Casey James at Radio Station 92.5 WBEE

Casey James was on air this evening with Billy Kidd, Assistant Program Director and afternoon DJ at 92.5 WBEE Rochester, NY.  Billy tweeted Casey’s fans ahead of time and asked for them to submit questions, saying “Hey @CaseyEJames fans…he’s going to be on air with me this afternoon. Any lil’ nuggets I can bust his chops with ; ) ??”

First they played Casey’s hit, Let’s Don’t Call it a Night.  Then Casey came on to chat with Billy.  Casey admitted he went from obscurity to fame virtually overnight via American Idol.  Casey talked about going out on tour with Sugarland and writing with Kristian Bush.  Casey also talked about being a fulltime working musician before being on Idol and just hoping to make a career as a musician, being successful enough so that he could raise a family.  Unfortunately, that level of financial success eluded him before he went on that TV show.

Billy relayed some questions to Casey submitted by fans.  @CaroLaughs, @CoolCJ_Fan and @IamPaulaLM each separately asked if Casey had painted the picture currently on EBay and Paula asked, if so, why he hadn’t signed it.  Casey explained that the picture was supposed to show colors fading, like in the song, and that he didn’t sign it because he didn’t want to ruin the picture with “his horrible autograph!”

He answered @MarieLeathem1’s (actually TCJB’s but who’s counting) question about whether he would eat three beets in exchange for a #1 hit (Casey said he would eat a thousand beets to get a number one record).  But what was cute was how Casey recognized Marie’s name and was going to say something about that when Billy interrupted.

He also answered @CaroLaughs’ question about how many light sabers he has and he admitted that he was a huge Star Wars fan.  He has just two light sabers but also has a Luke Skywalker costume.  Then he wondered out loud just what kind of fans would bust him on his Star Wars obsession.  Good ones, Casey.  Actually, make that great ones!

Listen to the whole interview here:

Later, Casey played for the lucky staff of the radio station. The station posted some photos of the event and later tweeted video of him singing “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night”:

Later this was tweeted:  

@kellyisles: Met Casey James at the Entercom holiday party tonight! #roc


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7 Responses to Casey James at Radio Station 92.5 WBEE

  1. NYCJfan97 says:

    Loved getting to hear Casey’s interview! Happy they had him on and in town to play the company Christmas party! Hope he enjoyed his visit!

  2. Carman (CoolCJfan) says:

    What a GREAT interview, plus we got to hear Casey’s big laugh, just loved it!!

  3. Joanne Holmes says:

    Ive been trying to request Casey’s single but the hometown radio stations say the dont have it, Ive been trying to get 99.5 the wolf and 96.3 kplx to play it. Ive been calling everyday and havent had much luck.Any syggestions?

    • TCJB says:

      When you request, you should mention you’ve seen the video on CMT and GAC, so they know that it’s getting national airplay. That’s about it. Some stations have really strict rules about new songs/artists. I looked at the playlist for the Dallas stations and they are not playing anything that’s not Top 20 or by a well-established artist. So find a great internet station that is playing Casey, or listen to IHeartRadio on your smartphone, or if you can get XM/Sirius and listen on the Highway. I listen online, since my local station also won’t play it. The list of stations playing LDCIAN is under the “supporting Casey” tab! Thanks!!!!!! -SG

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  5. Laura DiClemente says:

    I hope you come back to this area for a show.
    I can’t wait to see you live!
    I think your amazing!

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