More from Casey James’ EPK Shoot Yesterday

Yesterday, Casey James filmed an Electronic Press Kit with director Jeff Venable.  Today Jeff tweeted: @CaseyEJames great shoot, man! Still wanting to know about your favorite amusement park….

Photographer Mark Cowart also tweeted today about his work yesterday on the EPK and shared some photos from the shoot.

@Mark_Cowart: Got to shoot a Casey James EPK for Sony &@jeffvenable yesterday. Lots of fun!

@Mark_Cowart: Another pic from yesterday’s Casey James shoot.

More behind the scenes photos from yesterday came via freelance cinematographer Chris Adams who tweted: “Shooting with @mark_cowart and @jeffvenable today. ”


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6 Responses to More from Casey James’ EPK Shoot Yesterday

  1. DREW says:

    Amma digging the set. Very vintage.

  2. Okay this is all new to me. The cars make sense, since Casey loves old cars, but exactly how will this be used? For a new vid? To promote his CD?

  3. Roni Jones says:

    Will they use any of the shoots for “DRIVE” ? Looks great!!!


  4. Krainia aka Kathy from AL says:

    Someone asked Casey what was his favorite car or cars and he listed ones from the past with the year. I think the EPK is for radio stations when they decide to add new music. Did you see Casey in the 3rd photo above the open hood? If not, go back & look again!

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