Casey James Honored as CMT’s “Next Big Thing” Artist

Perhaps lost in all the hoopla surrounding word that the music video for Casey James’ debut single “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” would be premiering this Friday, October 14, on CMT, was a one sentence announcement of a special honor bestowed on the BNA artist.

CMT named Casey James their “Next Big Thing” artist as part of this weekend’s special Big New Music Weekend.  Previous recipients include Brett Eldredge and Hunter Hayes.

This is the fifth time the channel is devoting an entire weekend to premiering a select number of videos and choosing one of the artists as someone to keep an eye on.  And this weekend gives viewers ample opportunity to discover BNA recording artist Casey James.

Casey will have his new music video shown in rotation with just seven other videos that will take hold of the CMT airwaves exclusively all weekend.  These eight videos will be airing for a total of twelve hours over the weekend.  Casey and the other artists, including Blake Shelton and Toby Keith, will be introducing their videos in pre-recorded segments throughout the weekend.  In addition, will highlight each of the videos on its homepage.

It is hardly surprising that Casey would be CMT’s Next Big Thing.  Before his first album has even been released, Casey has already earned quite a bit of buzz in the country music world for his wicked guitar skills and bluesy vocals.  His live performances, both plugged in with his touring band or his unplugged solo acoustic sets, have garnered him new devoted fans at each tour stop.  He has been working with some of the industry’s best writers, penning some memorable tunes that range from tender ballads to rousing Southern country-rock.

Check out the music video for Casey James’ Let’s Don’t Call it a Night, this Friday, October 14, on CMT beginning at 6:00 am.  And enjoy country music’s Next Big Thing.


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11 Responses to Casey James Honored as CMT’s “Next Big Thing” Artist

  1. Sweet thanks for the exciting article!!! ❤ I'm crazy thrilled, feel something BIG of Caseyness is coming again!!! 🙂 What else will happen after seeing the official video of LDCIAN ??!! Next Big Thing and *Double Crazy* 😀 Lol…but nothing is better than YOU, Casey James!!! 🙂 And nothing is better than *Casey Girls' Crazy Company* !!! AWESOME! 🙂 ROCK ON!!!!!!!

  2. Delores Fields says:

    Each step getting bigger and bigger as all us Casey fans knew they would! So excited that casey’s talent and music will have an even bigger forum for others thar haven’t had the opportunity to see this amazing artist and hear this beautiful song! Keep on rising Casey all of as your fans knew that you would! So honored to have been following and supporting you since the day you walked out on that stage for first audition!

  3. Well I didn’t overlook that, I mentioned it in a reply to your first article about the video on CMT….glad y’all finally noticed! LOL!

  4. pamrichva says:

    I hope it’ll also be on cmt pure (which is the all videos channel) by the weekend. CMT has very limited video programming. A lot of reality series and re-run shows. I think morning may be the best chance, but surely it will be on youtube pretty soon.

    Looks like they run on each hour from 6-11am on Friday morning (all showing as “Block A”), then for a half hour at 1:30pm (showing as “Block B”).

    On Saturday: From 6-9am, skip 9-10am, then again 10-11am, all showing as Block A and no more during the day.

    On Sunday: From 6-9 am (Block A) and I don’t see it on again.

    Those are the 12 hours.

  5. Aunt Sherry says:

    NEXT BIG THING!!! How cool is that..course we already knew it! So excited…can’t wait to see it.

  6. Vet says:

    From day one, to now,we knew it was going to get better and better, as you get better and better and comfortable with your stardom! You have always been a STAR to us, we all love you so much Casey E James!

  7. Karen says:

    I love so much that Casey is being recognized as “The Next Big Thing! Guess there’s other smart people out there like us. 😀

  8. CanadianFAN says:

    What I admire a whole lot about Casey James is that he has kept his integrity and kindness, while working on his album, and his success will be a testament that good people are great Idols to follow.
    This says a lot about the type of artist that we are supporting.
    Having said this, I am so thrilled to anticipate seeing Casey James in a music video on my television screen with his beautiful voice , talent, and gorgeous face!!!

  9. CrazyCEJFan- Tracy says:

    The Next Big Thing? Just let me say…..I’m not the least bit surprised!! You go Casey James!!

  10. CrazyCEJFan- Tracy says:

    The Next Big Thing? Just let me say………I’m not the least bit surprised!! You GO Casey James!!

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