Casey James Performs at the Taste of Country Concert in Henderson, KY

Photo by Danny Beeler

Tonight, shortly before 7PM, Casey took the stage at the Ellis Park Racecourse in Henderson, Kentucky as part of the first Taste of Country Concert, sponsored by 99.5 WKDQ and 92.5 WBKR.  Casey was joined on stage by two-thirds of his touring band, Nolan Verner on bass and Johnny “the Clock” Richardson on drums.  Casey started things off with “Green Light Girl” and “She’s Money.”  He continued with his newly released single “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night.”  “She’s Too Sweet for Me” followed.  Casey then brought out a great song he hasn’t played since July 24 at the California State Fair, “Til My Guitar.”  The rocking “Drive” and riveting “Done Made Up My Mind” concluded his impressive set.

@ridgef was kind enough to call in from the concert so we could listen to it live. We recorded the call.  Click below to hear it.

Greenlight Girl
She’s Money
Let’s Don’t Call It a Night
She’s Too Sweet for Me
Til My Guitar
Done Made Up My Mind

Funny Interview

Before the show, Jaclyn and Chad from WBKR interviewed Casey.  You have to see this one!  It starts with Chad from WBKR asking where Jaclyn is.  Then the camera pans to Casey and Jaclyn giggling, and Casey giving the camera a sly, startled mug.  Jaclyn says that Casey does smell pretty good (apparently referencing similar comments from fans who’ve met Casey).  Then she actually takes a sniff!  There is some fun banter between the two, including Jaclyn asking Casey to race her on the racetrack they are standing in front of.  Towards the end, Casey holds up a frisbee, and asks Jaclyn if she wants to throw it a little bit before he goes on.  Casey mentions that “we always throw a frisbee.” Apparently, it’s a pre-show ritual.  Here’s the full interview:   


Green Light Girl  (Thanks to CJFan_Jen)

She’s Money (Thanks to CJFan_Jen)

Let’s Don’t Call It A Night (Thanks to CJFan_Jen)

(Thanks to Donna Camarata)  

Til My Guitar (CJFan_Jen) 

Drive (Donna Camarata)


Anyone need a hug?

Pic courtesy of @sweetshadows17

Thanks Jennifer A Lloyd

Thanks 92.5 The Country Station WBKR

Photo courtesy Gail Vaughn

Photo courtesy of Gail Vaughn

Photo courtesy of Gail Vaughn

Photo courtesy of Gail Vaughn

Photo courtesy of Donna Camarata

Photo courtesy of Donna Camarata

Photo courtesy of Donna Camarata

Photo courtesy of Donna Camarata

Pic courtesy of Adams Outlaws

Pic courtesy of Adams Outlaws

Pic courtesy of Adams Outlaws

Casey and Brian Jones of WKDQ

Photo courtesy of Regina Roberts

Photo courtesy of Regina Roberts

Photo by Regina Roberts: "Look at that smiling face. I had just pointed out my husband Mike to him and Casey is looking at him 🙂 "


Casey sent this tweet and yellow note after the show:  Hola/howdy/yo/hi…..;)

Casey responds to tweets from fans:

In response to a bunch of tweets about a poll on his hair, Casey retweeted:

I like this idea…. 🙂 RT @CrazyCEJFan: @SaraMac_in321 We thought you were asleep! Taking a poll-long hair or short on @CaseyEJames ?

In response to:

njrdcm:   @CaseyEJames thanks for taking the time to talk to me!  Sorry I couldn’t manage to speak!

Casey tweeted:

@njrdcm you did just fine tonight. 🙂 it was good to meet you. And Happy early birthday. Take care, and see ya next time.

Other tweets:

AdamsOutlaws:  i love your guitar skills, man! Definitely enjoyed seeing you perform tonight in Hendo.

ilovemusic812:  Listening to @CaseyEJames playing #letsdontcallitanight LIVE from Henderson, Kentucky! 🙂 He sounds awesome!!!

njrdcm:  @CaseyEJames signed my cig pack “don’t smoke. Cj” lol guess its time to quit!

then njrdcm tweeted:  @CaseyEJames WHAT A SHOW! I’ll work on the smoking. Promise. 🙂

njrdcm:  @CaseyEJames still can’t believe I met him! I’m tell’in ya guys, he’s easy on the eyes, smells great, and kicks ass on the guitar!

CJFan_Jen:  @CaseyEJames Super charged show tonight! Nice work on that 3piece gig!!! 😉

CJFan_Jen: Seriously peeps @CaseyEJames was on FIRE  tonight. Rocked it! Charged up!!

