Great New Article on Casey James – Hometown Hero


There is a terrific new article in the Your Parker County Community News about their hometown boy, Cool, Texas native Casey James.  The article discusses Casey’s path from local musician to the national spotlight, focusing on where he’s been and where he is going.

In this article, which serves as a great introduction for the uninitiated, Casey talks about looking back a pictures of himself as a youngster and realizing that the guitar had been an important part of his life from before he could remember.  But he didn’t start taking the instrument seriously until he was about 13 or 14 and decided to learn some chords.  As we know now, he went rather rapidly from learning to mastering and in no time he was accompanying his mother, also a musician, at local gigs and playing with musicians twice his age.

Touched upon in the article was the devastating motorcycle accident that destroyed Casey’s left wrist and forearm, leading doctors to tell him he would not be able to play anymore.  But, as Casey told the interviewers when he was in Texas earlier this year, not playing the guitar “was not an option.”  And he rehabilitated himself, pushing himself beyond the pain, to learn how to play all over again.

Casey spoke with the writers back in July when he was backstage at Billy Bob’s Texas about to play for a packed crowd of hometown fans.  And as happy and excited as Casey was to be playing under those circumstances, he reflected back to playing in smaller, less packed, venues with fond memories.  “I was the happiest dude that you’d meet — and that comes from doing what you love.”

Thinking back to the struggles, Casey has this advice for others who have a passion.  “I can honestly say just to follow your heart, because I know a lot of people that have a lot of money, and money does not create happiness.  It’s doing what you love that makes you happy.”

Now, albeit on a much larger scale, Casey is still doing what he loves and sharing his gifts and talent with a much bigger audience than ever before.  He may be Parker County’s “Hometown Hero” but Casey is well on his way to take the whole world by storm.

Please check out the entire article starting at page 34 here.


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3 Responses to Great New Article on Casey James – Hometown Hero

  1. Norma Williams says:

    This was a very professionally done article in this magazine from MY “hometown” Parker County. Great job!

  2. Roni Jones says:

    Great article. It says it all. The only thing I’d like to add he also has a contagious
    laugh. When he laughs the whole world laughs. Can’t help it. Let’s keep supporting
    this up coming star. God Bless Casey


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