Goodness Is Contagious

Casey James once said that he wanted to surround himself with a united front of goodness. Well, when it comes to his fans, that is exactly what Casey has done. When the call goes out to Casey’s fans, they answer with a singular passion and commitment that is as impressive as it is inspiring.

Casey experienced this outpouring when he was a contestant on American idol and relied on the dedication of fans to vote for him every week to stay on the show. But it has expanded well beyond casting votes for two hours straight once a week.

Back in February, Casey visited St. Jude Children’s Hospital as part of the Country Cares initiative. Following his visit, a couple of Casey’s fans worked with St. Jude to have Casey’s name included on the roster of artists on whose behalf donations could be made and then his fans sent in donations to this very worthy cause.

There have been many small acts of kindness, from fans giving extra tickets for free so others can see Casey, to Christmas card exchanges, from people gifting his single, to people getting personalized autographs for fans who can’t meet Casey in person.

But this last month, Casey’s fans have outdone themselves. After hearing that Casey was going to be performing at a concert to benefit the American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, sponsored by radio station 94.9 Star Country, one fan had an idea. She thought of another fan who had long wanted to see Casey in person but who had been battling breast cancer.  She had been inspired by Casey’s own story to fight hard and get better and had been strengthened by notes Casey had signed for her with words of encouragement.  One goal sustained her during her ordeal – getting well enough to one day see Casey in concert.

What if we could send her to this event? What if we could raise the money for the plane ticket, hotel room and the concert? What if Casey’s fans could pool their resources and make her dream come true? This one idea did not fall into the trash heap of “what if’s” and “if only’s.” This idea turned into a plan which turned into a reality.

She told another fan and then another and then the word was spread amongst the tight-knit Casey community of fans via social media. The support for this little idea was overwhelming. So much money has been donated that not only will this one fan’s dream come true and she will be there to finally get her hug from Casey, but a contribution to the American Cancer Society of the excess money raised will be made by the fans of Casey James.

Music has healing power, so does friendship. Casey James fans have brought the two together to create their own unique united front of goodness.


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39 Responses to Goodness Is Contagious

  1. Good people and acts of generosity and kindness attract more of the same.Casey and his family strive towards be good, kind and generous with heart, mind and soul. Why would Casey’s fans be any different kind of people. It is a great honor, privilege and a grateful heart that I count myself a part of the larger family that are fans of Casey E James. We are all right where we belong.

  2. abbie says:

    This is really so touching. i believe that you should also credit yourselves at TCJB for bringing together these fans. From his Idol days, i have been following CJ through your blog even before it became TCJB. This has been the single most informative, entertaining, objective and constantly updated site that i go to whenever i needed a Casey fix. I have also been reading the comments and his fans are truly jewels like him. i know he cannot be a happier man than he is now. after all, he has never had this thing for popularity and materialism – he only wants to be able to sing to an appreciative audience regardless of the number. TCJB has provided his fans this platform to get together and transform small acts of kindness to something great. Indeed love begets love! He must be a very proud man. Congratulations!

    • TCJB says:

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I’ve been struggling with whether the blog is still necessary now that Casey has an official site, but then I read this and realize that we do have a community here of fans. And I love having a place for the fans to come and share. So, thank you for this!!! I really appreciate it. — SG

  3. @Cjamessuperfan says:

    Yes Casey -you are loved by many!! You are an inspiration to all. You will get a book tomorrow. I made the cover,and have my story in there. I want to meet you very much:( God bless your heart Casey!

  4. Beautifully written (as always) Shari! So proud to be a Casey James fan from the beginning!! What wonderful people surround him! We are each so lucky to have met each other! Glad Casey is aware and it makes him happy too!!! Thanks for all that you do Shari!!!! We love you!!!!

  5. MNCyn says:

    This all just feels really good. Proud to be a part of the Casey group!

  6. Patti (caseyscrew205) says:

    Love this Shari, beautiful, so well written. It’s great to be a Casey James fan. 🙂

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  8. Kisuzu says:

    So touching .. M proud to be Casey’s fan even though miles away from America to another part of the world.. Love Casey and his music.. And his fans too.. I have become frenz wd some beautiful people in this world.. Could not ask for more in life being Caseys fan.. 

  9. Outi says:

    This feels so good 🙂 I’m in a good company 🙂

  10. Minilove66 says:

    Great story, I love this so much Shari! I’m one of those who recieved kindness from sweet Casey fans and I can’t express how much I appreciate them. Casey fans always make me smile and happy, I feel love via social media. Thank you Casey and my sweet friends, love from Japan!

  11. Ana Lúcia Perfoncio says:

    OMG! I was thrilled to read this article!
    I am proud to be a fan of Casey James and also be friends with girls fans of this wonderful musician and amazing guitarist!
    Thanks for sharing, Shari!
    Is an article that highlights solidarity, tenderness and love!
    Thanks Casey James, you’re sweet and lovely,
    I love you! ♥
    Hugs of the size of the world!
    Hug from Brazil to all!

  12. Mickey says:

    I have to admit that reading this brought tears to my eyes. I believe one of the reasons we follow and support Casey is because of his spirit, and that has brought like minded people together. I am proud to be a part of Casey’s fans. I’ve met some wonderful people because of this experience. Doing something special for someone else does warm the heart. Thanks for writing this, Shari.

  13. samboy27 says:

    I am very proud and honored to be a part of this group:)

  14. Laura says:

    This is truly a wonderful story. Good goes a long way in this world.

