Casey James Weekly Wrap-up – 10/16/11

Casey on Friday

Casey had one roller coaster of a week!

At the beginning of the week came news on the progress of Casey’s single and “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night’ Casey had the tenth most adds this week in Country music. Seven new stations joined more than fifty others to add the single.  This moved Casey up to #43 on Billboard’s Country National Airplay charts.

Screen cap from Casey's first music video

On Tuesday there was the big announcement that his first music video would be premiering on CMT during their special Big Music Weekend, starting on Friday.  The video is one of just eight videos that will be getting over 12 hours of airtime over the weekend.  In addition, CMT named Casey their “Next Big Thing” artist.

Wednesday, had news of another Casey James radio sponsored show, this one for 101.9 FM KNTY Sacramento.  Casey will be part of their 6th Annual Howl-O-Ween Concert at the DoubleTree Hotel in Sacramento, CA on October 28.

But Wednesday also brought some upsetting news for fans.  First, radio station 94.9 WQMX in Akron, OH announced that Casey was sick and had to cancel his appearance at their show that night (though they promised he would reschedule).  Then, Thunder 106 in New Jersey posted on their Facebook that Casey would not be able to play at their show on Thursday due to illness (but again assured disappointed fans that he would come back).

On Thursday Chattanooga radio station WUSY US-101 posted on its Facebook page that Casey James will be performing at their High Noon Saloon on November 16, 2011 at the Chattanooga Billiards Club, sure to be a favorite venue for the pool-playing Texan.  On the West Coast, radio station KATM KAT Country 103 Modesto, CA, announced that Casey James would be playing their “A Ladies Night Out” on October 26 at the Fat Cat Music House and Lounge.

Casey playing pool after Friday's concert

Friday came and lived up to its TGIF reputation.  First, there was the premiere of the music video for “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night,” on CMT.  Then Casey played before 900 pajama’d ladies at the 94.9 Star Country Annual Pajama Jam benefiting the American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.  He played a explosive solo acoustic 11-song set which you can read more about here.

Finally, Casey’s brand new video already made it onto CMT Pure’s 12-Pack Countdown in just a day of release.  It is on the list again for next week and voting is open until Thursday HERE.  Casey’s music video was also featured in an article on new videos by former American Idol contestants.

Next week brings more radio shows, more news on Casey’s single and his music video and hopefully all ups with no downs!  And Sunday Casey tweeted that he would be in the studio on Monday, which is great news for fans anxiously anticipating his album.


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5 Responses to Casey James Weekly Wrap-up – 10/16/11

  1. Has anyone mentioned that Casey told us Friday night what caused him to cancel those two shows? It may be on one of the tubies….he said he was on a flight somewhere when his head felt like it exploded! Turns out he had an inner ear infection. It sounds like his eardrum may have been perforated, which is excruciatingly painful & can also cause equilibrium problems. He was drinkin lotsa water Friday night cuz he said the medicine he was on was dryin him out, poor Dawlin.

  2. samboy27 says:

    Thanks for that information. I had been wondering what he was sick with. Poor guy, but what dedication to the fans.

  3. Roni Jones says:

    casey james is the best!!!!

    roni Jones

  4. cynyn says:

    It’s hard not to worry for him. He obviously pushes himself really hard so maybe is vulnerable for that reason. Take care of yourself Mr. James.

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