Casey James Interview with K95.5 during CMA Week

Casey with Will Payne at CRS earlier this year

Another interview from CMA Week was posted today by radio station K95.5 Tulsa.  Casey interviewed with their WB Morning Circus, Will Payne and Barry Diamond.  The DJs said they enjoy playing Casey’s new hit song “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” and they’re looking forward to when his album comes out, which Casey said should be at the beginning of February.

Casey talked about going out around the country, playing his music and meeting people, and getting to hear his song on the radio.  About his first album, Casey said he thinks he will have written about eight of the songs that end up on his debut CD.  The DJ said Casey reminds him of Lee Roy Parnell and Casey was flattered as he’s a fan of Lee Roy and was very excited when he had a chance to write with him.

Casey was asked about the blues influence in his music and discussed all the different musical styles that have influenced him over the years.  Casey said he stays in contact with his fans via Twitter at @CaseyEJames, and that you can always find out about him from this blog (thanks Casey!) and the official website at

Casey is looking forward to the album coming out and being able to go out in support of the full album, and Will and Barry extended an invitation for Casey to come out their way any time.

Our favorite part of the video comes at 2:20, and again at 5:30, where K95.5 has a shot of The Casey James Blog Twitter.  🙂


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4 Responses to Casey James Interview with K95.5 during CMA Week

  1. Carolyn says:

    So he’s going to do some covers? Seriously? With all the great songs he’s been playing that he’s written? ACK. I mean, I’ll buy the record, of course… but man. Some of my favs are not going to be on the there. Boo hoo.

  2. Sandra says:

    Im hopeing Drowning on Dry Land……… I have a feeling, Carolyn that he will be putting alot of CD,s out………

  3. KachinaDoll says:

    Only eight originals?!


  4. Meme4CJ says:

    Just to clarrify , some peeps are mixing between covers and song arn’t written by Casey but they’re written specifically for him ( his style ) those are considered ORIGINALS too , and there might be 2 – 4 from those songs on the album .
    There will NOT be covers , Casey tweeted that . but there will likely be songs arn’t written by him , which is fine and no difference from the ones he has written , every artist has a mix of the same in their albums , as long as those ones fit in the style / direction ot the record .
    You never know , those ones might sound better for you than the ones Casey has writing credit on them 😉

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