Poll: Has Your Favorite Original Casey James Song Changed? Take Our Poll!

(Note:  This is the second post on this poll.  The original post was published on August 28 here.)

On August 21, at the North Canton Main Street Festival in Ohio, Casey introduced his fans to three new original songs: “Crazy Tonight,” “The Good Life” and “You’ll Never Walk Away.”  That makes a total of seventeen original songs Casey has performed this year.

The last time we asked you to pick your favorite original songs was in July.  With the addition of this new material, you may want to re-evaluate your choices and give the ranking another try.  It gets harder and harder every time because all of his songs are so great, but the results should be interesting.  To make things “a tiny bit” easier, we haven’t included his new single “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” in the poll.  As his first official release, it will always have a special spot in all our hearts regardless of where we might have ranked it.

So here it is.  Pick your top five favorites.  We’ll post the results at the conclusion of the poll.  As always, if there’s a specific version you like best, or other comments you’d like to make about your selections, feel free to post your thoughts below. Videos of the songs are posted below for your review.


Crazy Tonight

Done Made Up My Mind


The Good Life

Hold On

I Lied

She’s Money

Shine Your Shoes

Show Me a Bridge

So Sweet

Til My Guitar


Why I’m Feeling Blue

You Need Some Texas

You’ll Never Walk Away

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8 Responses to Poll: Has Your Favorite Original Casey James Song Changed? Take Our Poll!

  1. samboy27 says:

    With 17 Original songs out already, it may be more than what can fit on a 1st cd. I’d be curious to see a poll done, on what song (s) we could wait for to see on the 2nd cd ( we love everything Casey does, but if we had to pick a least favorite, what would it be)?

    I hope we get another copy of the song “Never walk away” soon, because it is sad to listen to the rude guy in the background while Casey is trying to entertain the crowd.

  2. I needed one more space to include Why I’m Feelin Blue–it was hard to leave off. But I will nevah evah leave off Shine Your Shoes, which he wrote way back as a strugglin musician when N’ville was quite a bit more than a dream away. I Lied will always be my personal favorite lyrically- makes me weep. And ‘Til My Guitar . . : ’cause I am a sentimental fool (and so is his public, thankfully) She’s $ must make the CD. ‘ Nuff said.

  3. Marcia B says:

    Show me a Bridge just strikes a chord somewhere deep within me and even though it is a rough version because of all the background noise, I can see You’ll Never Walk Away quickly moving into that same place. There is just something so mesmerizing about his voice when he sings the chorus. So if i had to pick faves those would be the tops.

  4. Lulu Dee says:

    “You’ll Never Walk Away” is excellent…great melody, great lyrics, a must for his CD. Also lovely and enchanting is “So Sweet,” another must have on CD! Another favorite of mine is the hautingly beautiful bluesy “Til My Guitar” which even Doyle Bramhall would love!!! As for his next single, I think “Drive” would be great for a change of pace and the video would be so much fun!

  5. Taji24Toki says:

    Which are the songs Casey wrote on his own? Not sure but I think I’m drawn to his song writing as well–You’ll Never Walk Away, Good Life, Shine Your Shoes (new version with heavy bass), Why I’m Feeling Blue, are my top favorite. Love the wording, simple, sensitive, and sweet. I think these are written soley by Casey? Also, never mentioned one of his first few songs he wrote that many, especially guys like, Road Coming Home. My understanding is that he wrote it. It’s on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFkW635khRo. Also, if you know someone who will be interviewing Casey, can they ask besides writing lyrics and melody, how involved does he get in arranging the band’s music? Casey’s mentioned how they’ve change the tempo and sound, especially with Shine Your Shoes and Let’s Call It a Night, which can turn these songs from okay with me to one of my favorites. Even the Jealous Guy song seemed liked he made the decision on keeping it simple with the guitar and cello which was beautiful. Thanks for all you’re doing, Shari. Love your site.

    • TCJB says:

      Thanks for the nice words!!

      All the songs in this poll are written by Casey. They are all fantastic but very different! I too love his old, old songs especially Road To Coming Home but we decided to focus on more recent ones.

      I will see what we xan find out about song arrangements. He also really changed up Lawdy Miss Clawdy and even his Mrs Robinson was a unique take on it. — SG

      • Naomi says:

        I thought the list was a mix of originals that were written solely by Casey and some Casey co-wrote with other song writers–for example “Hold On” was a collaboration wt another song writer?

  6. Inconnu says:

    Bulletproof (I think it would be a great single too!)
    Shine Your Shoes – with the band with blues solos on the keys and guitar and yes – with the heavy bass, like at the Mint. Hope it makes the CD.
    I Lied – It’s a light hearted song. Uptempo. Sometimes you just like a song.
    Never Walk Away – for the sentiment, the lyrics, the melody (Show Me A Bridge Too but we only have 5 to choose from)
    Til My Guitar – old classic blues/rock. I’d love to see Casey in a concert and play this one.

    I think that She’s Money would make a great single. I can’t wait to hear this song on the CD.
    Drive – great slide guitar. I can’t wait to hear that one on the CD too and this one could be another single down the road off his first album, like So Sweet.
    Done Made up My Mind – Great Southern Rock song. It must make the Cd and it probably will. He’s been playing it just about every time he closes a show with his band and he said that his album will have a bit of everything.
    There is not a song that I don’t like. I think Undone is a great song. Might need a bit more work but the best version is the latest one I heard, at the Tin Roof.
    Why I’m Feeling Blue – he sings it beautifully.
    And there is nothing wrong with Crazy Tonight.
    You could say I like less You Need Some Texas, Hold On and The Good Life but I don’t dislike them.
    And Shari, I’m glad you mentionned Lawdy Miss Clawdy. I always thought the Studio version was great.

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