Casey James Interview with 103.5 WFUS Tampa During CMA Week

Casey interviewed, via videophone, with Travis and Jenny of radio station WFUS 103.5  Tampa during CMA Week.  First, they busted their co-worker who handed Casey his microphone, exposing her no-longer-secret crush on Casey.  Then they talked about how long it takes to get to this point, where Casey is finally about to release his first album.  Casey mentioned how it would have been easy to put out a record right after being on American Idol, but that his goal was to put out the best record he can, not the fastest one.

One new piece of information from this interview is that Casey is looking at possibly recording a song he hasn’t written or co-written for the album, if he can find that right “outside song.”  Casey reiterated the release of the record would likely be the beginning of February.  They also discussed their station’s attempts to get Casey out to Tampa in January or February of next year to play at The Dallas Bull.

See the rest of their photos here, and enjoy the whole interview on YouTube:


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2 Responses to Casey James Interview with 103.5 WFUS Tampa During CMA Week

  1. Kathe says:

    The video is amazingly CLEAR…. love it.. and everything he has to say. Its hard to be patient when he is so good.

  2. cynyn says:

    I wish we could have seen how sweet he was to that girl after the interview. I just know he handled it perfectly. So cute.

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