Casey James plays the Eagle’s Nest Rockin’ Country Bar in Chesapeake, VA

Tonight, Casey took the stage at the Eagle’s Nest Rockin’ Country Bar in the Parkview Shopping Center in Chesapeake, Virginia. This appearance was part of radio station 97.3 The Eagle‘s “Up Close and Personal” concert series.

Casey started things off with “Satisfied,” a song fans haven’t heard him sing since June of 2010 at the KIIS FM purse party in California. “The Rock” was his second song. Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Well” was third, a piece most of Casey’s devotees have never heard him perform. “Everybody Thinks That You’re Still Mine” and “Undone” followed.

His next song was a new one that he played for the first time at a private radio show in Birmingham, Alabama on September 28. Casey said the song hadn’t been named yet but he knew his fans would come up with a moniker. Give us your suggestions for the song title below! These were some suggestions proposed in the chatroom:

Miss Me When I’m Gone
Miss Me
Drivin Me Crazy
Love the Way You Miss Me
Love How You Miss Me
Miss Me When I’m Gone

The sexy and soulful “Old Love” followed. Next, he sang “The Good Life,” “Big Boss Man,” and his recently released single, “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night.” Casey then brought out another gem we haven’t heard him sing since last year, the emotionally gripping “Always.” Casey concluded his twelve-song set with the dynamic “Drive.”

Set List

The Rock
Oh Well
Everybody Thinks that You’re Still Mine
Untitled (“(Love the Way You) Miss Me When I’m Gone”
Old Love
The Good Life
Big Boss Man
Let’s Don’t Call it a Night

Lori Crowl was kind enough to call in so the rest of us could listen to the concert live.


Satisfied (thanks @@gaily_e) 

Oh Well  (thanks to @gaily_e)

Everybody Thinks That You’re Still Mine (thanks to @gaily_e)

Undone and Love the Way You Miss Me (thanks 6to @gaily_e)

Untitled (Love the Way You Miss Me) (thanks to @pamrichva)

Old Love (thanks to @gaily_e) 

The Good Life and Big Boss Man (thanks to @gaily_e)

Let’s Don’t Call it a Night (thanks to gaily_e) 

Always (thanks @amyesmith9) 

Always and Drive (thanks to @gaily_e) 

Drive (thanks @amyesmith9)  


credit: deltavetern98

Here are some pics provided by The Eagles Facebook page, you can view them all by going here and here. They also posted a short, compilation video here.

Casey, Amy & Amy's mom

Sound check (thanks Darlene Espiritu)

thanks Darlene Espiritu

thanks Darlene Espiritu

thanks Darlene Espiritu

Portrait Painer aka @Artist_at_heart gave Casey this cute souvenir of his visit to Virginia:


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28 Responses to Casey James plays the Eagle’s Nest Rockin’ Country Bar in Chesapeake, VA

  1. bigmjfan says:

    why would he not sing ldcian

  2. Boudica says:

    I like Miss Me, short and sweet!

  3. Jen says:

    My pick would be “When I’m Gone”

  4. Inconnu says:

    A ‘lil’ correction. Satisfied was sung also on June 18, 2010 at the KISS FM Party.

  5. Pamela Wood says:

    Pretty sure the third song was “Oh Well” by Fleetwood Mac.

  6. Pamela Wood says:

    “Oh Well” – Fleetwood Mac

    I can’t help about the shape I’m in
    I can’t sing, I ain’t pretty and my legs are thin
    But don’t ask me what I think of you
    I might not give the answer that you want me to

    Oh well

    Now, when I talked to God I knew he’d understand
    He said, “Stick by my side and I’ll be your guiding hand
    But don’t ask me what I think of you
    I might not give the answer that you want me to”

    Oh well

  7. Waternymf says:

    Love Casey’s set choices, full of surprises. Oh Well – funny guy:)

  8. KachinaDoll says:

    I’m really hoping we get to hear these on some nice quality vids. I’m kinda surprised by the number of covers — 7 out of 12 songs — but it’ll be neat to hear him singing some different stuff.

  9. lisa says:

    I love the way he changes things up since they are all posted on hear,I really enjoy new stuff or at least the ones we haven’t so much of……….oh congrats to big mike!!!!

  10. Lulu Dee says:

    I think a shorter title would be better: “Til I’m Home,” “Drivin’ Me Crazy.” ” Wishin”, “The Way You Miss Me.”

  11. Drew J says:

    For the new one – hmmm I hafta go with “Crazy”. I like one-word titles on songs, just because.

    Yay for doing Undone, Old Love, Always & Satisfied. HOLY BATMAN! “Satisfied” spews all things sexy.

