Casey James at The Tin Roof in Lexington, KY

Photo by Bob Linkous

Thanks to Gail.

Casey James took the stage at 6:00 PM EDT for a 13-song acoustic set sponsored by radio station WBUL 98.1 FM at the Tin Roof, an intimate venue in Lexington, Kentucky.  After a nice introduction from the radio station, Casey welcomed the crowd and then opened with his cover of Small Town Saturday Night.  Next he played an original, I Lied.  Then after joking about taking a nap and getting room service, he said “Hi” to the Twitter fans listening in on the conference call.

Casey’s next song was the touching Undone.  He then went old-school blues with Big Boss Man.  Apparently, Casey was too brutal with his guitar as he broke a string during that song and had to take a break to fix it.  His brother did say that Casey can beat on that guitar like it owes him money!  Once repaired and tuned up, Casey played Everybody Thinks That You’re Still Mine.  He went back to the original material with the haunting So Sweet. Then, to the great delight of the blog administrator, he played the Tony Joe White cover Polk Salad Annie.

Casey slowed it down, playing the sweetly sentimental Why I’m Feeling Blue. Then he switched it back up-tempo with the oldest original he plays, Shine Your Shoes.  Casey then introduced the next song, his first single Let’s Don’t Call it a Night.  He then delivered some more punishment to his guitar on the propulsive Drive.

Next was his mesmerizing cover of Old Love which should find a place on his first album, it easily eclipses the original.  Casey’s last song of the night was one of his newer ones, the uplifting The Good Life.  It is indeed.

Casey fan @ridgef called in from the venue so fans could listen live to the concert. Set List

Small Town Saturday Night
I Lied
Big Boss Man
Everybody Thinks That You’re Still Mine
So Sweet
Polk Salad Annie
Why I’m Feeling Blue
Shine Your Shoes
Let’s Don’t Call it a Night
Old Love
The Good Life


Small Town Saturday Night (thanks to @_jenlloyd)  Another video of STSN by @JennHunsberger here

I Lied (@_jenlloyd)

Undone (@_jenlloyd)

Big Boss Man (thanks Lisa Perkins)

Everybody Thinks That You’re Still Mine (@_jenlloyd)

So Sweet (thanks Lisa Perkins)

Why I’m Feeling Blue (@_jenlloyd)

Let’s Don’t Call It A Night (thanks Lisa Perkins)

Old Love  (partial) (@lespaulleslie)

The Good Life (@_jenlloyd)

Concert Photos

Photo by Bob Linkous

photo by Bob Linkous

Here are some pics courtesy of Gail Vaughn, to see more go here.

Pic courtesy of Gail Vaughn

Pic courtesy of Lisa Vaughn Perkins

Photo by Linda Vaughn Perkins

Photo by Linda Vaughn Perkins

Photo by Lisa Vaughn Perkins

Photo by @littlecindylou

thanks @DeAnnStephens

Playing too hard, broke a string!

Photo courtesy @_JenLloyd

Photo by Jenn Hunsberger

Photo by Jenn Hunsberger

Casey and DJ DeAnn Stephens

Photo by @Artist_at_Heart

@_JenLloyd and Casey

Casey and Cherrell

group shot thanks @ridgef

Gail and Casey

Casey and Nancy

Casey and Tiffany Atterbury McAvoy

Sound Check

thanks @kathwilliams2

thanks @_JenLloyd

Photo by Lisa Vaughn Perkins


This afternoon Casey Tweeted about tonight’s concert:

Casey Everett James  @CaseyEJames: I’m playing an acoustic set at the Tin Roof in Lexington tonight. Y’all come on out. It’s free! I’m starting around 6. 🙂

@DeAnnStephens: @CoolCJfan He did an awesome job!:). We enjoyed having him in KY!

@littlecindylou:  @CaseyEJames thanks for a great show in Lexington! You made at least one crazy fan very happy

@Delothree: Had a blast in Alexandria!  @caseyejames was awesome!! Pic of him and my daughter resemble each other!*

@m36tipton:  i just got to meet casey james at the tin roof!!!!!i love casey!

@Lisap0181: @CaseyEJames thank u 4 the awesome show at Tin Roof! and ur sweetness! c u in October! 🙂

@Aliskemarie @CaseyEJames you were amazingg yesterday in Lexington!!(:


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9 Responses to Casey James at The Tin Roof in Lexington, KY

  1. What an amazing experience we had at the Tin Roof with Casey!! He is the most wonderful person, singer, guitarist, songwriter full of personality and graciousness! He was so appreciative of us being there to support him. His interaction with us was amazing! Thank you Casey for your beautiful music & bringing such joy to me and your wonderful fans last night! It is something I will never ever forget! I will have a Casey “hang-over” for a long time!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. glad U like Poke Salad Annie, Shari. He commented he hesitated doin it lest he break another string, (but as per usual, no holdin back, full-on rendition) tho this sounds peripheral, the signing line was outdoors on a beautiful Kentucky evening just before sunset. Never have I experienced one so completely unrushed and full of new fans. Tho the venue seated only about 100 indoors they opened up to the outside and plenty standing listening in back, both inside and out. Bout 350 peeps.

  4. Fifi says:

    ^^ Very nice 350 people / 100 actual cap. Jampacked if I may safely say eh?

    Ohhh I really love Undone. I should’ve moved on to the Good Life or Never walk Away but here I am still paying attention to Undone. Minority I know

    • Chris B. says:

      Same here as I do love those two new ones, I really really love Undone..once I listen to it, it just won’t leave my head !

  5. Gail Vaughn says:

    This was the most moving performance that I have had the pleasure to enjoy from Casey.. I loved the smaller venue so we could have the interaction with Casey but also with the other fans. Casey attracts the nicest of people and when they all come together in his support it is a wonderful experience. Casey is always so gracious, humble and appreciative…it makes me love him more everytime that I see him. “Thank You” to the person who took the photo of his fan line at the meet & greet. I get tired of hearing about all of his female fans……if you look at that line…Casey is a STAR in his own right and has fans are of every age and gender. 🙂

  6. Oh my – those videos and that face!! So beautiful, I’m speechless. Casey’s guitar playing and vocals are devine. Thanks so much for sharing these precious moments with all of us!! Truly appreciated. I can’t wait to hear Casey play Never Walk Away again so I can listen to it without the crowd distraction from the Ohio show. I can’t even imagine how great it will be when Casey puts out his CD, which should include Old Love, The Good Life, Never Walk Away – all of them really – sooooo good!!

  7. Love love love all of the great pics! I see some of my very favorite people!! 🙂

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