Casey James Takes the Stage in Jacksonville, Florida

Pic by @SaraMac_in321

Tonight, shortly before 9:30, Casey took the stage as the headlining performer at the Jacksonville Veteran’s Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida.  His appearance was part of WGNE 99.9 FM Gator Country’s Fall 2011 Free Concert Series.  Casey was joined on stage by the very talented, if sartorially challenged, Billy Nobel on keyboards, as well as Johnny “The Clock” Richardson on drums, and David LaBruyere back on bass.

Casey began with his new, as-yet-untitled song that he’s asked fans to name.  Some memorable lyrics include “Baby, you’re drivin me crazy” and “Love the way you miss me when I’m gone.” Give us your suggestions for its title below!  “Long Tall Texan” was the next to enthrall the crowd.  Then, as he began “Bulletproof,”  Casey let the audience know he was playing his favorite guitar.

The crowd was revved up and on fire tonight and Casey obliged them with the rocking “Green Light Girl” and “She’s Money.”  Next, Casey serenaded fans with his new single,  “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night,” and “So Sweet.”  Casey proceeded with “Too Sweet For Me,” and blew everyone away with the soulful and funky “Use Me.”  Billy was really pounding the keys on these last two, and the audience loved it.  The funky, pop “Shine Your Shoes” followed.

Casey then played “You Need Some Texas,” and worked out some major blues with “Drowning on Dry Land.”  The crowd was going crazy!  For the finale, Casey got into gear with “Drive” and concluded his fourteen-song set with the always riveting “Done Made Up My Mind.”  Wow! There were some really loud cheers for Casey at then end!

One of Casey’s fans, @betheshep, was kind enough to call in so the rest of us could listen to the concert live.

Long Tall Texan
Green Light Girl
She’s Money
Let’s Don’t Call It A Night
So Sweet
Too Sweet For Me
Use Me
Shine Your Shoes
You Need Some Texas
Drowning On Dry Land
Done Made Up My Mind


Untitled (thanks to michelletanner) 


Long Tall Texan 

Bulletproof (thanks to @michelletanner) 


Let’s Don’t Call It a Night (thanks to @michelleltanner)

Let’s Don’t Call it a Night

Too Sweet for Me (thanks to @michelletanner) 

Use Me

Shine Your Shoes

Drowning on Dry Land (thanks to @michelleltanner)

Drowning on Dry Land

Done Made Up My Mind


Pics by @saramac_in321, you can see all of her pictures by going here.

Pic by @SaraMac_in321

Pic by @SaraMac_in321

Pic by @saramac_in321

Pic by @saramac_in321

pic by @saramac_in321

The following pics are by @michelleltanner’s mom, Melinda! You can view all of them here.

Billy's red pants!

Pic by Melinda Tanner

Pic by Melinda Tanner

Pic by Melinda Tanner

It's Michelle!!!

The following pics are by Jim Messerfish & you can see all of them on his FB page here or at Flickr here

Photo by Jim Messerfish

Pic by Jim Messerfish

Pic by Jim Messerfish

Pic by Jim Messerfish

Pic by Jim Messerfish

Pic by Jim Messerfish

Photo by Jim Messerfish

Photo by Jim Messerfish

Photo by Jim Messerfish

Photo by Jim Messerfish

Photo by Jim Messerfish

Photo by Jim Messerfish

Photo by Jim Messerfish

thanks IdolBeat

thanks Melissa Doty

thanks idolbeat

thanks idolbeat

thanks idolbeat (I mean really...thanks!)

Pic by Vickia@IdolForums

Pic by Vickia@IdolForums

Pic by Vickia@IdolForums

Pic by Vickia@IdolForums

thanks Marsha Trowbridge Ardila

thanks Marsha Trowbridge Ardila

thanks Marsha Trowbridge Ardila

Thanks Darla Straube

Thanks Darla Straube

Thanks Darla Staube

Thanks Darla Straube

Thanks Darla Straube

Photo by Taylor Denise Moore

Photo by Taylor Denise Moore

Photo by Taylor Denise Moore

Photo by Taylor Denise Moore

Photo by Taylor Denise Moore

Photo by Taylor Denise Moore

Photo by Taylor Denise Moore

To view the rest of Taylor’s pics, click here.

