Preparations for Tonight’s Show in Kansas City

Casey James will be taking the stage tonight at The Beaumont Club in Kansas City, Missouri, at radio station 106.5 The Wolf’s 3rd Annual Acoustic Christmas Concert.

The show, which also includes Bucky Covington, Gloriana, and James Wesley starts at 7:30.  It is an acoustic, round-robin event with the performers “all on stage together in a singer-songwriter type setting.”

Donna Camarata will be calling in from the venue so everyone can listen in. So call in tonight at 7:30 local time (CST) at the conference call in 1-712-432-0075, then enter the code 654945# to listen LIVE.  You can also share this experience with other Casey fans on the Live Chat.

Casey and Roger during CMA Week

This morning, Casey was on the air with DJ Roger Carson talking about the show.  You can listen to the call HERE.

Roger mentioned that as soon as Casey’s name was announced as part of the lineup, the phone lines lit up with calls from fans.  Casey said it was a huge blessing that he had people who are following him and want to support him.

They also discussed what Casey was looking forward to about Christmas and of course Casey said presents.  Just kidding.  Casey said he was most looking forward to spending time with family.  🙂

Jen L. from The Casey James Blog and Glenda from Caseymania, among other fans, will be there in attendance tonight, so expect great photos, videos and reports back.


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One Response to Preparations for Tonight’s Show in Kansas City

  1. Hey, I wanted to let yall know, that all ways of videoing and picture taking went straight out the door!! I think it was meant for me to not get pics & videos, because my phone died almost immediately….and my camera was dead because I forgot to turn it off the night before… there ya go……bad carma or something!! I couldn’t get anything to go my way….didn’t even get to talk to Casey…..because of his bad migrane….bless his heart! But I just wanted to let yall know… wasn’t because I didn’t try….. 😦 Bucky even tried to find Casey to take the ‘dream pic’ with me….but Casey was already gone, and Bucky appologized and hugged me….. that made me feel a little better.

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