Results of the Latest Poll on Casey James’ Original Songs

Photo by Cyndee Hoailmen

On November 25 , we posted a poll asking Casey’s fans to select their top five favorites of the original songs Casey has performed this year.  Here are the results.

Coming in at number 1, is a song that, yesterday at his concert in Springfield, MO, Casey finally definitively announced the title to— “Miss Me When I’m Gone”.  Introducing the piece, Casey said he wrote the ballad from the perspective of someone who is away touring a lot, and his intent was to express appreciation for how someone “can make it easier on you by the way they treat you when you’re (away).”  The tune garnered 13% of the votes!

“So Sweet” was no slacker, though.  It finished second with 11% of the tally.  One of Casey’s favorites, “Drive,” took the third position (9%).  And tying for fourth with 8% of fans’ selections were “Done Made Up My Mind” and “The Good Life.”  Finally, the beautiful “Why I’m Feeling Blue” earned a fifth place ranking, chosen just under 8% of the time.

This is the third time in a row that “So Sweet” and “Done Made Up My Mind” have made it into the top five, and the second time “Why I’m Feeling Blue” has made it into this category.  It will be interesting to see if they’ll make it on the album.  Casey has announced that “Miss Me When I’m Gone,” “Drive” and “The Good Life” will be on the album.  Also, yesterday at the Springfield venue, Casey told the audience that he had mastered his CD on Wednesday and that it is completely done.  Woohoo!

We’d love to get your feedback on these findings.  Give us your comments below.  Below are the complete results.

Total Votes:  686

Of These Original, Unreleased, Casey James Songs, What are Your Top 5 Favorites?

Answer Votes Percent
Untitled 87 13%
So Sweet 77 11%
Drive 62 9%
Done Made Up My Mind 55 8%
The Good Life 55 8%
Why I’m Feeling Blue 54 8%
You’ll Never Walk Away 38 6%
Hold On 35 5%
Undone 33 5%
Shine Your Shoes 32 5%
I Lied 31 5%
Show Me a Bridge 27 4%
Til My Guitar 27 4%
Bulletproof 22 3%
You Need Some Texas 22 3%
She’s Money 13 2%
Crazy Tonight 11 2%
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17 Responses to Results of the Latest Poll on Casey James’ Original Songs

  1. Inconnu says:

    I’m sorry to see some his earlier songs pushed back towards the bottom. I prefer them. I am in the minority obviously.

    • Carolyn says:

      Ah, it’s probably the love of a “new” Casey song not that any of his early songs aren’t as popular. I still adore “She’s Money”, “Bulletproof” and “Show Me a Bridge” – just had to pick the new song ’cause I love that one too.

      I honestly like all of them to one degree or another. Which is amazing because not even Adele gets my unqualified support with every song of hers.

    • Ellen says:

      I’m with you Inconnu, I would like to have seen “You Need Some Texas” higher up on the list. It is so tongue in cheek and Casey seems like he is having so much fun when he plays it. I agree that it is a tough call to limit it to just 5 songs.

  2. justjesssmom says:

    i can’t remember which ones i really picked now because thy are all my favorite at the time i’m listening to them .. i love this dillema!

  3. Taji24Toki says:

    The video given to listen to Shine Your Shoes was done on an acoustic guitar. Playing it with the band at the Mint with an electric guitar and heavy bass made a tremendous difference in the song. Check it out on YouTube and compare.

  4. kvosen says:

    I love, love, love this version too.

  5. Gayla says:

    There are NONE that I don’t like, but I’m still mighty fond of “Bulletproof!” 🙂

  6. Renee says:

    I do love the newest song but can’t imgine one I could love more than Done Made Up My Mind!

    • TCJB says:

      I’m with you. DMUMM will always have a special place in my heart as my first, favorite Casey original. But Never Walk Away gives it a run for its money. -SG

  7. Meme4CJ says:

    I almost like every song ,except for Hold On ( yeah! I know un-popular , but it really has some cheezy lyrics 😛 ) .
    Ok! It’s kinda sad for ME to see that 2 songs that has great melody, no doubt but sit more to the generic side lyrically on the top2 , any song from the buttom 6 will easily replace those 2 . Plus we already have LDCIAN and it’s the first single , so it’s really un-necessary for another 2 similar songs , IMO . there are better materials & need a space .
    Drive remains the king of all the songs , it has incredibly catchy melody & great lyrics and it is more representative for Casey’s musicianship , and it’s no doubt a hell radio friendly material and I’m sure they made it more radio friendly in the production department , it seems like it’ll be the next single which makes me happy of course 😀
    Other good songs and radio worthy materials , The Good Life which doesn’t have the most original lyrics but it’s up-lifting with a strong melody and catchy , and would make a great single especially with the production . We have the Alabama feel with She’s Money , sing along song would make a good single too .
    A tongue in cheek but a landmark one is Need Some Texas , that woud be a good single later on the road .
    Happy Happy! Joy Joy!! 😀 we have 2 amazing songs here that I’m not sure if they’re going to be singles worthey songs ( but might be with the production ) , and those two actually fall into more the Adult Alternative side that we’re seeing lately & making a way in the mainstream with Zac Brown ( Free , Keep In Mind ) and Miranda Lambert , also some of recent singles from Kenney Chesney ( Somewhere with You , You & Tequila ) . which will make a great add for the album , those two are : Why I’m Feeling Blue & Never Walk Away . also Undone comes closer to these two .
    We have one song tht everyone forget about , Till My Guitar will make a great Bluesy Country track , also the most under-rated song is Bulletproof which is really could make a good but risky single material m but needs the right production and I’m sure someone like Frank Liddel can make that happen . Crazy Tonight will make a good song too . and of course Show Me A Bridge .
    I’ve never been a fan of DMUMM , not sure how it’ll fit with the whole album sound . still think it’s over-rated 😛

    Ok! that’s enough for me 😀 I’ll be happy as long as there are more single worthy materials and some of my fav. above 🙂 of course we have the “un-heard” songs . 😉

    • Inconnu says:

      Really enjoyed your post Meme. Thanks for telling it like it is for you.

    • Carman (CoolCJfan) says:

      I was right there with you , till DMUMM 😉 That is one of my favorites!! He rocks like no other on that one. It is sad to me how Till My Guitar has been forgotten. I absolutely love that song…lyrically and musically. I was just listening to it yesterday and thinking how sad I’m going to be if it’s not on the album.

      • Inconnu says:

        Same here – I like DMUMM and LOVE Til My Guitar. And I’ve been bummed out knowing that only 2 left of the ones we’ve heard will be on the album. We know of 4 already LDCIAN, TGL, Untitled & Drive – I don’t like The Good Life. So sorry… I like the message of the song, the lyrics but not the melody. It makes me think of a sing-along song. Maybe it will be different with the production. That’s what I keep telling myself but I also know that not everybody is going to get all what they want on the album. So I just wait and see.

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