Pics from the station, 99.9 WGNE Gator Country.  To view them all go here and here.

Casey James in Jacksonville

Casey James in Jacksonville

Casey James in JacksonvilleCasey James in Jacksonville

Photo by Sam Thurber (Casey with Sam's adorable daughter Joleyne)

Photo by Sam Thurber (Casey with Sam's three darling daughters)

Photo by Sam Thurber, on FB: "Yes even Daddy got his picture taken with Casey James! "

Sam later posted this on the Casey James Facebook page:  “Hello Casey, This is the guy who had the 3 girls back there for the meet and greet tonight. It was great meeting you and seeing you perform. The girls had a great time original.gif I can’t wait til your CD comes out! I wanna say thank you to the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena and 99.9 Gator Country for having you! It was a great night with top notch entertainment! Have a great night!”

Also from Facebook:  Jamie Nichols “HI! I was at your show last night in Jacksonville… (in front dark hair and white tee)… i just wanted to tell you your first song “The way you miss me” touched my heart! My love is deployed right now and you captured that feeling of desire to be with the one your away from perfectly! It actually made me tear up a bit! Thank you!”

Here are some pics from  Hold on to your hearts.

Even more photos HERE, HERE and HERE.


BiebsGotSwag94 Just got back from @CaseyEJames concert it was amazing!!!!!! I had a blast I even screamed I love you and he said that was good love u to:)

betheshep @caseyejames thx for another awesome show & for stopping to meet w/us after! See you in Boston! woohoo-about time:)


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82 Responses to Casey James Takes the Stage in Jacksonville, Florida

  1. Mich_in_Colo says:

    Wow. Um that last photo… Svbdgjcsrjjsrykgvdeijf

  2. Boudica says:

    OMGGG Crazy Casey!!!!!!! And apparently Billy was also on the floor!!!!! Oh I cant wait for these videos!! Wow just wow! (8)

  3. Outi says:

    Wow wow wow!!! Can’t wait for the vids!!! 🙂 That must’ve been some show!

  4. Meme4CJ says:

    WoW! WoW!! 😮 Keith Urban better watch out . 😀

  5. Jeanette says:

    WoW is right. He is full of surprises. I am so glad he did the “new” song last night. Most of that audience knows what it is like to be away from someone they love. It had to touch their hearts.
    Meme4CJ, you are right. Move over Keith Urban.

  6. Karen says:

    Looks like Casey was on fire during his performance last night! 🙂 Wish I could have been there!

  7. Jim says:

    These are from last night in Jacksonville. Feel free to use these…. But just credit me. Thanks!

    Jim Messer

  8. daydreaminmeme says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! Casey may have just set a precedent!!!

    Now we’re all gonna want him on his knees for us!!! 😀

    Just when you think he couldn’t possibly get any better, he DOES. 🙂

  9. KachinaDoll says:

    OMG WOW!!!

  10. Laura Patterson says:

    I’ll have what he’s having!!!!!! :))))

  11. Karen says:

    OMG!!!! I have never seen Casey get down like that, literally. lol Maybe he finally had a few of those drinks to loosen himself up. I can’t wait to see some videos of this. Go, Casey, Go!!!!

  12. Jim says:

    Sorry I didn’t get him when he was down on the stage- I had to leave before that. I hope you enjoy the other pictures!

  13. HoLy MoLeY!! WoW! Casey is really laid back…What was in the water in Jacksonville? Love seeing him so into the music. I listen to the conference call & the show was amazing, so I’m not surprised all these fancy moves were going on!! Can’t wait to see him live again in Roanoke & Asheville! Thank you to Shari, Marie, HP Squares & all the CJ Blog folks for keeping us in the loop!

  14. Corrin/Ga says:

    He gives new meaning to the term “Gettin Down wit his bad self”

    • alexis Dunn says:

      do you think all his fans like that kind of rolling around on the floor. I have never seen Tim McGraw act like that was he high or drunk.

