Casey James Plays at Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, CA

Photo by Marie Leathem

Tonight, shortly after 7:00, Casey James took the stage at Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, California for an acoustic show sponsored by country radio station 107.9 KUZZ.  The Crystal Palace is a dinner/concert venue, so families were there eating as well as enjoying the music, which accounts for some background noise.

Casey started things off with “The Rock.” Casey then introduced his next song by saying he had heard it today on the radio for the FIRST time driving down the road, and proceeded to play “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night!”* “Shine Your Shoes” and “Undone” followed. Casey’s next song was one he said he hadn’t played in a long time, Dwight Yoakam’s “Try Not To Look So Pretty.” Then Casey played “The Good Life” and “Why I’m Feeling Blue.” Casey concluded his set with the always riveting “Drive.”


The Rock
Let’s Don’t Call It a Night
Shine Your Shoes
Try Not To Look So Pretty
The Good Life
Why I’m Feeling Blue

One of Casey’s fans, Cecil, was kind enough to call in tonight to broadcast the concert to us live via conference call. Here’s the recording of the call.

Update: Later, Casey came back to play two songs with the house band, The Buckaroos.  Casey played guitar on Creedence Clearwater Rival’s “Born on the Bayou” and sang and played a cover of Tab Benoit’s “Too Sweet for Me.”


The Rock (thanks to @caseyscrew205)

Let’s Don’t Call it a Night (@caseyscrew205)

Shine Your Shoes (@caseyscrew205)

Undone (@caseyscrew205)

Try Not to Look so Pretty (@caseyscrew205)

The Good Life (@caseyscrew205)

Why I’m Feeling Blue (@caseyscrew205)

Drive (@caseyscrew205)

Drive (thanks to @marieleathem1)

Born on the Bayou and She’s too Sweet for Me (@marieleathem1)

Born on the Bayou (@caseyscrew205)

She’s too Sweet for Me (@caseyscrew205)

We hope to have more updates for you soon so be sure to check back.

*After hearing “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” today on the radio, Casey tweeted:


thanks Susie Anderson Taylor

Photo courtesy of Susie Anderson Taylor

@blues4me4ever: Great show at the Crystal Palace with @CaseyEJames. Here's a little peek.

Pic by Marie

Pic by Marie

Pic by Marie

Pic by Marie

Pic by Marie

Pic by Marie


After the show, Casey tweeted this (Notice he just changed his avi to a photo created by Jake Felts!):

Here’s a larger image of Jake’s picture:

ShelbyN92: @CaseyEJames you were awesome at the crystal palace tonight!! Can’t wait to hear more music from you! 🙂

ShelbyN92 took video of a compilation of the songs he played, which you can find HERE.

CaseysCrew205:  @CaseyEJames You were amazing as usual at the Crystal Palace! I had a great time seeing you there. Thanks for the great show! 🙂 ♥

Facebook Posts

On Casey’s official facebook page:

Michael McCarthy  Great job last night at the palace. We had a wonderful time and have really enjoyed your music the past few days. Best of luck going forward

Tami Sater Haley  Great show at the Palace Casey! I said it when I saw you at the Bowl with Sugarland and I’m sayin it again…”You be headlining a tour by this time next year, you’re a star.” I hope my boys get a break like you did..:) Break a leg friend!

Pic by Marie


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37 Responses to Casey James Plays at Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, CA

  1. alexis Dunn says:

    I am so glad you got to hear your song on the radio. You are awesome.

  2. daydreaminmeme says:

    Casey covered CCR???!!!!!??!?!?!?!

    OMG!!! I sure hope there’s a tubie of THAT!!!! 😀

  3. MaryO-PA says:

    SO HAPPY FOR CASEY…I like his new website but think it needs to be updated. The tour dates are from July and it is September almost October…..sometimes it takes time to plan trips and buy tickets to attend concerts. Also needs some new pictures and videos…

  4. Renee says:

    Oh man!! Did anyone elses heart do the stop-thud thing with that second picture? Isn’t it amazing that he sounds as good as he looks?

