Casey Talks Country Music with WTQR during CMA Week

Casey James was interviewed by Angie Ward of radio station 104.1 WTQR Greensboro, NC during CMA Week.  Casey will be playing a special acoustic show for the station on the 15th, which you can find out more about here.   Casey talked about what he’s been doing since American Idol, finishing the record, meeting with radio stations, getting “band stuff” together and working as hard as he can to do what he loves to do.

Angie asked Casey about coming over to country music after American Idol and he mentioned that during the show he wasn’t even thinking about a record deal or what direction he would go in, it was all about just doing his best every week.  She asked if he had met the reigning AI champ, Scotty McCreery, and Casey mentioned that when he was out in LA writing with Kristian Bush, he went back to Idol and met everyone except for Scotty and Lauren Alaina since they had a curfew.

Angie said his single “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” is “hot” and that WTQR is playing it.  You can listen online to WTQR here.


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One Response to Casey Talks Country Music with WTQR during CMA Week

  1. Roni Jones says:

    Casey will go along way!!!! He is personable, charming, good looking and has flair. He is better
    than most performers we see these days. A real southern gentleman.
    Let’s all support a “great” up coming star.


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