Casey’s “So Sweet” Collaborator Discusses Working Together

Patrick Davis was interviewed by Keepin’ it Country about his work cowriting with Casey James.  The two penned the song “So Sweet” as well as some others that have yet to be heard.  This is what Patrick told the interviewer about Casey:

5) I heard that you wrote with Casey James, the song called ‘So Sweet.’ What’s he like and how did that song come about?

PD: He’s a sweetheart. Really soft spoken and really kind and a southern gentleman. I’m not really an American Idol watcher, I’m not that familiar with the show and when people told me that he was on Idol and I didn’t really know much about him other than that. And we met and he’s a really great guitar player and a great singer and we sat down and myself and Dallas Davidson and Casey and we wrote a few songs. And ‘So Sweet’ is what we all felt like was the best of those that we wrote. I think it’s a great song and I think he even played it live at CMA Fest this year. That’s awesome and I know he has a song on the radio right now and hopefully that one will work out and we’ll see. I actually like ‘So Sweet’ and I play it live as well. We’ll see what happens. We have a few more that we’ll see what happens. There’s a couple of others that Casey and I have written, maybe he’ll record those too. We’ll have to wait and see.

Parenthetically, the interviewer, “Jessitara,” added: “I heard him play ‘So Sweet’ at CMA Fest and I think it’s a really great song.”

Check out the Keepin’ It Country blog HERE.

Here’s Patrick’s interpretation of his co-write with Casey, “So Sweet”.




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2 Responses to Casey’s “So Sweet” Collaborator Discusses Working Together

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  2. I love Patrick’s version of this song. It’s so tender & heartfelt. Really, really good.

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