Casey James Media Mentions – 9/7

Casey James was the focus of Dave Spencer of WBKR radio’s Taste of Country Video of the Day.   In introducing the video, Spencer mentioned that Casey and fellow American Idol Season 9 finalist Crystal Bowersox “had far more personality and versatility than the ultimate winner, Lee DeWyze.”  He went on to add, of those three entertainers, the one I’ve heard the most about since that season ended in 2010 is Casey James.  That is not surprising as Casey has already been wowing audiences from coast to coast over the past six months touring on his own as an opener on parts of Sugarland’s Incredible Machine Tour.

Spencer posted this video of Casey playing an earlier, slower version of his new single Let’s Don’t Call it a Night Live in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  

As you know, Casey will be one of the country music stars performing this Saturday at the first Taste of Country concert, co-sponsored by radio stations WBKR and WKDQ from the Tri-state area covering Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.  The concert will be taking place at the Ellis Park Race Course in Henderson, Kentucky.

Casey James was also mentioned in today.  In this fun, short article, the website posted a picture that Big D & Bubba had tweeted last month of Casey in their offices, holding their as-yet-unclaimed wedding present to Blake Shelton.  Nashville Gab wondered about Casey’s “strange taste in pets” before uncovering the rest of the story, which you can check out here.


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4 Responses to Casey James Media Mentions – 9/7

  1. cynyn says:

    Still just love that slower version of LDCIAN with that pretty guitar work he does.

  2. Drew J says:

    That Casey face still makes me chuckle

  3. abbie says:

    Goofy Casey’s expression is priceless! 🙂 He is priceless and such a joy!

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