Casey on Nashville’s New Country

Casey James and his new single Let’s Don’t Call it a Night were featured today on Nashville’s New Country.  At the 14 minute mark on the tape you can hear the announcer introduce Casey and a brief interview with Casey before playing the song.  He says, of Casey, that he’s “having quite a bit of success with his first release” and mentions that Casey was recently added to the line up for the Taste of Country Concert coming up next week.

Casey discussed in the interview that he likes his first single because it incorporates a bluesy sound.  He likes that it’s a mix of a lot of different sounds.  Check it out for yourself here.

Listen to the introduction, Casey and his single, here:  Nashville’s New Country Show 31


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One Response to Casey on Nashville’s New Country

  1. Marsha says:

    LOL….no comparison to “He Can’t Even Bait a Hook”……………..:P

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