      • Corrin says:

        I think he is just having a good time and loving what he is doing, Playing music!! : )

      • I think Casey IS high!! On adrenaline, life, music, the crowd, God…maybe even Red Bull! I love it. One thing that I feel when I watch Casey, when he tears it up like this, is free. Even though I’m not the one up there, I feel free. For the time he’s on stage, he locks away that part of me that always wants to be in control & I feel free & loose. So, roll on the stage Casey, play guitar on your knees…make fun of Billy’s pants…that wildness and freedom is just what this girl needs.

      • What Marie said…………..

      • Jeanette says:

        Ditto, what Marie said…….

      • Renee says:

        Alexis I have to admit I was a bit worried when I first saw the pictures this morning. Looked like things were a bit over the top for my taste. After seeing the video it looks like they were just having fun and weren’t getting TOO carried away.

      • Outi says:

        Well, I love it and I bet most of his fans do too 🙂 Marie, Ditto!!! You said it right!

      • I am one of Casey’s fans and loved seeing him and anyother performer having a great time. Laughing, jokeing, kidding around and being playful.. I hope when I am being silly and enjoying the moment no-one misinterprets my mood. Marie said it well high on life– I want more of what Casey was having!!!

      • jennifer bussone says:

        I think Casey was drunk on fan love and high on music. And generally having the time of his life!!! And I think his fans LOVED it!! Since Tim can’t wail on the guitar like Casey, I guess he wouldn’t act like that. 😉

      • Carman (CoolCJfan) says:

        I guess by now you know all of Casey’s fans do like it! 🙂 Tim McGraw is a great singer and performer, but he’d just look weird on the floor without a guitar… Have you seen John Mayer in concert? He plays on the floor and the crowd LOVES it!!!! Most of Casey’s fans know his drink of choice is water and his drug of choice is either red bull or 5 hour energy shots…he’s so scandalous. 😉

      • Gail V. says:

        Alexis, I am a Casey James fan, I don’t really care what Tim McGraw does 🙂 and as long as Casey remains true to himself I don’t really care what he does….. he was given a second chance on life and he grabbed it!!! He is HIGH on life right now and enjoying every minute of it!!! GO CASEY!!! I fully trust in his character and his faith in God…….. he would never walk on that stage while intoxicated with anything other that exhilaration!!!! Wished I could have been there……looks like an awesome show!!!

    • Corrin says:

      Joking when used the term “Gettin Down Wit your bad self” Term our family jokinginly uses, Love Casey’s music and his God given talent Did not mean to cause such a rucus.

  15. Rawr! Holy cow! Yeah, I’m definitely gonna have to get to Jersey or Boston (or BOTH!).

  16. Patti (caseyscrew205) says:

    Love it, and thanks for all the pics! I think he’s really coming into his own as a performer. I love all the new things he’s adding, including playing the guitar on his back. 🙂 (rockstar move 🙂 ) Very exciting watching these latest performances. 🙂

  17. Patti (caseyscrew205) says:

    Adding I LOVE that vid just posted of him singing the new untitiled song. You can hear the fans singing it, sooooo awesome! So happy for Casey! 🙂

  18. cynyn says:

    Upbeat, sexy he’s just got it all in these photos, this boy is on fire! Thanks for all of this!

  19. Katy says:

    Okay, where are the videos with Casey & Billy on the floor? Sounds corny, but CJ can probably pull it off. Casey’s guitar playin just leaves me in awe! Thanks for the pictures and videos!

  20. MichelleLTanner says:

    This was such a great show! Casey was so hyper and energetic. He even said his face hurt from smiling so much. 🙂 The video of Casey on the floor is uploading.

  21. Wow……I knew of the conference call this was an AWESOME show…but the pictures prove that was more than an AWESOME show…so wish I could have been there! He literally got down…I am so glad I am on board the Casey train now…cause he is gonna be such a huge star and not so approachable, quickly! He just blows the crowd away! Mad guitar and vocals! And easy on the eyes too! 🙂 Lovin’ some CEJ! 🙂

  22. Jeanette says:

    By the way, who is playing bass? That is not Vernon.

