Casey James told an interviewer earlier this year, “It’s such a cool thing to be able to look out to a crowd and see people either singing or humming songs that come from my heart and my soul and things I’ve been through, that they can relate to that and put it into their life.” Casey’s fans have shared how some of his new songs, like “Hold On” and “Why I’m Feeling Blue,” have touched them or helped them through a tough time.

But, something of a phenomenon has happened with Casey’s most recently debuted, as yet untitled, song. Co-wriiten with Brice Long and Terry McBride, this song has struck a deep chord with fans, moving them so deeply it has brought some to tears. Known by the line from the chorus, “I love the way you miss me when I’m gone,” this new song has tapped into the yearning felt by those who are separated from the one they love and the melancholy comfort of knowing they are missed.

No group feels this more poignantly than the military spouses who are kept apart for sometimes years when a loved one is deployed. So it was particularly fitting last Friday when Casey James had the opportunity to play this song in front of a crowd of servicemen and women and their families at the Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton.

This concert was co-sponsored by radio station KKGO and Operation Gratitude and was free to military personnel and their guests. Many have already experienced being away from a loved one and being sustained by the knowledge that there is someone who misses them and can’t wait for them to come home. Others will be facing that very sad situation very soon.

And so it was when Casey sat on a stool armed only with his acoustic guitar and lyrics that tugged at the heart, that his song of longing hit a nerve. One concert goer, Elexus Loebbecke, shared this experience on the radio station’s Facebook page: “Okay off track y’all… so last night Casey James sang this song that made me ball my eyes out since I just found out that I’m pregnant and my husband leaves for a year to afgan in a few months… Need to know the name of the song… something about him being away thinking of her and the he loves how much she misses him when he is gone… he will be home as soon as he can please I NEED THIS SONG. lol.”

She elaborated a bit, telling us “I am sad he will be gone too thats why I was crying at the show when Casey sang this song. It was so close to home”

But it was her last comment that brought home just how powerful the song is and how important it could be for others in her situation, saying “I just pray that everyone else in or near my situation can be calmed by this amazing song. I just wish Casey knew how much a simple song like this gets us through such a tough time. It really can be the only thing that gets us military wives through field months and deployment.”

Another country music fan, unfamiliar with the song, listened to it and agreed, writing, “just listened to the song, IT’S INCREDIBLE.” This echoes what fans have been saying since they first heard this song. It seems that Casey has penned one of those rare songs that just connects with people on a deeply personal level. It is that right song at the right time, that fills a need as it fills the heart.

Recently a viewer who saw the video on YouTube wrote this about the song and what it means:

Casey, I just wanted
to tell you that my son-n-law is in the US Navy. He has been on deploymet several times,but this last time eas the first on board a air craft carrier. This had to have been the worst one yet. It was bad for him as well as my daughter. For some reason they seemed to miss each other more then ever. When i first heard this song i cried. Because each and every word related to them. I had gone to stay with my daughter while Knight(my son-n-law)was gone,one night(well early morning hours)i heard her crying. I knocked on her door and ask if i could come in. Aft a minute or so she opened the door. I ask if she was ok, and she said yeah. She had just gotten off the phone with Knight, she had tears streaming down her face,looked at me and said I just miss him so much. I can’t wait to let them listen to this HIT. It will be a HUGE HIT for you. He leaves in January for another long delpoyment(air craft carrier again) and i can bet that they both will have access to your song. Thank you for such a wonder,truthful song.
I just can’t wait for your cd and tour. I have not had a chance to see you while you are touring at the moment. But plan to when you come back to NC. I hope and pray i get to meet you someday. I told my husband when i was voteing for you on idol that you woud be a Huge Star.”

Perhaps another fan summed it up the best. After Casey’s concert in Jacksonville, Jamie Nichols posted on the official Casey James Facebook page, “I wanted to tell you your first song, “The Way You Miss Me,” touched my heart! My love is deployed right now and you captured that feeling of desire to be with the one your away from perfectly. It actually made me tear up a bit! Thank you!”


