Casey Talks about Minding his Mom with WQIK 99.1 at CMA Week

Casey with 99.1 QIK

Casey James was interviewed by Toni from Jacksonville, Florida radio station 99.1 WQIK during CMA Week and the first question, naturally, was about his hair.  Casey mentioned that he had planned to wear it pulled back, but that his Momma discouraged that, proving once again that mothers know best.

They then discussed his new hit single and his upcoming album, due out in February.  Casey mentioned his song is currently #37 on the charts and the video is on CMT.  He also talked about how much more he enjoys CMA Week this year, as opposed to last year, now that he knows people and can greet them as friends.


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8 Responses to Casey Talks about Minding his Mom with WQIK 99.1 at CMA Week

  1. cynyn says:

    All these interviews have just been so amusing……….just great! And responses from all around the world! Thank you TCJB for covering Casey so well!

  2. Melissa says:

    Hope this means 99.1 starts playing his song!!!

  3. Mama definitely knows best! Casey’s personality shines more and more with each interview.

  4. Sandra says:

    As I was watching Casey, whom I love his talent, music, just him in general.. I checked out some of the other country singers whom she was interviewing… Wow, ck out Kip Moore.. awesome voice and love something about a truck… the 3 guys are real good together..
    my fav, Lets dont call it a night…. but since Ive been hooked on Casey, Ive gotten into some of the other new singers.. We are going to have some awesome talent comeing our way……

  5. Blueslane uk says:

    So many interviews, Casey must be exhausted and a little fed up when he is sometimes asked the same questions over and over again, but he never shows it and is always positive and smilely. Thanks TCJB for all the write ups and interviews, its certainly been a busy time for you all.

  6. kathyt1 says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful interview with Casey James. Love his new SINGLE – Let’s Don’t Call it a Night AND the video – downloaded them both from iTunes… Can’t wait for the album….


    Casey James has such a glowing warm personality and a great sense of humour and he makes me smile all the time. I just adore him!!!

  8. Outi says:

    He’s just great 🙂

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