  12. Linda R says:

    Loved the new song. I vote for “By My Side”

  13. Outi says:

    Oh, he did play Satisfied!!! 🙂 LOVE!
    And for the title: “Love the Way You Miss Me”

  14. A friend photo’d his set list. There were 16 on it & 3 additionals to the side –maybe for an encore we didn’t get? 😦 Tho it was hard to see, it looked like “Albatross” was written on there–is there such a song? I may be entirely off on this, JMHO, but when CEJ said his newest one (well he said he wrote one last night, so second newest) didn’t have a title, I got more that he was contemplatin’ on it and maybe lettin’ the song set a bit in his mind and heart for a while before committing to a title. You know Casey: You want it quick or you want it right? (“right” meaning perfection). Interesting to hear his take on why/how he does cover songs. Cover- heavy set. There was equipment trouble with opening act and that took some time to fix so maybe why not more songs.

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  16. pamrichva says:

    Hmm..I had the impression they were rushing to get Casey out for travel to Florida. Did he shoot pool and hang out late? If I’d have known it wasn’t a rush, then I would have hung around and chatted more. 😦

    One new thing was finding out “Miss Me When I’m Gone/New Song” was written with the same writers as LDCIAN – Terry McBride and Brice Long, so they definitely have it going on as a team. I sure hope that one ends up a single. It got the biggest crowd reaction, I think.

    Not sure why so many covers last night….must have just not been in a Casey James song mood. Whatever is good for him, is good for me.

    Thanks so much to Lori Crowl who took over my call in duties. She was in VIP section and I thought that would be better reception + I had a tag-along.


  17. Lolololo: on my beautiful drive home thru the VA countryside, it dawned on me that what we read as “albatross” on Casey’s handwritten setlist was his intention to play “ALWAYS” lolololo!!!!!

    Even though the first and last letters were right, I failed to recognize it because a) he doesn’t play it that often and b) I wouldn’t have guessed it for this rowdy (read: “raunchy”) a bar (think the movie: Coyote Ugly.

    Loved Casey’s comment about often playing this type of place, but way back when most people were turned away watching The Tee Vee! Ha! Now whenever I think of the song, “Always” I’ll think: “aka not albatross/smacks head <<dummy!!!"

    Pam, as shown above yes, much pool playing. They did not leave for airport until next am-I happened to run into David (with the label) in my as we both checked out. I know "they" (the station I guess) were "officially" recording Casey's entire set for some purpose (does anyone remember what?) and I wonder if he didn't want some (?certain ones?) originals too "out there" before the CD? Or, as you say, just in a cover or less-often-played-song mood? Tis all good!.

  18. pamrichva says:

    Hmm….(again)…radio stations have taped the last few shows and have them out there…so I dunno…I hope they share it somewhere because I haven’t seen any other videos of the show. I thought a girl in front was taping. I did hear him say that it was being taped, though, and he mentioend that he wanted it on tape that he appreciated that American Idol gave him the opportunity to do what he loves and be where he is (which I guess may answer some speculation that he is trying to distance himself from AI).

    Dang….I’m disappointed that I didn’t hang out a little longer. We didn’t get there early because Cameron had to get out of school and it was a two hour drive. A girl told us that she overheard “them” talking about whether he would M&G or not, or maybe just a real quick one because he needed to leave. Oh well…hopefully there will be a next time. We were driving back, so we couldn’t stay too late + bar atmosphere.

    Gotta get in touch with The Eagle to get our pic, because otherwise, we won’t have another.

    Shoulda, coulda, woulda…..

  19. Jodi Massey says:

    7 of us from Ohio came all the way here. We were greetly warmly by the owner of Eagle’s nest. My Friend Lori & Cristi got VIP seating. It was a Awesome time. We want to thank Everyone at the Eagle’s Nest for taking such good care of us. Thnaks Tia! You were an Awesome Server! And a Big thanks To CASEY JAMES for spending time with us for a group picture and conversation, YOU ARE GREAT!

  20. Lori Crowl says:

    i have some very good pictures to add from the Va show, I will get them posted on Wed. when I get home from my trip, I am so glad the sound came through on the conference call. Casey put on an outstanding show! He stayed and played pool and took alot of his time talking to me and my 6 friends. He is SO SWEET!!! We left at midnite,and he was still there, he looked so relaxed and happy!

  21. HPsquares says:

    The guitar playing on Drive was unbelievable!

  22. Beth W says:

    Casey’s performance of “Always” was so heartfelt -very moving. I lost my Dad a little over a year ago-this song really touches my heart.

  23. pamrichva says:

    Thanks for putting up the pic of Casey signing Cameron’s guitar. He was very excited, though disappointed we didn’t have time to stop to replace a missing string. He got a guitar pick, too. Casey was very accommodating and I really appreciated that!

    I apologize for the rough audio on the video on “New Song.” I only have a digital camera with video and I guess we were too close to a speaker. That’s the only one I took because it’s a favorite and he mentioned they were taping it, so I thought there would be pro up somewhere.

    Can’t wait until next time……

  24. Lori Crowl says:

    WOO HOO, Recognized me at the end of Old Love, he is such a sweetie!

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