Chattanooga Gets Ready For Casey James Concert 11/16

A two-part article recently appeared in by Susan Pierce in anticipation of Casey’s visit on Nov. 16. Casey will be in Chattanooga to play a High Noon Saloon show at Chattanooga Billiard Club East. The monthly showcase for rising stars is sponsored by WUSY US101 Radio.  In addition to the show, a lucky contest winner will get a free guitar lesson from Casey on the night of the show, according to a Facebook post on 11/11.  Listen live to Dex and Mo Friday afternoon 11/11 for your chance to win, here.

“Casey is such a nice guy. We’re excited about having him here,” said Brian Stewart, promotions director for ClearChannel Chattanooga.  “We’ve done this (High Noon Saloon concerts) for 15 years, but we’ve had people from all over the country wanting to come to this one. People in his fan clubs asking for tickets,” he said.

James’ show sold out three weeks ago. But Stewart said there are still a few tickets available.

“Starting Thursday, during our mid-day show, which is called the High Noon Saloon, there will be tickets given away. We’ll give tickets away during the noon hour through Nov. 15,” he said.

To read this complete article go here.

The second part of the article was a question and answer with Casey which you can see in its entirety here.

Q: During Season 9, you sang a variety of music from Gavin DeGraw and Keith Urban. The judges’ often said that you needed to find your style. How did you decide on country?

A: During the show, you have to do what you can with the genre you’ve been given that week; you pick the song you feel you’ll be able to perform best. All that being said, it’s not that I made a decision on country music, I just said, “Where can I go, what can I do to allow myself to be honest in my music and do what it is I love to do?” … My personality, and the way I like to do things, matches with country music. I like my fans. I want to connect with them. I want to get to know the people I’m working with, the radio stations that play my music. There is no other place I can fully be myself other than here, so it really wasn’t even a question. You just go where you belong.

Q: Is this the first single from your upcoming album?

A: I don’t know that it will be on the album. I have so many songs to pick from — I guarantee I have at least 80.

The album will be out at the beginning of next year. I know it’s going to be a great album from top to bottom. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do: not just make a great song to be on the radio, but a whole CD worth of great songs.

Q: Congratulations on being named “Next Big Thing” by CMT network.

A: It’s a huge honor. I’m excited about it. It’s wild to me. I’m just doing what I love to do. The biggest hope and prayer of anyone is to be successful at what you love.


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3 Responses to Chattanooga Gets Ready For Casey James Concert 11/16

  1. genilu says:

    I love the way Casey answered that question. He is so down-to-earth.

  2. Kelly says:

    I noticed that too,he’s real careful about that subject.I say just let it all out there.

  3. Roni Jones says:

    Casey knows where his talent is and that talent shines. What a great performer.


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