    • Neet says:

      I was thinking the same thing. It looks like the old bass player he had – can’t remember his name. I like Nolan – hope this was just a night off.

    • Jeanette says:

      I stand corrected. It’s Verner. Anyway, he wasn’t there. Hope it is only one time.

  23. Rhonda Nelson says:

    This message is for Alexis Dunn. You seriously don’t follow Casey James very closely or you wouldn’t ask that question. The only thing Casey James is ever high on is MUSIC girl & it shows each & every time he takes the stage!! Evidently last night he was REALLY feeling it, and what I wouldn’t have given to be there!! You are definitely entitled to your opinion, but, I would say you should study the object of your comments before you feel free to criticize, because the true Casey James fan would have given anything to be there last night to see him really let it all out. Wow Casey…..just wow!!!!

    • Patti (caseyscrew205) says:

      Completely agree Rhonda. Casey is just feeling it. I love it, he’s enjoying himself so much, and so are the fans. 🙂

    • jennifer bussone says:

      Amen Rhonda!!!

    • Maryanne C. says:

      You took the words out of my mouth Rhonda! Anyone who knows Casey James at all would know he wouldn’t have been high or drunk, other than on the energy of the music and his fans! Cant wait to see him next week, and, boy do I hope he gives NJ some of that! 🙂

  24. Drew J says:

    ^^ THIS.

    Guys, nothing is over the top with what Casey does. On Idol, some complained he was too restrained. Now that he’s out on his own, he shares what he feels about his music & that clearly shows on his performances!! Casey going WILD onstage doesn’t make him less of a person he is. Let him be free, and who he is. He is not Tim or Brad or country star X, do not label him.

    Anyhoo, I just finished listening to the concall. Man, was that a GREAT crowd or what?! It reminds of his Balloon Festival gig on ABQ, and boy, do I love the peeps! This is the kind of crowd I love to be with.

    I’m super proud of Casey! Keep on wailing on that axe lying back or backflippin I don’t care. YOU ROCK!!!

  25. CrazyCEJFan- Tracy says:

    WOW- Alexis you are entitled to your opinion, but come on, girl, loosen up!! Casey is feeling the music and the love from his fans when he’s on stage and he was being his happy, free, fun self last night and HIS FANS LOVED IT !! His performance last night was over the top CRAZY GREAT!! To quote the man “GOOD TIMES”!!!

  26. Joan Carey says:

    I love it when a performer lets loose like that and I thought Casey’s performance last night was amazing. He’s an incredible musician and when he gets lost in the music and feels it like that is one of the things that draws me to any musician. I hope he does that next time I see him, lol. It was very rock and roll, which is my favorite side of him. Not that it has anything to do with the music or should take away from his talent, but it was very sexy too 🙂

    • KachinaDoll says:

      Yes, it was. I’m gonna disagree a tiny little bit here because I think it has everything to do with the music. The Blues are all about sex; if he were playing polka music, he’d just be really, really pretty.

  27. alexis Dunn says:

    I was there and saw a lot of fans leaving, I am a cj fan and hate to see him get high on energy drinks he has been thru too much to lose it now. I know he is a wonderful guitar player but lets leave off the rolling on the floor. I know he played late and thats why some left but some left for wondering what would happen next they had their children there to see Hunter Davis.

    • mich in colo says:

      From the video, it seems pretty clear that he was just joking around with the band and having fun. I would have no problem with my 6 and 8 year olds seeing Casey do his thing, even if he is on the floor. I have a pretty good understanding of what he is about and drugs and alcohol are not a part of that equation. I am sure Casey would be crushed to know what is being said here! He is a good role model for my boys because he defied the odds, worked hard, stayed true to himself and his faith. Casey, if you are reading this, my 8 year old wants to play the guitar because of you and told me he likes you because you are a Christian. You are making a positive impact on the lives of many!

    • Aunt Sherry says:

      Know you’ve taken flack for your comments…watched the video & didn’t see any “rolling around on the floor”. Saw Casey lay on his back playing the guitar for 11 seconds. Obviously by his facial expressions, he & Billy were playing off each other and I thought it was fun to watch. To each his own.