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22 Responses to Untitled

  1. It’s a beautiful fall Sunday in Illinois and the last thing I wanted to do was cry. But cry I did when I read your post. I thought the whole time he sang “Love the Way You Miss Me” at Camp Pendleton that it must be hitting a chord with a lot of people in the crowd. What an amazing post about the man, his song, and the people it affects. Thanks, Casey and TCJB.

  2. megan (haveaniceday711) says:

    What a touching write-up Shari. If a woman inspired that song, may the Lord bless her. Sweet, tender and real. That’s how I’d describe that song. Perhaps the song should remain unnamed.

  3. Elexus Loebbecke says:

    I am so glad my words inspired you and could help spread the message. Good luck to yall and to Casey himself. We love you and thank you so much.

    • Hi Elexus!! Nancy Atwood here and just wanted to thank you, again, for your words! I lost my hubby (natural causes) a few years ago but can so relate to the song too! 🙂 Plus it just has such a catchy unforgettable tune that it’s in my head all the time, which I love, haha!! Casey is THE BEST!! Love & prayers to you, hubby and unborn child!!

    • Patti (caseyscrew205) says:

      Elexus, my thoughts and prayers to you and your family, and I hope the time your husband is away goes by very quickly for you, and he’s back before you know it. 🙂

  4. Suzu says:

    It speaks my heart out.. Casey u are reAlly amazing .. In love ws u again..

  5. Patti (caseyscrew205) says:

    I’m so glad this song is helping people, and it really is such a special song. I posted the vid I took on my FB last night and some friends that haven’t typically been Casey fans posted that it was a hit…it really does touch people, in many different ways.

  6. Jeanette says:

    Touching write-up Shari. This a hit for sure! I love the beautiful heartbeat sound coming from the guitar.

  7. Cyndee says:

    I had to stop and blink away tears several times to get through to the end of this story. So touching. I hope Casey reads this.

  8. CJFan_Amber says:

    Thank you for another beautiful post. This song has touched so many in so many ways. Casey James is simply AMAZING! Casey came into my life at a time I needed it the most. (Jan 2010)

    Thank you to TCJB for all that you do!

  9. lisa says:

    absolutely beautiful the song and the article.

  10. Just beautiful; the song & the article!! LOVE!!!

  11. Joan Carey says:

    Great article, Shari! It is a great song and there definitely is something special about it. They say music heals the soul and this song definitely is helping to heal the hearts of those missing their significant others.

  12. Renee says:

    Hope someone close to Casey reads this and will let him know how much this amazing song is touching hearts. When I listen to the video of him sing this in Jacksonville I’m sure I can hear the audience singing along. That has to be a dream come true for him!

  13. CrazyCEJFan- Tracy says:

    I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days! Casey is an amazing songwriter-writing from his heart and soul! So excited to see what the future holds for him! Shari, so grateful we have TCJB to share beautiful stories like this with us-THANK YOU!

  14. Lulu Dee says:

    Thanks to TCJB and CJ fans for sharing stories like thes
    e and videos so we all can follow Casey’s music and career. This song is truly beautiful in any genre. I hope it will be titled “The Way You Miss Me,” and I hope it is a huge hit.

  15. Aunt Sherry says:

    Appreciate (as usual) your article. I think “…Miss Me” is a sure winner! Very special lyrics that can touch everyone. Will definitely pass on my thoughts (and yours).

  16. Nice article– appreciate all the people that shared how this song touched them. Casey is proving to be an artist for whom these words describe. Music can express emotion that words cannot describe. No matter where Casey’s career goes from here that is truly a gift and not just a talent. Casey really does put his heart and soul into each and every song he sings and writes.

  17. kathyt1 says:

    Love that shared the wonderful moments with us. This is certainly a fantastic song and very moving… and I feel that way all the time since I’m traveling so much. In London right now… wish I were home…

  18. Cassy says:

    Great article. If the song didn’t bring tears to my eyes, your article did!

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