WKDQ Radio Interview with Casey James

thanks Gail Vaughn

Today, as a lead up to his concert this Saturday night, Casey did an interview with WKDQ’s Eric Cornish.  In introducing Casey, Cornish mentioned that since adding Casey to this weekend’s line-up, “people have been buzzing like crazy over” Casey, that Casey has a great fan club, and that he knew of people coming from as far away as Michigan to see him.  Casey laughed jovially and agreed that his fans are enthusiastic.

Casey was asked about what it was like being first known as the guy who took his shirt off on American Idol and Casey laughed and said when it happened he didn’t even think till later, oh that’s probably going to be on TV.  But he was thankful for the fans who stuck with him.

In discussing his transition from American Idol to the real music world, Casey emphasized that he wants people to know that he has worked hard for many years as a musician, playing seven nights a week at honkytonks and bars and any place he could.

Referring to the concert this Saturday, Casey mentioned that he would be mixing it up and doing new material.  Casey announced that Billy Nobel, the band keyboardist, will not be able to make it to the performance so they would have a three-piece band.  But Casey said that would be “like days of old” for him, and they would be doing songs that are best suited for such a group.

You can hear the first part of the interview here:

Cornish has a segment on his show called “Dashboard DJ” in which people win a chance to chose songs for the 5PM rush hour.  At the end of the interview, Cornish asked Casey to select songs as today’s “Celebrity Dashboard DJ.”  Casey first chose Eric Church’s “Homeboy,” saying he loves the piece, the lyric and its meaning, “how heavy it is,” and the style of the song.  Casey then picked Merle Haggard’s “Ramblin Fever”, saying the guitar intro “gets me going,” and “I’ve listened to it probably a million times and it never gets old to me.”  Finally, Casey chose a tune he performed on American Idol, Keith Urban’s “You’ll Think of Me,” saying “I love that song.”You can hear the second part of the interview here:

To find both parts of the interview on the station’s website, go here.

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