  5. This is the last I’m going to comment on Casey’s hair (gorgeous that it is)…this video with him & the Buckaroos makes my case (at least in my opinion). We get to see that beautiful mug of his when he’s playing. All the expression, emotion, passion…we get to see that. On his face. Because there’s no hair covering it (and yes, I think his hair is gorgeous). Remember, this is just my opinion & I know that when his hair is down, if he throws his head back we can see his face…but we miss it all if he’s looking down…sometimes even when he’s looking straight ahead. Isn’t that face & all the stories it holds and all the emotion it shows wonderful to see? To me it is. And I am not saying his hair is not gorgeous, it is. G O R G E O U S. But, for me, my preference…I’d rather see his beautiful face and all it has to “say”. (yes his hair is pretty, oh so pretty, stop it). So, I still vote for CUT IT! But I’ll be fine with a pony tail. Just want to see his face. (I’m not wanting to start the “great hair debate” again, I’m just saying…look at his cute face.)

    • Jeanette says:

      First, great videos. I say long because it gives him options. I love the way it sways when he gets into the guitar. I love the way his face appears from under the hair when he throws his head back. As far as GORGEOUS, he is gorgeous all over. OK, enough of my two cents.

  6. Inconnu says:

    That video is great Marie! THANK YOU!

  7. Bybee D James says:

    Just a hoot to see Casey throw down a little on a Gibson Les Paul. Especially on a song I’m relatively sure he’s never played. Love his Zen knot! (you’re right Marie-you can see his face better, but I can’t help it. I love his hair). Great tribute to Bakersfield -home of Merle, Buck & Dwight. So glad Casey covered a Dwight
    Yoakum song. Good job son! 

    • Debra….LOL. How could you not love his hair? I mean “don’t cut it” won by a landslide right? So, I must do my chant….cut it! cut it! cut it! I can compromise, pulled back so I can see his face is my preference. So, basically, last night was perfect! Ok, now this is REALLY the last time I comment on his hair. Swear.

    • Patti (caseyscrew205) says:

      I love the hair too Debra…it has to stay for now, right? lol I mean, it looks good all the time, but I say, if a guy has great hair, flaunt it, lol I love that he covered the Dwight Yoakam song, love Dwight. It was a great show, we loved it. 🙂

    • Glad you mentioned that, Debra. I thought Casey’s rendition of Dwight’s hit was amazing. He nailed it. Must have been an out-of-town crowd in the audience because it got a much more sedate response than I would have expected.

      • Paula, The place was packed!!!! I wished that they had finished their dinners before Casey came on, then you really would have heard some noise!!! I know he heard his fan club!!

    • Aunt Sherry says:

      Deb – only you would comment & notice the brand of guitar. That’s why in our family, I’m the audience! Loved, loved, loved the videos – just gets me pumped even more for the 29th!

    • KachinaDoll says:

      “Zen Knot.” Thank you. I much prefer that to “Man Bun.”

      Does Casey not own a Les Paul? How did that happen?

    • HPsquares says:

      My favorite hairstyle is the Zen knot! It’s cool and you can see his gorgeous face.

  8. Katy says:

    Casey’s Try Not To Look So Pretty, should apply to him, cuz he is too pretty! Bet he’d hate to hear that. Anyway, liked that song. Is there anything he cant sing?

  9. Laura Patterson says:

    Loved these videos!! Casey’s face is a pleasure to watch, no question! Really enjoyed the band jam, it’s like Casey’s an old soul and they just cook playing together! Btw, I’m good with Casey lookin’ pretty and me being his fool!! 🙂

  10. Pamela Wood says:

    WOW!! What a treat to see Casey tearing up a Les Paul, my favorite guitar from back in the Led Zeppelin days when Jimmy Page used to make one talk. Debra, is that Casey’s guitar, or did he “borrow” it to sit in on the songs with the Buckaroos? Just curious… Can’t wait to see him perform live again in Roanoke & Asheville! I’m ready!! 🙂

  11. cynyn says:

    That was thoroughly enjoyable, I am amazed at Casey’s strength, this touring he’s doing seems so easy for him. It’s amazing how he does song after song seemingly tirelessly, what a gifted person. What a creative family. Thanks to the ladies for sharing the videos, so much fun!

