Casey James on the Break American Idol Gave Him

Tampa Bay’s country station 99.5 WQYK has a great article on its website today about the world premiere of Casey James’ music video for “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night.”

The writer recognized that Casey had put in the years of work to get to where he is today, saying “After what seems like a hundred years, although it was only about a dozen, performing, it was the time he spent on AI that finally gave him a break to reach a huge enough audience.”

In the article, Casey is quoted as saying, ”The Idol experience was great! It was everything that I…anything that I could have gotten out of it, I’ve gotten, in my opinion, you know? It’s put me here, it’s given me opportunites, it’s opened doors. It’s given me that exposure that I worked 12 years to get….”

Check out the entire article HERE.

You can follow WQYK on Facebook and on Twitter and listen live here.


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2 Responses to Casey James on the Break American Idol Gave Him

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  2. Roni Jones says:

    if it wasn’t for american idol, we would not have a new up and coming super star. Casey is
    the best!!!!!


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