New Casey James Interview in Taste of Country

Taste of Country recently interviewed Casey about his new music, writing with Sugarland’s Kristian Bush and being mentored by the legendary Randy Owen.  It is a terrific, detailed interview which you can read in full here.

What came out from this interview is that Casey is at his core a musician.  Those who describe him as a former American Idol contestant miss the point.  Casey did not use that show as a shortcut to a career in the music business; he had been a working musician supporting himself (as he humorously, but honestly, says, “most of the time”) for over a decade before he became that guy on that TV show.  What AI did was get the right people to see him.  The path he’s taken since then is the one he’d been on all along — working and writing and honing his craft to make the best music possible.

Echoing the fans who have trouble identifying which of his many great new songs are their favorites, Casey discussed how hard it is to choose which songs will ultimately make their way into his upcoming album.  One could be a collaboration with Alabama’s Owen or one of the many songs he’s written with Bush.  But whatever songs make the album, they will have to pass the litmus test:  “What’s the absolute greatest song that I’ve got right now? What could I not live without?”

Casey is in no hurry to get the album out, his goal is to write and play and “have a 50-year career.”  But wherever he goes from here, as long as he gets to continue making music, Casey will be happy.  As Casey told Taste of Country, “I’m content to play music in general. A dream of mine has always been to do it on a bigger level where you have more people wanting to come hear you play, and just getting out there and getting to play bigger venues. And that’s been something that I’ve always wanted to do, but I would be happy just getting to play music in general.”


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  1. CASEY fan says:

    He’s so genuine!

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