CJFan_Regina:  @BybeeDJames Casey had a great show last night in KY! Some more of us Casey fans got to meet. So fun!

wildwillowdes:  @CaseyEJames Your performance last night gave us so much energy, it made a long trip home feel short! Y’all did an amazing 3 pc gig!! :))

(Note: We’d love to get your feedback on Casey’s songs.  Don’t forget to vote here for your favorite Casey originals!)


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25 Responses to Casey James Performs at the Taste of Country Concert in Henderson, KY

  1. Renee says:

    Cute interview-I’m quite sure there are supermodels that would kill for those cheekbones of his! Can’t wait for the videos to start rolling in!

  2. lisa says:

    what a cute couple!!!!!

  3. Gail V. says:

    A local band opened for this concert. Then Glen Templeton took the stage with a long time slot. He did a pretty amazing show. As always my motherly instincts kicks in (I simply cannot help it folks) I was wondering how Casey’s 3 piece band was going to come across in a crowd this large. I knew that Casey was going to be short his keyboard player and he was following a very good act. It is also so important right now for Casey to impress new people and gather in new fans. He really needs to be on top of things when he is following an act like this one…..I put my worries aside because Casey took that stage and owned it! He made a joke about introducing his band, it would take him a while because there was so many of them. He picked up the slack of not having a keyboard player with his electrifying guitar skills. He also put a spell on the crowd with his unique vocals. I am sure when he was finished he made many new fans and left several wondering what in the heck just happened???
    He always let’s his devoted fans know how much he loves and appreciates them….and that along with his exhilarating shows makes traveling to see him all worthwhile!!! Everytime I see him, I just love him that much more! 🙂 This was my 6th time to see Casey live and I am definitely hooked!!!
    Sorry everyone 😦 my camera mal-functioned this time and I did not get any pic’s worthy of showing!

    • cynyn says:

      Thank you so much for the review, I knew he was up for the challenge, as well as the bassist and the clock. it’s so great that you’ve seen him 6 times, what a fun thing! Geez I hope there is some video somewhere I am dying to hear this 3 piece version, I want to hear Casey fill in with his guitar.

    • Inconnu says:

      Thanks Gail for your comments or ‘recap’. It’s really appreciated.

  4. lisa says:

    Casey sounds better than ever.he is def on the right track.oh I don’t think we need a poll about his hair most agree looks good any way he wants it……..

  5. Sorry the sound wasn’t better!! It was really loud; I could feel it in my heart!! It didn’t bother me a bit during Casey’s performace though!! Totally engrossed!!

  6. Inconnu says:

    Nancy, thank you for doing that. You guys are really great for everyone who isn’t there.

  7. I just listened to Green Light Girl and I’m speechless!! Thanks so much for the videos.

  8. genilu says:

    What a cute couple Jaclyn and Casey make!! She’s Money was terrific!

  9. cynyn says:

    YEAH! Green Light, Green Light Girl, how great is that??!!!! Love all of these thank you CJFan_Jen, so much fun for me! What a great threesome, they really sound great!

  10. Blueslane uk says:

    Thanks for the videos. Love Green Light Girl! What a rocking performance!!

