Casey James Interview with 96.9 WKKT Kat Country during CMA Week

Casey James had a fun interview with radio staiton 96.9 WKKT Charlotte during CMA Week.  They first talked about Casey playing at their upcoming Kat Country Jam to benefit St. Jude Hospital (on 11/14) and Casey’s experience visiting St. Jude.  Then the conversation turned much more light-hearted as Casey was given a series of random questions to answer including what was his worst grade (an F in Biology), who was his first kiss, how old he was, who was his first love, what he’d like his kids to grow up to be (whatever they want!).

Then the interviewer asked the dangerous question what his dream car was.  Casey couldn’t pick just one, but listed a bunch.  He wouldn’t say what the worst present he ever got was, but gave a shout out to his Aunt for the PJs she gives him which he once thought of as not the most exciting present, but which he now really appreciates!


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5 Responses to Casey James Interview with 96.9 WKKT Kat Country during CMA Week

  1. Roni Jones says:

    it”s good to see and entainer with personality as Casey has, what a great out look.
    And. . . . . . .what a performer!!!!!!! he gives it his all. Ever llisten to his laugh, you
    can’t help but start laughing with lhim.


  2. Aunt Sherry says:

    Ha…he is so busted! Now he likes the lounging pants. This year will be a lump of coal.

    • Marsha says:

      Sherry, No, you should buy him 20 pairs! and 50 pairs of socks…that’ll teach him!!! ROFL

    • Corrin says:

      They have Star Wars PJ Pants at WalMart and everytime I see them I think Casey needs those pants…..Hahaha……Lump of Coal would be funny though!!!!!!!!!!!!

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