Casey James in the News Today

Casey James was quoted in the country music website Country Music Is Love discussing the upcoming Christmas holiday season.  “I’ve got a small family,” Casey says. “The core group of us is… you know, this year was rough on us — my Paw Paw passed away — but Christmas is gonna be a great time for us to regroup and spend time together. And of course, it’s all in the right spirit of giving and just lovin’ on each other and spendin’ quality time. So I’m lookin’ forward to that. It’s gonna be a great year.”

Check out the article, and the rest of the country music news website, here.

Casey was also mentioned in Lovin’ Lyrics Music Promotions blog in their “Eleven New Artists of Eleven” article today.   Casey was described “as the guy that’s making a name for himself in country music with his mad guitar skills, grainy voice that’s brimming with pure sexuality.”  The blogger went on to make a hopeful forecast of his future, saying “It’s safe to say that between the enormous clamoring of fans and the way the song’s tearing up the radio, no one’s gonna call it a night on Casey for quite awhile.”

Read the entire article, and check out the rest of the blog, here.

Country Aircheck had a small blurb about Casey’s appearance over the weekend at the XTU Philadelphia’s 12 Annual Toy Truck Parade.  According to the article, the event netted almost 5,000 toys, 150 bikes and more than $9,000 in cash for the city’s Child Abuse Prevention Effort (C.A.P.E.).

Finally, a photographer/director tweeted today that he was shooting an EPK, an electronic press kit, for Casey in a great location, surrounded by cars.  He also tweeted these photos from the shoot.

The EPK is one of many forms of promotion that Casey will be doing as he gears up for the release of his debut album next year.  It’s information about an artist in electronic form (can be CDs or DVDs) to supplement the traditional material distributed to the press.


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14 Responses to Casey James in the News Today

  1. Carolyn says:

    Color me ignorant. What is an EPK?

    • TCJB says:

      I didn’t know it by that acronym and had to look it up, but it’s basically an interactive press kit. So instead of just reading about an artist, the press can watch video and listen to audio. -SG

  2. Renee says:

    I’d say that description of Casey’s voice is exactly right!!

  3. Bybee D James says:

    Boy…is this down Casey’s alley or WHAT! look at these cool cars!! He was loving this I can assure you.

    • Norma Williams says:

      I bet Casey was more excited about this shoot than I am— & I’m just darn EXCITED for him! Love classic cars.

  4. samboy27 says:

    Can’t wait for the “DRIVE” video:)

  5. Roni Jones says:

    Good looking cars, but an even better looking Casey. I’m sure Casey was loving every
    minute of it. I agree what a setting for DRIVE. Everyone will love it. Casey your fans
    love you and enjoy your music.


  6. Karen says:

    I’m excited to see how this interactive press kit turns out and I’m sure Casey was enjoying those cars! 🙂

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