  11. Donna Camarata says:

    Hey everyone, this was only my 2nd time to see Casey in concert but really it was like the 1st time because the real first was his AI tour concert in DES Moines, Iowa. As you all likely recall, he was sick then, had been in the ER just the night before and gave his best but you could tell he just didn’t feel very good. I had never met him in person until this past Saturday night. He has grown so much and can really show his guitar skills now that he is out w his own band, living large and you can see from the smile on his face how happy he is doing this for REAL and his way. He has mad guitar skills, he really does. He said during his performance, excuse me while I change to another guitar. Then he said, “I change guitars like women change shoes”. How cute! I just love him. Anyway to back track a bit, I decided I just had to see him perform and if driving some distance meant seeing him, well then that ‘s what I would do. So, my daughter Jenny and I made the trek from northeast Iowa and drove 9 hours one way to Henderson, Kentucky. I was so excited to know that I would be meeting several online CEJFC friends once I got there. I have not formerly met anyone from our fan site. I’m sort of a lone wolf here in Iowa as a huge Casey James fan, and I like to claim that I am Iowa’s biggest CJ FAN. On 9-10-11, I met Cindy Hodges and her husband for lunch before the concert. What a treat..I felt like I had known her for years…what a sweetheart! Later we were off to Ellis Park for the concert. Cindy and I did not have the reserved seat tickets so we wanted to get there early to get good spots. Once we arrived in the parking lot, I got out of my van, I heard a familiar voice talking over the speaker system behind the building. It only took me a second to realize that the voice was CASEY. Soon after he was singing doing his soundcheck n practice. What a thrill. My excitement and anticipation was through the roof! As we walked toward the gate, Cindy began to point out several fan members, Regina, Nancy, Gail, Cherrel, Delores, n forgive but I know there’s more..later on once inside I met the 2 Carolyn’s from Michigan. They also drove a really long way to come to this concert. While waiting in line to be let inside, the radio stations co-hosts were trying to get the crowd hyped up and were talking about Josh Thompson and Josh Turner and were asking people to come forward to sing part of their songs into the mic. I hadn’t heard them mention Casey, so I decided to make it happen. My daughter made a big bright neon orange poster sign for me to hold up when Casey came onstage. I had it scrolled into a roll so I used it for a megaphone. I yelled out, “let’s talk about Casey James” and then
    I yelled let’s don’t call it a night. One of the radio DJ’s said to me, hey let me see your poster. I unrolled it and he read it and in one corner it said “Iowa loves You, the rest said Casey, You are SO SWEET! (so sweet is one of my Favs of his songs), anyway the DJ said “did you come all the way from Iowa to see Casey James?”. I proudly yelled back, YES! Later on when it came time for Casey to come on stage, I was overcome with excitement. I bolted toward the front gate. I couldn’t help myself and yelled out “I love you Casey!” He smiled and replied I love you too. I swear I’m not some crazy love sick school girl…I’m a happily married woman with 2 lovely grown daughters and 3 amazing grandkids. But I am a very dedicated CJ fan and have been following Casey closely for 19 months. (as I know many of you are too) When the DJ came out to introduce Casey, he said Casey you have some fans here who traveled as far away as Michigan and Iowa to see you! I proudly held up my sign and Casey waved to me. Ahh. Be still my heart! Later on after his set, Regina went up to the fenced gate and asked Casey about a meet n greet. There wasn’t anything formal set up. He told her he would come downtown the gate. Knowing that I had never met him, she motioned to me to come to the fence. Wasn’t really allowed in this area because I didn’t have the reserved seat pass but heck I didn’t come this far for nothing. I immediately headed to the gate. I stood anxiously waiting, hoping to catch a glimpse of him up close. All of a sudden there he was in front of me. I stepped up onto the metal gate fencing and leaned over and yelled Casey! He stopped and asked me if I was one of the people who came so far? I acknowledged I was..I was thinking in head, be strong n speak! I was so nervous and people who know me, as you can tell from the length of this post, know that few on words I am usually not. He handed me one of the 2 set lists. Then I asked him for a hug and he said, “absolutely!” and as for warned he gives some of the best hugs. Well I can tell you now from experience that it is so true! Casey is so genuinely nice and such a gentleman! I’ve heard and read many people’s accounts that he is but that was the most striking thing to me when I met him. Wow what a great human being! I told him what a fan I was and how long I had been wanting to meet him. He thanked me. I asked if I could get a picture with him and he said SURE! Thanks Nancy! The 1st shot didn’t take, so Casey said let’s do another. So he posed with me a 2nd tim. Amazing to me…then he apologized for not being able to stay longer but he didn’t want to disrespect the next on coming band if they came out. It was a fast frenzied flurry of activity at that gate let me tell you. So much excitement and yet through it all Casey was nothing but a very handsome, polite and very perfect gentleman. And we his VERY dedicated fans absolutely love him for it! Sorry this is so long but these words were long time in coming to black and white.

  12. lisa says:

    Donna I loved your can tell this trip meant alot to you.I wish he would come to houston area.then I could actually feel the same’s the 1st time I ever followed someone at the very beginning of their career,even though he’s been around 10yrs prior to idol.great things for ahead for Casey.every picture i’ve seen of him shows his love for what he is doing.can’t wait for that cd.oh green light girl is my new favorite

    • Donna Camarata says:

      Thanks ladies for your kinds words! sorry I didn’t capture more videos, only 2 full songs and then part of 1. Glad u enjoyed them n my story! It was a trip to remember for always!

  13. cynyn says:

    Oh man Donna Camarata keep those videos coming, I’m still checking back and hope to see all the songs they did, I think they really did great. Thank you!

  14. Dona C. @ HBHUNNY says:

    Absolutely loved the videos!! Thanks for sharing! Casey has the best fans in the world..and I’m so happy to know that he feels the same about us!! He is so amazing and so genuine. I’m thrilled to know he will be back in Ca. and excited about seeing him perform again!! I hope to be able to get a decent picture with him this time! 🙂 He just gets better and better!!

  15. Donna Camarata says:

    Brian Jones is the DJ from WKDQ that asked to see my poster before they let us in the gate! He was shocked that I drove from Iowa just to see Casey James. Clearly they don’t know about us CEJ fans n our level of commitment! LOL

  16. nicolettte poppy says:

    I am such a Casey fan as well you all He is such a genuine person

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