  12. Katy says:

    Wow! Just when ya think this is perfection, It justs get better! Am so grateful for Shari’s blog and everyone contributing videos that enable fans to follow Casey performing on tour week after week when they cant be there in person. . .

    • AMEN!! Such a blessing for us when someone gives up their special time of being in the Casey “moment” to take videos to share with us and the world! Casey has a lot of special fans doing whatever they can to promote his amazing talent! Shari’s blog is a lifesaver when it comes to knowing about Casey’s upcoming events, videos, pictures, etc.!! Many thanks to all who contribute!

  13. Jeanette says:

    Thank you to everyone who gave us this enjoyment. And Casey, you knock my socks off.:)

  14. Being in Bakersfield to support Casey ,with at least 10 girls from his fan club was awesome!! I do believe he made many new fans!!! If only the crowd and finished those large meals, he would have heard much more from the audience!!! LOL

  15. Joan Carey says:

    Casey was amazing as always on Friday. I am struck again and again by how unique he is as a singer, guitar player and songwriter. There is no one that sounds like him out there and his music is in a genre all its own. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.

  16. Patti (caseyscrew205) says:

    Casey was amazing as usual. I love his voice because it’s so unique too, no one out there that sounds like him at all! That’s a good thing. And yes, people were still eating when he was playing, but I think that goes on all night there, lol But, they loved him. We had quite a Casey group there, loved seeing all you girls again!! xo I also love Casey’s shows because he does different sets just about every time! There is always something new and exciting about his performances. He’s just incredible. 🙂

  17. What a relief that The Crystal Palace found our reservation! It took a few minutes of heart-stopping terror before they did. We (the girls) were just about to get “assertive,” having reserved on the first day possible!! But, whew…..they found it just in time. Seeing Casey was as wonderful as ever. We had a table a ways back but we were able to stand on the dance floor right in front of the stage during the performance. The sound was great, and the night was festive with a completely full house and low lights. After his regular set, the management called Casey away from fans to play a little with the Buckaroos. You can see from the videos how much fun he had with that!!! Great venue and even live on KUZZ.

  18. HPsquares says:

    I’m loving Casey’s beautiful, emotive voice in these videos. gorgeous. I’m really loving “The Rock.”

  19. Inconnu says:

    It’s so great to have all these videos and comments of the night.
    You guys sure know how to rock a blog!!!

  20. karenbar13 says:

    That was a really lovely performance of “Why I’m Feeling Blue.”

  21. kathyt1 says:

    Wow – Casey was really amazing in these videos. I hope Casey will keep his hair long – which gives him options on pulling it back or not… He is FABULOUS either way…. So happy for you Casey and it was so much fun this weekend listening to your single driving to/from Lubbock. Sirius XM “The Highway” played it a lot and there was even a short interview with YOU!!!! We were so excited every time we heard you on the radio – we’d turn it up and Steve and I were both smiling from “ear to ear”. I’m still hoping that the other major country stations in DFW will start playing it soon. PLEASE try to get your album out before Christmas – it will HELP your sales….. THANK YOU for all the GREAT new songs too and the fantastic delivery.

  22. Drew J says:

    Heaps of great things going on this gig – great set, great performer, great bun(!). If only people would really stop yapping, then this would’ve been perfect. I am about to get swallowed whole with “Why I’m Feeling Blue”, just so lovely. But the noise…. seriously now 😦

    At any rate, all props to the awesome gurls who captured everything, still or not. His jam with Buckaroos is uber fun to watch.

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