Casey James Plays in Studio at WFUS 103.5 Tampa

Photo by Debbie Indiero

Casey James played a four-song special acoustic show for radio station 103.5 WFUS Tampa in their  Best Buy Musical Instruments Theatre at a bit past 12:00 noon EST today.  The show was live streamed here and the videos of Casey’s songs will be availble on the station’s website later.

Casey sang Love the Way You Miss Me, The Good Life, Let’s Don’t Call it a Night, and Drive.  From what Casey said, he has recorded 14 songs for his upcoming album, but only 10 will make the final cut.  He knows that Drive will make it because he likes it that much! He also said that the first two he played would be on the album.

The radio station videotaped the four songs and you can access their videos on their website HERE.

Love The Way You Miss Me 

The Good Life  

Let’s Don’t Call it a Night 


Radio station WFUS posted photos from the concert on their website HERE.

Casey texting our web girl he met in Nashville during the CMAs

They also posted photos from the Meet and Greet.  Click HERE to see them all:

Casey with Promotions Director Rebecca

Photo by Debbie Indiero

Photo by Debbie Indiero


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7 Responses to Casey James Plays in Studio at WFUS 103.5 Tampa

  1. cynyn says:

    Love this, love him, so adorable. Sounds so good.

  2. Love absolutely everything!!! And Casey looks so sexy with his hair back …I’m a crazy Ponytail and the Casey James’ Man Bun lover always!! Way to go, Casey! ❤


    Casey is trying to break the ice by telling jokes, but I think the crowd was not awake yet or something, because I don’t hear them laughing or cheering! I think it must have been tight collared CEO’S or something?

  4. Fiona says:

    Dead crowd, that’s what they are. I would hate to be in the same room as them.

    Either that, or they were just too stoned staring at the Norwegian-like model on their front.

  5. Renee says:

    GOOD LORD he’s beautiful!!!

  6. Karen says:

    Sorry, I know its all about the music 🙂 – but Casey is so gorgeous with his hair pulled back! Love to see that sweet face.
    What was up with those people anyway? Maybe they were just concentrating on their lunch.

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