Preparations for Tonight’s Show in Modesto, CA

Casey James will be playing radio station KATM KAT Country 103‘s “A Ladies Night Out” tonight at the Fat Cat Music House and Lounge in Modesto, California.  This is part of the station’s Kat Country Cares Concert Series with all proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Doors open at 6:00 PM and the show begins at 7:00 PM (all times PDT).  Casey is scheduled to take the stage at 9:30 and his set looks to be about a half hour long.

We have someone calling in from the venue so you can listen live.  Just before start time, call in to 1-712-432-0075 then enter the code 654945# to listen in.  We’ll also be in the Live Chat room to share the experience and talk with other Casey fans.  Marie Leathem will also be there videotaping and we’ll share the videos with you as soon as we can.

Check back here to see if we get any information or photos before the show, and then of course, check out our post on the show after it ends.


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2 Responses to Preparations for Tonight’s Show in Modesto, CA

  1. Sandy says:

    I just want to thank all of you for putting Casey,s Concerts on Video for those of us who are trying to watch his career grow…He is growing as an entertainer also… I live in Plymouth Michigan and he has not been close to us.. Chrystal Bowersox was at our huge Green show in the Spring.. there were so many people, you could not move.. It was great for her. And she was Awesome I have to say..
    But Ive voted for Casey since he was in Den.. and have followed the process since… I have to say, I have to say Not many who have come off American Idol, weather they win or not have proven to be as talented as him… He just need the chance…. I know alot of you like Bucky Covington, I think he and his brother should sing together like the Everly Brothers did.. because, Casey James so much more talented………..Bucky doesnt come close to Casey….

  2. music woman says:

    Any pre-advanced preps or other information for those of us going to see him perform in Santa Clara at noon today?

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