Casey James Plays at the 99.9 Kiss Country 2011 Guitar Jam

Casey James took part in radio station WKSF 99.9 Kiss Country‘s 2011 Guitar Jam at the Orange Peel, in Asheville, North Carolina tonight. The concert was a benefit concert for the Mission Children’s Hospital.  Also on the bill were Kellie Pickler, Thompson Square, Josh Thompson, and Sunny Sweeney.  The concert was in the style of a guitar pull, meaning each of the artists played one song, then it moved on to the next artist and round and round.

WLOS ABC covered this annual event and showed a clip of Casey singing as well as a pre-show interview with Casey, which you can find HERE.  

According to tweets coming in from the concert, Casey opened with one of his newest new songs  (Love the Way You) Miss Me When I’m Gone.  Then he played his first single Let’s Don’t Call it a Night, which the crowd apparently sang along to.  His third song was the uplifting The Good Life.  Casey’s last number was the fast and furious Drive which was followed by sustained, overwhelming applause.

Charme Anderson Silkiner, who taped Casey’s songs last night, wrote that the video doesn’t fully capture the crowd’s reaction to his last song: “Ya’ll it was INSANE good!! The video ended unfortunately before it showed how LONG the clapping and screaming for him went! They couldn’t get enough! They were screaming “more! more!” He seemed completely overwhelmed and humbled by the response of the crowd! You might imagine what he said …”you all are too kind” LOVE this man!”

Robyn Lankford, echoing Charme’s sentiment, wrote this about the show: “Just wanted to share a little story from the Guitar Jam in Asheville,NC. Casey was the first to perform “I love the way you miss me when I’m Gone”, the crowd clapped and cheered but no overwhelming response. After Casey performed “Drive” the place went WILD!!! The applause and Cheers went on for at least five minutes, Casey even acted sorta embarassed. That evening he turned that crowd. If they didn’t know who he was they did at the end of the night. I didn’t get to get a pic with him but I did get an autograph he signed the pic we had made at the CMA fest. I told him we loved him and we all requested his single on all the stations and he said thanks so much. I really didn’t like the set up of the concert each performer did a song then the next did a song then etc… Casey would just get warmed up and going, then they switched to the next one. It was a wonderful evening and I met some more wonderful fan club ladies!!!!

For even more on the concert, check out the TCJB discussion board thread HERE.


(Love the Way You) Miss Me When I’m Gone (thanks Charme Anderson Silkiner)

Let’s Don’t Call it a Night (thanks Charme Anderson Silkiner)

The Good Life (thanks to Charme Anderson Silkiner)  

The Good Life (thanks to Pamela Wood)

Drive (thanks to Charme Anderson Silkiner) 

Drive (thanks to Pamela Wood)

Drive (thanks to Lisa Vaughn Perkins) 

Finale Song (thanks to Pamela Wood)

Casey James Interview with WLOS before the show and clip of him doing LDCIAN  


Photo by Pamela Wood

Pic by Pamela Wood

Pic by Pamela Wood

Pic by Pam Wood

Pic by Pam Wood

Photo by Charme Anderson Silkiner

Photo by Artist_at_Heart

Photo by Artist_at_Heart

Photo by Artist_at_Heart

Photo by Artist_at_Heart

Photo by Lisa Vaughn Perkins

Photo by Lisa Vaughn Perkins

Photo by Lisa Vaughn Perkins

Following photos from 99.9 Kiss Country:

See all the 99.9 Kiss Country photos from last night HERE.

At the preshow Meet and Greet

Photo by 99.9 Kiss Country - Meeting with VIPs pre-show

For more Meet & Greet photos, click HERE.

Casey and Thompson Square during sound check

Photo by Robyn Lankford

Photo by Robyn Lankford



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7 Responses to Casey James Plays at the 99.9 Kiss Country 2011 Guitar Jam

  1. abbie says:

    love how passionate he is with his music. i especially like “drive” when he gets lost in the “moment” and later realizes that he has an audience! he looked so happily embarrassed when he saw the crowd going wild! what a character! once again, thanks TCJB! no words…only love!!!!!!

  2. debbie says:

    he was just amazing! he never even played this great in Idol! blew me away

  3. Patti (MsVerucas) says:

    Thanks so much for the vids, they are great! 🙂 The pics are great too. 🙂 Love that the crowd was really into Casey!!

  4. Thanks for posting video on here to share, hope Casey see it too! He did an awesome job on Drive in Asheville! So glad I captured the video! 🙂

  5. It was a special moment when he looked so flattered by the length of the applause. And yes, he stayed to sign til the last person came through. If he is ever tired it doesn’t show when he’s playin’ that’s for sure.

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  7. Pamela Wood says:

    Casey put on an awesome show, even if it was only 4 songs! It was worth the 6 hour round-trip drive I had to take to get there for it. The audience was really blown away by “Drive.” There was a guy standing next to me who kept saying, “That’s the song! That’s it!” I think Casey definitely won over some new fans in Asheville. When the show was over it was raining, and there was a long line for autographs. I was near the end of the line, but he was still there and gracious as always. He was worried about me driving back down the mountain in the rainstorm, and said several times to be safe and drive careful in the rain. When I looked to see what he had written on my ticket, it said, “To Pam, Thank you so much! Be careful driving in this rain!” It’s nice to know that Casey appreciates his fans and cares about them. My ears are impressed by his talent as a musician, but my heart will forever be impressed with his goodness and kindness. Thank you Casey for taking the time to talk to your fans! I will see you again soon in Raleigh! 🙂

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