Casey James Interviewed by WIVK in Knoxville

Casey James was interviewed by DJ Gunner of  107.7 WIVK  this afternoon in Knoxville, Tennessee, ahead of his headlining gig at Cotton Eyed Joe tonight. For those heading out there, Casey said he’d be able to hang around and meet with people after the show.

They talked about Casey’s new single “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” which Casey called a groovier, bluesier side of what he does.  “Not a real deep song, but easy on the ears.”  The DJ asked Casey if he played on the album and we can imagine Casey’s eyes lit up at the mere mention of the guitar.   He said he plays a telecaster on the first lead and then a stratocaster on the outro.

Gunner said that the song is doing great, as is the video, and asked Casey about the process of making a video and Casey said it was all about trusting the people you’re working with.  The DJ kidded Casey about the lovely ladies in the video and Casey said, in effect, that he did not have much of a — if you pardon the expression — hands on role in their casting.

The DJ then asked Casey what he looks for in a woman and he said great personality, sense of humor, strength of character, and confidence.

It was a great interview and the DJ was very positive and supportive, saying that when he saw Casey on American Idol he thought to himself “Rock Star!”


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4 Responses to Casey James Interviewed by WIVK in Knoxville

  1. Casey some may call you a rock star some may call you a sex symble I call you a wonderful man with a heart of gold 🙂

  2. Roni Jones says:

    I gree with Stacey. Don’t know who has done as many charities this year as Casey
    has. He is a very humble man. I believe he’ll be a country star we all have to support
    Casey and vote whenever we can. It’s the fans that make the star.


  3. Karen says:

    Casey is just so good at these interviews and I love listening to him! Love being his fan and will do my best at supporting him!

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