Casey James’ Interview with WSSL Greenville during CMA Week

Casey James was interviewed by Bill Ellis and Beth Bradley of Whistle 100 WSSL Greenville during CMA Week last month.  Bill complimented Casey on his single, “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” then asked Casey if he was enjoying life. Casey said life was great, that he was getting to play music which is what he lives for.

It was a fun and funny interview, but also gave us some hints at what lies ahead for 2012. Casey mentioned that he had been meeting with his agents to discuss tour plans for next year, as he will be out on the road supporting his first album.  While there were no hints as to what those plans would look like, it’s intriguing to imagine what next year will bring.

He also mentioned that he was still writing, even working on a song the night before the interview.  Beth mentioned that she could tell that Casey was a shy person and asked how he felt about performing, and Casey said that is what he loves, just playing and singing in front of people and “lay it all out on the line.”

Watch and enjoy the video:


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