      • cynyn says:

        Right on Aunt Sherry! What I saw on the video was really low key and would not suggest any substance abuse or drunkeness, what is this silliness anyway? This is entertainment, you’d think something a little out of the ordinary would be welcome. Geeez. Casey deserves to let loose and entertain, he obviously loves it! I remember when he was on Idol and I thought boy there sure is a lot of underlying energy that guy can unleash, I think we all felt that and that was part of his appeal.

      • Neet says:

        I would give anything to have been there for that performance. One of the things that I love about Casey is his ability to be himself, and I hope that doesn’t ever change. What I saw was joyfulness, happiness, almost giddiness, and that was a joy to see. More, please, more. I’m so happy to see the great rapport he has with the band members, particularly Billy. I’ve watched that video about 5 times and will, no doubt, watch it countless more times. It’s the one I’ll always go to when I want to see some “Caseyness” and it will always make me laugh and remind me why we love Casey so much. Love you Casey – please don’t ever change.

      • Patti (Caseyscrew205) says:

        Agree Sherry. I’ve always been a fan of performers that actually “perform”, and that’s what Casey is doing, plain and simple. I hope he never stops being spontaneous, having fun, and entertaining us! 🙂

    • Jen Lloyd says:

      Ive never heard of or witnessed anybody losing anything as a result of an energy drink. Impossible. I only wish I could have been in your shoes that night, and experienced this moment live myself. Im sorry that you seemed to have missed the point. This wasn’t about a grown man rolling on the floor. This was about a growing muscian coming out of his shell, and doing what he loves, and truly feeling it. Its about a man that has the ability to connect with all aspects of every tune that is played. Its about a man who has embraced his second chance on life, and thanks God for it every day. Its about a “simple man that loves music, family, Jesus Christ, and friends.” My 9 year old daughter is a big Casey fan, and has met him twice. Not only do I wish we were both there to see this, but I showed her the video. Becasue its good, clean, sober, do what you love, smile while doing it, let yourself go…FUN. Nobody left, becasue they were afraid of what Casey James would do next. Guaranteed.

      • Jen Lloyd says:

        Alexis, In addition to Casey rocking the guitar on his back…Here is another aspect of Casey that shouldn’t be missed. After he explains that this song was on the radio when he walked for the first time after his accident, he dedicates this performance to his pawpaw who has recently passed away from cancer. The song is about your guardian angel. So, when you witness a grown man holding back tears and biting his lip during a performance that moves people as much as he does, an episode of playfulness only confirms how well rounded this man is as an artist. watch it…its a don’t miss

    • I guess, I don’t understand something !?… Are you joking ??? Is not it??? It can not be serious!!!? 😉 Now joking aside, my Casey’s fan!!!
      Here it comes…this Drowning on Dry Land is absolutely the best performance ever from 0:00 to 8:12 by Casey James !!!!!!!! 🙂
      Here is everything, why I love him so much!!! Guitar genius with bluesy husky voice….he does bluesy, he does country, he does rock and he mixes them up into his own sound. And there are sweetness, wildness, soulfulness, all together … nothing could be better… and moreover, look at his cute face, smile, legs’ move… breathtaking BABY BLUES!! ……4:32….. 4:43…
      4:53 the highlight !!!…5:11…5:15…5:47…5:53…6:06…this hot stuff can watch and listen to endless!!!…and never get tired of……it looks like a New Superstar!! 🙂

      P.S. Watch out, Keith Urban !! 🙂 CASEY JAMES IS COMING !! I knew it since the first time I saw and heard Casey !!!!!!!!

    • I don’t think he was high on anything but life as has been said before. Casey is loved and highly respected by his fans, family and friends for being the type of human being who makes a positive difference in lives. His goodness is contagious as evidenced by the recent money donated to send a fan to one of his concerts benefiting one of the cancer society’s and the additional sizeable amount of money will be donated to that cause. I really don’t think him having innocent fun with his band is anything but a wonderful spontaneous reaction of joy and no one should try to make it out to be something bad. Definitely, you are entitled to your opinion Alexis but I disagree with you totally. Personally, I absolutely loved seeing him so happy and joyful and hope he always feels free to share that innocent playfulness with his fans!

