Casey James Interview with Q104.1 from 11/15/11

Casey James was interviewed by Angie Ward of Q104.1 Greensboro, NC on November 15, before Casey played at the station’s Q Studio.  For info on that show, check the post here.

Angie posted the audio on her Angie Ward Online page for radio station WTQR.  You can listen to the whole interview here: Later Angie tweeted: Thanks to @CaseyeJames for turning me on to #ThroatCoatyesterday! An organic Tea to help with my sore throat & cough. Love him even more!

In the interview, Casey mentioned that he had just finished his album on Tuesday!  They had last talked during CMA week and Angie asked if Casey had gone to the awards show.  He said he watched the CMAs with the people at Sony and then hit some of the after parties.

They talked about his “sexy” new single, “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night,” and the writing process.  Then they talked about American Idol, going back to the famous audition and how Casey’s goal on the show was to be remembered for his music and not for how he first got on the show.

Mission accomplished.

Thanks for the great interview Angie!


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2 Responses to Casey James Interview with Q104.1 from 11/15/11

  1. Roni Jones says:

    Loved your interview . Casey is truly an honest, sincere,giving, person. and he has that
    contagious laugh. He’s looking more relaxed performing, a great musician, singer, and now
    an artist. (sold his first picture) Casey is so focused on his music and entertaining. Hope his
    songs start reaching #1 on the charts next year. Can’t wait for that album. Merry Christmas to
    you Angie and Casey.


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