ending 12/31/11

  1. Neet says:

    Jen – here’s some stuff I found yesterday. “Up in 2012: Casey continues to promote lead single “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night,” and his album is expected to finally released. Publishing company Tom Lei’s Music recently tweeted that Casey has cut a song cowritten by Brandon Kinney (who cowrote the Randy Houser hit “Boots On”):

    This month, TLM songwriter Brandon Kinney has nailed down two Kix Brooks cuts and one Casey James cut!! More to come! Go Brandon Go!!!!

    Meanwhile, a new Casey cowrite popped up that sees him cowriting with Aimee Mayo and Chris Lindsey, with whom he had already teamed for at least 3 other known cowrites (none of which he has debuted live). The title of the track is “Whiskey Voodoo”. Casey has confirmed cutting 14 songs for the new album including 2 songs he did not cowrite. The tracklist is still TBD.

  2. Carolyn says:

    I really enjoyed listening to Casey host the April 2011 highlights. He’s got just as good of a speaking voice as a singing voice. You know right away – hey! That’s Casey!

    And a quick thanks to all those who work diligently on this blog. What would I do without you? I don’t often comment but I check this site every day. Thanks so much for keeping me up-to-date with my favorite artist.

  3. Sandra says:

    I love everything about Casey James… He is a real entertainer with alot of class…… He Carry,s himself so well….. He is not only good looking, fun to watch .. his music is wonderful and I love it when he sings cover. I love alot of country songs but not always the singer…I feel he is going to be the one to watch just like what Usher said on American Idol…
    I cant understand why the record companys push the winner from this years American Idol and the 2nd runner up.. I just dont see them being so great… I think Haley Reinhart is sooooooooo talented.. and Im not the only one saying it.. the music industry also said it…Its going to be fun to see what she brings to the music… Cant wait for Casey,s Album/CD

  4. nicole nemeth says:

    Excited to hear all of Casey’s songs for 2012.

  5. Katy says:

    February getting closer! (to the album release).

  6. Roni Jones says:

    Can’t wait for Casey’s album release in March!!!!!! He needs all of our support everyday. Casey is a kind, great looking performer with a multitude of talent. He sings, plays that guitar like no one else, looks great on stage, has a comforting speaking voice and a contagious laugh, always smiling. We wish him the best in 2012. A very humble person and deserves the best.

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