Casey James Playing at Verizon Droid Razr Private Party in Dallas

Casey James was back in his hometown of Dallas, Texas, tonight performing at an invite-only party for the launch of a new Droid Razr for Verizon at the Glass Lounge.  Hosting the event was former Dallas Cowboy and NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders.

Interview with Casey by Fox 4 before the event:  

Thanks to @Elysa, we know that Casey played “Drive” at the event, and here’s a short clip.  And thanks to @CoolCJFan, we know that accompanying Casey on drums was Blaine Crews from Ft. Worth.

In her tweet of the vido, @Elysa added, “dude can play the guitar!” We agree!

Casey also played “The Good Life.”  Thanks to magicstacey for posting this video. 

Glass Uptown took the following photos of Casey James at the event:

Mike Ceule sent us these photos:

Photo courtesy of Mike Ceule

Casey and Mike Ceule

Stacey also sent us these  two photos:

A few photos of the event were also tweeted.

“American Idol & Dallasite, Casey James singing at Verizon event ” Photo tweeted by @elysa

Photo by @shamar_atlas

American Idol's @caseyejames and @deionsanders are hanging out at the @Motorola #RAZR event" tweeted by VZWaudrey

"Me and Casey James" Photo tweeted by @Lyrical_Ty

Casey James poses with Verizon's Frank Antonacci and his wife Kim during the launch party for the Motorola RAZR at the Glass Lounge in Dallas, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011.

Casey and @Shamar_Atlas #dope

Photo by @Shamar_Atlas of @vnccircle AND @CaseyEJames


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3 Responses to Casey James Playing at Verizon Droid Razr Private Party in Dallas

  1. nicole nemeth says:

    Casey is looking great and sweet as always

  2. Rhonda Nelson says:

    That place looks amazing and, according to, there were a lot of former Dallas Cowboys at the event, so Casey must have had a lot of fun. I mean how often do you get to hang out with Neon Deion? Casey sounded great and even had a drummer there with him. From the tweets I read, he impressed a lot of new people as usual…he always does.

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