  15. LaDonna Dennis (LDG_lildrumgirl) says:

    There is this saying…..”Birds of a feather flock together” This is SO TRUE!!!! Casey and his family are good, kind and generous caring people with HUGE hearts of gold!!!! Casey’s fans are those same kind of folks!!!! I am proud, honored, privilege and a grateful to be a part of this AWESOME group of fans!!! I have met so many wonderful, sweet, loving friends because of our love and support for such an AWESOME, TALENTED artist!!! Thank you Casey E. James for you kindness, your HUGE heart and your MIND BLOWING TALENT talent!!!! I love your music!!! We are all right where we belong….right beside you supporting you ALL the way!!! Thank your for this story……God has a plan….that is for sure!!!!! ❤

  16. karenbar13 says:

    So nice to hear about this. Casey really is an inspiration!

  17. Karen says:

    Casey has brought so many caring and generous people together in their support for him.Very proud to be a fan of such a sweet, talented musician and thank you for such a wonderful article Shari! 🙂

  18. Simple words just cannot express the love & warmth, the support, the generosity of heart & spirit that I feel from all of y’all. I was following Casey on AI like all of you, and keepin up with him last summer on the tour via TCJB, when I got THE diagnosis. Needless to say, I was just about shattered. It’s been a helluva year, but one goal kept me focused…living to see in concert the amazing young man whose own story of health struggles so inspired me to fight my battle. When it got rough for me, I would think of Casey at 21, confined to that wheelchair, trying to learn how to walk again and fighting to regain his guitar playing ability. I thought to myself, if Casey could do THAT, then I can do THIS.

    His music was another source of inspiration, especially the song Hold On. I was listening on my cell phone the night he sang it for the first time…I know many of y’all have done the same thing, so you know how some words come thru while others are muffled. The words that came thru loud & clear for me were “There’s a voice that carries me” and “It’ll turn before too long”…it was like those words were meant for me & they have been my anthem ever since.

    I also want to thank Debra for her love & support, and for inspiring me with her own heroic triumph over breast cancer. It is no small wonder that Casey has the good heart he has…he got it form his amazing Momma.

    Thank you ALL, each and every one for you, for makin my dream come true, and for livin up to Casey’s example for us all…we are truly blessed to be the proud fans of such an amazing young man…and I am blessed to know that angels truly do walk upon this earth.

    Much, Much Love…

    • Alexis Dunn says:

      Meme/Barb you are an inspiration yourself and I am so glad you will get to meet CJ.
      There are many angels that walk this earth.
      much love to you

    • Kayla says:

      What a wonderful story! I had no idea that this had taken place. I am a very passionate supporter of Casey James and I’m proud to be in the likes of such wonderful people. My mother is a breast cancer survivor so that makes this all the more touching.

      Best wishes to you!!!

    • Rainelyne says:

      You’re always in my prayers.God bless!!

  19. Melanie Santana says:

    Great job, Shari. I just blessed to be ABLE to be a part of this, Thank everyone for helping 🙂

  20. Aunt Sherry says:

    All of these replies brought tears to my eyes. Awesome can’t even come close!!! This started early on—in Dallas at the IA August 2010 performance, Deb was shorted 2 tickets (that were supposed to be reserved)! Don’t know how it came about, but think someone overheard what happened and GAVE her 2 extra tickets they had. I remember us saying it was a “God thing”. How right we were!

  21. Shari, I forgot to say that your words are just perfect!!! Thank you for sharin your incredible writin gift with all of us, Dawlin ❤

  22. Jeanette says:

    So much love and it started with Casey. He lights up my life. Such a caring group. Barb you a very special and deserve all the good that can come your way. I am so proud to be a Casey fan.

  23. CrazyCEJFan- Tracy says:

    so happy and proud to be a part of this! Barb, you deserve all the fun that will be coming your way-enjoy the concert and meeting Casey-he is so special, you’ll see! I believe God is working through Casey to make his fans better people-and it looks like it’s working! Bless you Shari for a beautiful story straight from the heart! Casey-please-just keep on being Casey!!

  24. Chris B. says:

    Beautiful article…makes me proud to be a part of such a wonderful group. Casey’s fans truly are special just like him and his family!! Daydreaminmeme, may God bless you on your journey. Have a fabulous time on your Casey experience!!!

  25. Delores Fields says:

    No words can ever express the joy this group has given me. Always come through for any need prayers, well wishes, pick me ups whatever! I knew Casey was special the first time I laid eyes on him at his first audition! Artist like Casey come around once in a lifetime and I feel blessed to be part of this amazing group of fans that feel the same! Goodness starts within and shines out I saw that light first time I saw Casey so why would his fans be any different. Love and prayers to all my fellow fans and Casey for being who you are an awesome artist and man!

  26. Katy says:

    Proud to be a Casey James fan!!

  27. Andrea Jenkins says:

    This is wonderful to read! In a world where we constantly hear
    of individuals causing harm to one another, how nice to hear of individuals
    uniting to help their fellow man. What a blessing! Thanks, Casey, for your part in this! God bless!

  28. Rainelyne says:

    I’m so proud of all of you who made this possible.God bless all of you!!!

  29. This is such a Blessing and and honor!!!! Marie, thanks for letting me share in this Contagious Goodness!!! I truly have made many wonderful friends and Casey has made this possible…. God Bless all of you!!!!

  30. Lucy M says:

    This is my answer for this article, ” Goodness is Contagious”

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