Casey James Interviews – CMA Awards Week 2011

As part of the festivities surrounding the CMA Awards, which will be broadcast live on November 9th, country music media have flocked to Nashville.  With a single climbing the charts and the release of his album on the horizon, Casey will be chatting with radio stations and other media from around the country.  As we find the interviews, we’ll post them here.

In his interview with Mark from 97.3 The Eagle Casey discussed what he learned from his American Idol experience and why it has been important to take his time in releasing his music.  He talked about how he didn’t know anything about the business side of music before, but that it’s just about building relationships with people.  Casey talked about his record label’s approach, to treat him as an artist and not as a TV show contestant.  His goal is just to continue to play and perform for the rest of his life.  Casey can’t wait for his record to come out so people can get a sense of who he is musically and what it is that he does.

To listen to the interview, click here

Casey with Mark from 97.3 The Eagle

Shelly from Philadelphia’s 92.5 WXTU talked to Casey about his return to the Philadelphia area this December on the 10th when he’ll be the Grand Marshal at their Toy Truck Parade.  One of the highlights from the interview – Casey will be singing a Christmas carol with a local high school choir.  Casey also discussed dealing with the sleep deprivation that comes with the musician’s lifestyle.  Check out the video on their website here or below.

Casey with Razz and Shelly from 92.5 WXTU

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6 Responses to Casey James Interviews – CMA Awards Week 2011


    Thank you Shari for all the beautiful contributions you make to the fans of Casey James, you’re the best!!!!


    Casey James looks great doesn’t he ? Gorgeous beautiful and hunky, intelligent and musically gifted young man that he is!!!!!!

  3. Roni Jones says:

    From the first moment on TV, we knew he would be a success. What a kind person, and
    talented.. Casey your the best

    Roni Jones

  4. cynyn says:

    Great interviews! It will be great to see and hear him with a choir. Sweet how excited he is for that, that Shelly couldn’t take her eyes off Casey, amazing how disarming he is.

    • abbie says:

      funny how even the men who interview Casey couldn’t help saying how attractive he is. such a pity that sometimes his good looks overshadows his talent and his passion for his craft. at the same time, it shows everyone just how gracious Casey is in this kind of situation. such an awesome human being!

  5. karenbar13 says:

    Oh, no. No concert in Philly? When I heard about the parade a few days ago, plus Shelly saying on Facebook “and there’s more” I assumed maybe one of those studio concerts or surely something.Tell me the XTU interview is leaving something out. Doesn’t sound like it though. Sounds like the parade and singing with a high school choir is it. A cruel tease!

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