Casey James – Media Mentions 10/6

Casey James is playing a special unplugged concert this Friday at Camp Pendleton in Southern California along with fellow BNA artist Kellie Pickler.  The concert, co-sponsored by radio station KKGO and Operation Gratitude, was the subject of a short article in Camp Pendleton Patch, an online newspaper which provides “comprehensive local coverage of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and Oceanside, CA.”

The article briefly discusses both performers saying, of Casey, “The Texas native knows how to work his guitar, even after a motorcycle accident that almost left him unable to play. He’s nice to look at, but he’s even more fun to watch live.”  Read the entire article HERE.

Music Row had an article today on the future of radio in the face of competition from the likes of Pandora and iHeartRadio.   Casey was mentioned in an analogy, to describe the job facing radio if it wants to stay successful.  The writer said, “Those of us involved in radio or the record industry have a challenge every day to be the most entertaining, most compelling choice for the consumer. Newcomer Casey James is not jealous of Keith Urban (okay bad choice…we’re all jealous of Keith Urban). Casey knows that he has to work hard and find the best music, get out and see station personnel and work his way up the charts.”  Read the entire article HERE.

It was interesting and heartening to see “newcomer” Casey be used as an example.  Music Row is a major music publication and it’s great that they have taken notice of Casey.  We’ve watched for the past couple of months as Casey has been doing just that, working hard, finding (or, in his case, writing) the best music and going from station to station introducing himself and his songs.  Apparently, others have noticed this as well and realize that he’s on the precipice.

In the meantime, there’s a video to release, more songs to write, more stations to visit, a CD to put together, and more music to play as he moves up the charts.


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One Response to Casey James – Media Mentions 10/6

  1. lisa says:

    it’s so nice that he’s out their letting everyone get to know him and his music.he really seems to know exactly what to do.someone really has his best interest in mind.I’m sure he’s exhausted
    but it will all be worth looks like Casey may be the only successful one from a.i.09. would love to see him come to houston.

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