    • KachinaDoll says:

      The blues are about sex, implicitly and often, although not in this case, explicitly. When Casey plays DODL as unfiltered as he did in Jax, it’s gonna scare some people. It just is. That’s what that music does; that’s what it’s *supposed* to do, what it was written for. But Casey didn’t *do* anything wrong.

      In time, as people become more familiar with him — and I’ll bet the folks who left have already heard from their friends how good, and safe, the show really was — I’m sure they’ll stay. It’s just that they were nervous and they weren’t going to take the risk with their children. It’s a compliment of a sort. It means he played the music right. Really, really right.

      Casey couldn’t play that well if he were actually out of control. I’ve seen out of control musicians try to play like Casey and Billy were, and it’s boring and sad, not scary-sexy.

    • Daydreaminmeme says:

      I’ve watched the video a number of times and all I see is a very talented young man playing his heart & soul out on that stage and having good,CLEAN fun with his keyboard player. There was absolutely nothing even remotely out of line or suggestive in Casey’s performance, There was only exuberance and boyish charm in addition to wolrd class musicianship. For you to suggest that people left out of fear of what their kids might be exposed to is beyond the pale. I think you owe Casey an apology.

  28. CrazyCEJFan- Tracy says:

    mich in colo- I think you are right-Casey would be crushed about all the questions about drugs and alcohol ! Jeezzzz…can’t a guy have a little fun without somebody thinking they’re high! Casey is showing us his personality and sense of humor more & more and REAL FANS are so glad he is able to do that!! CASEY_PLEASE JUST KEEP BEING YOURSELF!!!

  29. Sorry 😉 … my comment is reply to alexis Dunn, fan of Casey !!!!!!!! 🙂

  30. lisa says:

    just maybe there was a special person their that usually doesn’t go to his shows and he was really happy that she finally came to one.that could do it.he’s just never done this before,I think most everyone liked it.whoever you are maybe you should think about going more often.

  31. HoldonLoosely88 - Lisa says:

    There is always that “one” person who has to be negative and twist something good into something bad which in this particular case JUST ISN’T! I totally agree with ALL the other TRUE long time Casey Fans he was “SIMPLY” having FUN and truly doing what he loves best..I say I wanna see more, more and more of this awesome fun & playfulness!! Let’s not allow this one bad apple to ruin this GREAT memory of Casey fun for everyone else..she just obviously doesn’t know the true Casey like we do! 🙂

  32. Rachel says:

    my comment is in regards to the person that didn’t care very much for Caseys “playfulness” on the stage,don’t really care for that term for it but oh well that’s what so many have called it.but
    she was not brutal in her comments just stating a fact,and alot of people went after her like
    a lion protecting her was only her no one allowed to give their opinion it’s not all gonna be positive he needs to hear peoples true feelings about what they like and you have any idea what happens to actors,singers, musicians that are surrounded by “yes” people
    I’ll give you an example of 3 Elvis presley,Michael Jackson and Anna Nichole Smith .Casey needs every ones honesty, not that you love everything that he can honest without being mean and hateful.

    • Carol (IndianaMomOf4) says:

      I think anyone who comes on The Casey James Blog and asks if he was high or drunk better be ready for his fans to get defensive. That’s a strong accusation! I don’t think Casey’s perfect and there have been songs and performances that weren’t my taste and would feel okay saying I don’t care for that song. But to attack his character on a public blog and then not expect people to stick up for him is crazy. I’m ok with her opinion that she didn’t care for the “floor” performace-not everyone’s cup of tea. I, however, wish I could see more of this from Casey and I think those who commented above don’t want Casey or his people to read this and then we never see it again from him.
      Energy drinks are not illegal and after playing several shows in a row and all the traveling, I would expect him to be little tired.
      I think maybe Alexis(as a fan) is worried that people were leaving. Not everyone was there to see Casey but maybe they enjoyed some of his set and when it came time for him to rock out and play the blues, they took their kids home to bed. Nothing personal. Wouldn’t expect all Taylor Swift fans to be Casey fans either. I, personally, wouldn’t go to see Tim McGraw in concert but I enjoy listening to him on the radio.
      Alexis, I hope you can go back and watch the video and enjoy it.If you can’t-that’s ok. I just hope that every time you see Casey (or his fans) do something goofy that you don’t think he’s drunk-it’s called having a good time! 🙂 I hope we all didn’t scare you off either. Believe me,
      I’ve said some things that I hoped didn’t offend anyone here. 😉

