User’s Guide to The Casey James Blog

It has come to our attention that not everyone knows all the various features and services provided by and on The Casey James Blog, so we’ll try to fix that here.  As you already know, The Casey James Blog is the most up-to-date source for all Casey James news. We post articles about new concert dates, appearances, chart movements, songs, any news at all related to Casey.  Those articles have a “news” category and can also be found by clicking the News tab on the front page.

The Concert Schedule page gives you a fast overview of where Casey is going to be playing.  The Past and Future Concert Info page it gives you more details about past and upcoming shows.   You can see whether a set was full band or solo, how many songs, and whether any songs were debuted, in addition to links to full concert posts.

In addition, we recap every Casey appearance/concert/tour stop.  For Casey’s concerts before he was on American Idol, as well as the Homecoming concerts during AI, go to the Live Performances 2009-2010 tab here.  For Casey’s performances during the American Idol Live Tour, go here.  For all Casey performances since he signed with Sony and moved to Nashville, click the Live Performances 2011 tab here.

Not only do we recap the concerts here on the blog, providing audio, videos, photos, reviews and more, but the concerts are also recapped on The Casey James Blog Discussion Board which you can access from the front page by clicking on Community>Discussion Board>Concerts and Tours.

In addition, each video of Casey’s performances is on the blog’s YouTube channel which you can access here.  We have created a separate playlist for each of his shows, including a playlist that has all the Homecoming visit concerts during American Idol.  As new shows occur, new playlists are added.  Click here to go to the YouTube playlists.

We also have every interview Casey has done, whether videotaped, audio taped or in print.  Video interviews can be found by clicking the link under the Video tab here.  Print and radio interviews can be found under the Meet Casey James tab  here.

The Blog has links to sites around the web that have information on Casey, including official sites as well as various fan site, which you can access from the Links tab here.  Also on the links page are lists of discussion boards and music sites where you can find out more about Casey or where you can join the discussion to share info and video about Casey.  In addition, the links page can take you to YouTube channels and photos of Casey.

You can also help support Casey by going to the Support Casey tab on the front page which gives you a list of ideas of what you can do to show your support.  The “Ways to Support Casey” tab will provide you with links to current voting contests Casey in involved in, links to music surveys to rate his music with the radio stations making the decision to play or not play, and a link to the radio station request form page.  We scour the web for new contests, polls, surveys and requests — if we miss any that you discover, please let us know so we can keep the list current!

The Radio Station Request Form/Numbers tab will take you to a page that has direct links to the Mediabase forms for you to request Casey’s song from those stations that have added LDCIAN.  In addition, we have links to all the Facebook and Twitter pages for the stations that add Casey’s single, so you can contact them directly, thank them for playing Casey, and make a personal request.  The page also has links to the request forms for all of the 135+ reporting stations, even those not currently playing LDCIAN, so you can request them as well.  In addition, TCJB Discussion Board also has a very detailed discussion of how to request which you can check here.

We also write articles about Casey, whether interviews, analysis, or information.  Those are all tagged as “articles” and can be found by that tag.  We keep track of the set lists from each of Casey’s concerts here as well as on  We run polls for fans about favorite songs and the like here.  Occasionally, we post special articles, such as concert recaps from people not working on the blog.

The blog has a Bio of Casey as well as a “Meet Casey” article meant to be used to introduce new fans or let radio stations/others know more about Casey, which you can find along the top of the blog.  We have a list of each song Casey has played in concert, along with a sample performance video, under the Music tab here.  We also have lyrics for all of Casey’s originals here.

Finally, we have a “Community” section for the fans.  It has a link to donate to St. Jude Childrens Hospital as well as links to the Discussion Board, Chat Room (used during each of Casey’s shows) and the Map of Casey’s fans.  A special note about the Discussion Board, it has so much more information than we can fit on the blog and a great community of Casey fans.  It is hosted here on the Blog but is an independent forum.  Please join the discussion!

If there is something you’d like to see here on the blog, please let us know in the comments section below or email us at  Also, follow us on Twitter @ThCaseyJamesBlg and on Facebook at The Casey James Blog. Thanks!


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7 Responses to User’s Guide to The Casey James Blog

  1. Tina Deraco says:

    WOW, you rock!!!! I had no idea this resource was that vast and inclusive! KUDOS and MUCH APPRECIATION for all you do! Casey gets as good as he gives and this is a prime example! Thanks you:-)

  2. Ellen says:

    I cannot say how much I appreciated all you do- just about everyday the blog puts a smile on my face with a new video, news story or something else.. You ladies are the best! Thank you!!!

  3. Roni Jones says:

    Your resourse information is just great!!!! Follow all information on Casey everyday. Love to
    know what he is doing and how he is doing. He is working very long tiresome days and
    traveling continuously. Can”t imagine any one better than he. Only disappointment I have
    is why is the album being pushed back again? Now the scheduled date is late March 2012.
    Don’t want his followers to fade. He’s one of the best in along time, truly a rising star. So,
    keep us informed and keep pushing we all love CASEy JAMES!!!!!!


  4. Kathy from AL @Krainia says:

    I have visited the youtube site and like how you have each show in a playlist. I do have an idea, that would be to make a playlist of a song such as Drive, and post the videos chronologically so we can compare them. He does them a little differently as time goes by. I wouldn’t have realized on my own he sped up LDCIAN.
    Also I think it would be neat if someone could take Need Some Texas and create a youtube of him playing it and inserting videos or photos of scenery which illustrate the song. Like a homemade music video.
    And thank you again for being so comprehensive and organized.
    Hi Casey, just in case you read this, could you set up an email account just for fanmail so we can send you words of support?
    Merry Christmas to all and to all, Let’s Don’t Call It a Night.

  5. TCJB says:

    Kathy, love your ideas!!! I had done an abbreviated version posting the first performance of Drive with a recent one — but tracking the evolution will be awesome!  I’m not artistic enough for editing videos with pictures so maybe we can post this idea and see if someone can do it. I’ll forward the email idea! I think the only concern is volume, but hopefully we can figure it out! -SG

  6. Cclp says:

    I’m a new fan and really appreciate all the information you provide on this Blog. Casey is super star bound. His talent is pure pleasure, trusting his faith is powerfull, and oh what a smile. Magical.

    The banner looks great. Could you tell us about the logo? What it stands for? I’m guessing it is Casey’s design.

    • TCJB says:

      It is actually based on a stencil that Casey’s brother BC made for Casey’s guitar case before he left for Idol.

      Glad you’re enjoying all the info on the blog!!

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