Casey James’ Video for “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” to Debut on CMT This Friday

Country Music Televsion (CMT) announced that the world premiere of the music video for Casey James’ debut single, “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night,” will be this Friday, October 14 on their cable channel.

This is the news Casey’s fans have been waiting for since the single itself was first released in August.  CMT must be as excited about Casey and his music as his fans, as they proclaimed him their “Next Big Thing” artist.  Congrats Casey!!

After CMT posted the news, Casey tweeted:  “So there is the big news!! CMT is putting my video in their Big New Music Weekend! I hope you like it!”

Here is the official announcement from the website:

Big news, indeed!  Not only will the video debut, but Casey will be introducing the video each time it airs and it will air repeatedly throughout the weekend!  It will also be highlighted on the CMT webpage.  This is an exciting launch for Casey’s first video and it’s going to take CMT by storm!!

Casey’s video is also on the list of this week’s video adds, for both CMT and CMT Pure, here:

We will have one week of rampant speculation on what the video will look like until its actual unveiling this weekend.   Keep your TV tuned to CMT to be among the first to see Casey’s first official music video.  Then VOTE for your favorite video on CMT’s Facebook page each week, and the top 11 make up the weekly show CMT Social Hour.

The Big New Music Weekend was also feature in, which you can read here.


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9 Responses to Casey James’ Video for “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” to Debut on CMT This Friday

  1. NYCJFan97 says:

    Can’t wait to see it!!! How great that Casey’s first video will be released by CMT that way!! 🙂

  2. mich in colo says:

    It is going to be EPIC! I hope he is really “involved” in the video! I mean REALLY invloved!!! I have a feeling it is going to attract a lot of attention. Holy Moly, I can’t wait to see Casey in his fancy music video up on the TeeVee Friday morning! 😀

  3. The way they are doing it is really great. Each artist gets to introduce their vid. And if there is voting….well, that’s a no brainer!

  4. Gail V. says:

    I am so happy for Casey. I know after the release of his record that this is the next biggest thing for him. And for CMT to introduce him as the (next big thing) artist is awesome!! I can’t wait to see it! 😀

  5. Nothing could be better than Casey !!! It will be so exciting, I know it will be a blast!!! 🙂

  6. Jeanette says:

    If anyone needs to get a hold of me this weekend. I’LL BE IN FRONT OF THE TEE VEE!!!!!!!!!

  7. The best part of that article? ,,,,and CMT’s Next Big Thing artist Casey James’ “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night.”
    I didn’t know about that.

  8. Karen says:

    So excited and can’t wait to see Caesy’s video on CMT this week! 😀

  9. pamrichva says:

    I see that it’s also on CMT Pure which is all videos…and has a weekly 12 pack countdown on which we need to start voting for Casey as soon as he’s up….which I guess may be Friday. YAAAY!!! I see more new artists on the 12 pack countdown than on the Top 20 on CMT, but we should vote both places.

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