Casey James Playing the 96.9 Kat Country Jam

Casey James took part in a Guitar Pull sponsored by radio station WKKT 96.9 Kat Country at The Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina tonight along with James Wesley, Eli Young Band and Thompson Square.  This was a charity event to benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  The format of the concert was such that each artist played one song then it was passed to the next artist.  Knowing how much Casey loves just playing, we imagine he was in heaven.

His first song was as uplifting as a song can be, the joyful “The Good Life.”  Then the song that he still hasn’t officially titled, but known fondly as either “Love the Way You Miss Me” or “Miss Me When I’m Gone.”  Next Casey played his hit single “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night.”  Then Casey played the Matt Powell cover “50 Dollars and a Flask of Crown.”  He finished it up with a song off his upcoming record that invariably brings the house down live, “Drive.”

For even more on the concert, check out the TCJB discussion board thread HERE.

We were lucky to find a country music fan @JohnG500 who was going to the concert and agreed to call in for a couple of Casey’s songs.  Here’s the audio of Casey’s first three songs:


The Good Life (thanks to 96.9 The Kat) 

Miss Me When I’m Gone (thanks to 96.9 The Kat) 

Let’s Don’t Call it a Night plus Interview (thanks to 96.9 The Kat) 

Let’s Don’t Call it a Night 

50 Dollars and a Flask of Crown (thanks to @johng500)

Drive (Thanks to @johng500)



The first photo of the day was a group shot of all the performers, posted by the radio station on its Facebook page.

Before the show, meeting with fans.  Click HERE for the full gallery:  

Photo by @NCallieB

Thanks to @johng500

Thanks to @johng500

Casey and @lalauren18

Photo by Artist_at_Heart

Photo by Artist_at_Heart

Photo by Artist_at_Heart

Photo by Artist_at_heart

After the show Casey and James Wesley surprised fans for another meet and greet, check out all of Kat Country’s photos here.


The blog Munkybizness Magazine reviewed Casey’s four-song set, saying:

1. untitled track—This will be a favorite with the female population. Great song.

2. Let’s don’t call it night —His first release and sure to be his first Hit!

3. 50 Dollars and a flask of Crown—My personal favorite, brings back a foggy truckload of my Texas weekend memories

4. Drive—The “driving” rhythm on this song will get you a ticket if you’re listening on the way to work.

Read the whole review here.


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6 Responses to Casey James Playing the 96.9 Kat Country Jam


    Thanks so much for all the work you do to keep supporting Casey James, Shari. These videos and pictures are so super awesome. Great job!! I’m more and more proud of Casey James now than ever!!!


    Casey is so sharp looking in his outfit!

  3. Karen says:

    I’ve never actually been to one of Casey’s shows, but it feels like I’ve been to a ton with all of these videos and pictures available for us to see! Still would love to see him in person some day though! Thanks for all that you do Shari!

  4. Sandra says:

    Thanks so much, for letting those of us who cant see him in concert, all of the pic, videos etc.. Its like we are there also… Thanks much…
    Im in the Detroit area and he is comeing however its only to a school concert….

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