Casey James ~ Behind The Covers

No question that Casey James is a multifaceted artist. His original songs fold into several genres, allowing his tunes to be unique, and possibly just what the music world is craving these days. A sweet mix of country, R&B, and rock provide a fresh sound that music fans are quickly embracing. With his original songs on the cusp of breaking out, several years of bar gigs behind his overnight success will soon be taken to a whole new level. Casey’s highly anticipated CD will proudly contain all original songs which will include four new tunes that will be a surprise.

As Casey works diligently to prepare for the debut of his first album soon to be released, he is consumed with many travels and live performances. If the fortunate experience of a live show is upon you, witnessing Caseys stellar renditions of cover songs won’t go unnoticed. It isn’t uncommon for fans to favor his more current versions.  Casey’s intentions of doing covers is to perform songs that haven’t been heard in a while, or to expose fans to older songs that they may have never experienced.

When choosing which cover songs to perform during a show, Casey spontaneously just rolls with what he’s feeling at the moment.  It’s impressive and entertaining to experience his knowledge and familiarity with genres ranging from historic blues hits to Texas country.  While some covers were learned because of sentimental and personal reasons, others were learned while growing up musically. Casey acknowledges that there are a lot of songs he feels are untouchable, but he definitely doesn’t lack the ability to create a crowd pleasing rendition of a chosen cover that never fails to thoroughly entertain!

Casey creates magical renditions that have show goers going wild. Take an old-timing hit from 1972. A Bill Withers original. As a result of his musical knowledge and exposure, Casey has managed to literally pull a crowd of diverse ages and unite them with a love for his current rendition.  The use of his sultry voice captures the youth, and never fails to leave them craving more. Show goers in their wiser years may feel for a moment as if they are revisiting their past during the performance of such a cover. These fresh versions tend to leave the crowd with a new taste for songs they had quite possibly never even heard.

Casey’s ability to turn fans on to tunes that hit the charts before he was even born is just one more aspect of a true artist. Performing a diverse bunch of covers is yet another piece of the puzzle that demonstrates his astounding talent. These hand picked covers have been impressing the crowd as they discover a commonality amongst one another, which is their love for Casey James and his music.

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19 Responses to Casey James ~ Behind The Covers

  1. Norma Williams says:

    Excellent blog!! My thoughts exactly.

  2. Karen says:

    Nicely written … Hit the nail on the head!

  3. Michelle says:

    Great post, love his versatility in appealing to a broad audience – something for everyone. Look forward to the four surprises.

  4. Great article! Very accurate description of Casey and his musical abilities and his performances. I am just blown away by Casey and I think he is the best thing that has happened to the musical world in a long time. This article is right on target with the excitement his music brings to his fans and it is like introducing one to great music all over again. Devoted Casey James fan, supporter.

  5. Jason says:

    Nice job chica

  6. Rhonda Nelson says:

    Casey has explained, when asked, that he does covers not to show that he can necessarily improve on them, but to expose his fans to songs and even genres that we may never have otherwise been exposed to. If that’s not a true picture of his humble attitude, I don’t know what is. I absolutely love his covers of “Use Me”, “Drowning on Dry Land”, “Try Not to Look So Pretty” and “Old Love”…I really could go on & on but the point is, I would never have known & appreciated these songs otherwise. I wait patiently for his cover of “A Good Day for the Blues”. I know that day will come….right Casey?
    Good job Jen-great subject! Way to go!

  7. Gail V. says:

    Great article! I have been trying to explain Casey’s music, for two years now but never had the words to do it! Being a fan that is in her wiser years, his music does take me back to a more youthful time. But his musical influences are such, that it doesn’t matter if he is doing older music or newly written material. He takes it and makes it HIS OWN!! I have attended many live concerts over the years but never one that I enjoy as much as Casey James!!!

  8. David G says:

    Very well written article! The author exudes such great knowledge and perspective on Casey! I too am looking forward to the four new tracks soon to be released.

  9. Jeanette says:

    Excellent, Jen. You have captured so much of Casey’s appreciation of covers. There are spaces in my musical knowledge because of life’s events. I’m in my wiser years (I love that). Casey has filled these spaces for me. I now have time to enjoy the music 🙂

  10. Patti (MsVerucas) says:

    This is really interesting, as I was just talking to my sister about this same thing recently. We both said that Casey is the only artist we could think of that does a cover better than the original, and we both meant that! I think that’s because he really has a connection to the song, he knows how to make everything his own. Great article Jen. 🙂

  11. kate says:

    This article is brilliant. Not only is the fans love for Casey James represented by a true fan but it leaves people who are unaware of the wonderful artist interested to listen to the music to find what he is all about.


    Great article!!

  13. Great article, Casey is a true artist bringing new life into old classics and is able to expose people to music they may not otherwise have listened to before that is the true mark of an artist 🙂

  14. Cherrel Underwood says:

    Really enjoyed your article, Jen!! You did a brilliant job of bringing a lot of information into one very well organized and interesting piece—while emphasizing Casey’s humility, his knowledge and love of music, and his desire to share what he loves with others! I love his original songs but also really enjoy his covers (especially Polk Salad Annie and Old Love)!

  15. jennifer bussone says:

    I really enjoy Casey’s covers. I have discovered a lot of new songs and artists because of him. 🙂 At the Chattanooga show he did Georgia, So High, Old Love, and The Rock and I loved them all!! If I could only get him to do an Otis Redding cover, I would die on the spot. 😉 I find it so amazing how he just pulls these songs out and nails them! At Canton before performed Old Love he said he hadn’t done it in 6 years!! We were blown away! Like his momma says, he really is a walking juke box!! 😀

    • Rhonda Nelson says:

      She also said “Casey James is his own genre” and truer words were never spoken. I agree that this is just the beginning of a brand new genre known as CaseyJames music. You just can’t categorize it!

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