    • Jen Lloyd says:

      We would all concur with you concerning constructive criticism. That is not the base of this discussion though. Your comparison of Casey to three amazing artists that all died from drug overdose couldn’t possibly be more inappropriate for this particular discussion. The very reason for the upset here in case it was missed was the accusation from Alexis that Casey was drunk or high. He is being strongly defended, because accusing someone who performs sober and drinks water has been misinterpreted over 11 seconds of lying on the floor. It has been refered to as playful, because he was actually and literally playing with Billy. This is not a discussion based on opinion. Sure, we have all given ours, which is fair.  For anybody unaware, It is fact that Casey performs sober. Being drunk or high is a strong accusation in which in this case couldn’t be more wrong. That’s why everyone is jumping. 

      • Daydreaminmeme says:

        Personally, I find the comment about people leaving out of fear of what their kids might be exposed to even more offensive than the drunk/high speculation, and I think a retraction is in order along with an apology to Casey. This is exactly how ugly rumors get started.

  33. cynyn says:

    I think everyone that replied oppositely is entitled to their opinion also, just more fans think he is sincerely expressing himself with no “help”.

  34. Drew J says:

    I promise this is the LAST time I posting about this silly topic. I don’t want to spoil the better things that came out of this Jacksonville gig.
    @Rachel: “she was not brutal in her comments just stating a fact…”

    I don’t think people here are aggravated by what she says about people leaving the place, but her primal observation that Casey is high or drunk when he did that playful act he did. Where is “fact” in that statement?

    I don’t believe ALL Casey fans are YES people. Sweeping generalization is illogical. We just respect the guy for his attitude and passion for music. But it’s a natural reaction when someone you have high regards on is being accused of something harsh. It’s unfair for Casey. Don’t you feel that way yourself at any point in your life at all, for your fave sports team, fave artist, fave what-have-you? Don’t let me say the “H” word!

    Overall, it’s just sad that this completely blew out of proportion. I hope Casey does NOT read any of this!

    I’m totally walking away slowly now…

  35. Tammy Minder says:

    I am so greatful for the gift of Casey James music.There is nothing wrong with being spontaneous and care-free,as long as you are not hurting anyone.I love the feeling of freeness I have,while at a Casey James concert!!!!I love not having to listen to lyrics about drinking beer and alcohol,being high on life,is a good thing!!!!!!

  36. Never cease to amaze u Casey! Such a wonderful show! Thank you for you!

  37. lol Never cease to amaze “US” is what I meant.

  38. CJFan_Amber says:

    Loved, loved, loved watching all of these videos!!! I had taken my daughter and her sister to an amusement park Saturday night and remembered that he was playing…I called into the conference call and what I heard was an amazing time being had by many along with a great performance going on…this is one performance I wish I could have been there for! The crowd was so into the music and I got that from listening over a phone line! Go Casey!!!

  39. TCJB says:

    Sorry that the conversation turned heated here. I want the blog to be a place for all of Casey’s fans to come and share their experiences and sentiments. As I said in the post after this one, music should bring us together, not drive us apart. But there is a time and place for debates, just not necessarily here in the comments section related to a particular show. We have a discussion board on the blog for more in-depth conversations, and that would be a better place for people to work out their disagreements/differences. Check out the Community tab on the top of the blog to find the Discussion Forum. Feel free to discuss whatever you want there. Further comments on the performance can be added here, but if you want to continue the other discussion, please use the forum or the comments section in the next post (“what’s up with getting down”). Thanks! –SG

  40. Melissa says:

    This was an amazing show! My first time seeing him live. So different than what I thought it would be… So much better/more of a performer than I assumed. He is a true, pure talent. And beautiful. Can’t finish this off without that mention 🙂

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