Casey James on stage in Alexandria, KY


Casey James took the stage at 6:30 PM local time at the Alexandria Fairgrounds in Alexandria, Kentucky, for the fair’s first annual kick-off celebration.  Casey and his band opened with the rousing You Need Some Texas then moved onto the equally energetic Bulletproof.  Next was the frothy She’s Money followed by the touching I Lied.  Then Casey introduced his new single, Let’s Don’t Call it a Night.  Casey took it a little slower with the beautiful, romantic So Sweet.  Then he brought out his blues guitar licks for a killer version of Drowning on Dry Land.  He ramped it way up with an explosive take on Drive.  Last was the rocking Done Made up My Mind.  A knockout, powerful 40 minute set for the lucky folks in Kentucky!

Thanks to @ridgef we have audio from tonight’s concert:

Set List

You Need Some Texas
She’s Money
I Lied
Let’s Don’t Call it a Night
So Sweet
Drowning on Dry Land
Done Made up My Mind


You Need Some Texas (@spinnyjb)

Bulletproof  (thanks @spinnyjb)

She’s Money (@spinnyjb) 

I Lied (@spinnyjb)

Let’s Don’t Call It a Night (@spinnyjb)

So Sweet (@spinnyjb)  

Drowning on Dry Land (@spinnyjb)

Drive (@spinnyjb)

Drive (thanks @lacastilleja

Done Made Up My Mind (@spinnyjb)

Concert Photos

thanks @kathwilliams

Here are a couple photos by Gail Vaughn (@wildwillowdes) you can view all her pics here.

Photo by Delores Fields

thanks @lespaulleslie

Photo by Stephanie Claus

thanks @kathwilliams2

Gail and Casey

Emily Klaene: Amazing show in Alexandria last night! — with Amber Hunt Beiting

Phyllis Gross of Butler takes a photograph with singer Casey James after his performance at the Alexandria fairgrounds.

Kristen Stewart and Ciara Kells, both of Falmouth, pose with singer Casey James after his performance.

Sound Check and Pre-Show Photos

Thanks Delores!

photo by lespaulleslie

Photo by Delores Fields

photo by @spinnyjb

photo by @lespaulleslie

photo by @spinnyjb

photo by @lespaulleslie


Apparently, Casey doesn’t stress too much before going on stage, as one of the fans tweeted before the show:  @kathwilliams2: Just got our picture taken with Casey James who was playing Frisbee before the concert tonight.

@spinnyjb: Show was great! @CaseyEJames was gracious as ever. The family enjoyed seeing Casey rock it out. 🙂

@kathwilliams2: Good morning all – wanted to sleep in but could not – yesterday’s Casey James concert running thru my head. Casey on the guitar unreal-Wow!


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46 Responses to Casey James on stage in Alexandria, KY

  1. Stacey says:

    Oh baby Casey looks GOOD as always and I no he’s gona give everyone an AWSOME show.

  2. Donna Camarata says:

    It looks and sounded likena great show….he is so gorgeous!

    • Donna Camarata says:

      Like a great show…sorry for the oops

      • Jeanette says:

        I understand. When it comes to Casey my tongue gets wrapped around my eye teeth and I can’t see what I’m saying. I’m glad everyone understands when I make a mistake.

  3. Inconnu says:

    Just finished listening to Drive on the live Audio. Can’t wait to get the video of that one. Sounds like a killer version.

  4. lisa says:

    love the tshirts he wears in his concerts.can’t see his face,how about a ponytail too……

    • I would love to see him in concert with the ponytail…so I can watch the expression and emotion on his face. We miss alot of that when his hair is down. CUT IT! CUT IT! CUT IT! (just doing that to start the “hair debate”. LOL).

      • MNCyn says:

        I like the ponytail look too! I don’t think he should cut it too very much though … maybe a little. I think that’s called a trim. 🙂

  5. Patti (caseyscrew205) says:

    He sounded great tonight as usual, can’t wait to hear some reports. I’m thinkin’ the long hair is very sexy. 🙂 I’m not ready for it to go yet, lol

  6. Donna Camarata says:

    No no no I love his long curly locks….so sexy….he wore a ponytail for the AI concert but I like it down best

  7. Lulu Dee says:

    Casey’s hair is not only his crowning glory, it’s like his trademark! Thank you Victoria Beckham for asking Casey to let his hair down in his AI audition, which got her vote! I love how the colored lights play with his waves and curls as he sings and plays onstage. The ponytail is nice too, but the lighting has to be just right, otherwise the strong lighting makes him look older (in some videos the harsh stage light made him look bald).

    • Ahhhhh…see, I think his guitar skills & talent are his trademark. Don’t get me wrong I love his hair, I just love his face more and would rather not have the focus on his hair (ha..which is basically what I started here!!) It truly doesn’t matter, I love listening to him & watching him. But I do enjoy seeing the emotion on his face. When I can see it.

  8. lisa says:

    i have to admit i would like to see him cut his hair.i love those pics of him playing gitar and his hair is short but yet still has curl

  9. Jeanette says:

    My vote, Long Hair! Is this a poll? Thank you, Marie.

  10. Neet says:

    Lonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg hair, please!!

  11. Long hair has my vote – Casey’s drop-dead gorgeous with any hair style but I’ve always been a fan of long, lean men with flowing locks!! 😉

  12. Renee says:

    Since we’re giving opinions…I say long but back in a pony-tail. That way we get the best of both worlds. Long, gorgeous hair but back so we can see that amazing face and that neck…

  13. Fifi says:

    ^ ^ AGREE on all counts. The bun always turns me into a giggling school girl. Always.

  14. Cynthia says:

    I love his long hair. I think he would look gorgeous any way, regardless of the hair.
    It seems like the long hair trends for young men ” is in” now, as well as the country plaid shirts. I just have this feeling that Casey started some new trends.

  15. cynyn says:

    Well as I keep checking back for more video I have to exclaim that the 1st pic of Casey in that T shirt and sunglasses is one of the most appealing I’ve seen! Wonder how it would look with his hair pulled back, breathtaking either way I bet.

  16. Chris B. says:

    Agree love the pic at the top of the page!! Don’t usually like men with long hair…but on Casey I think it’s gorgeous!!! But, I do like it to when he puts the ponytail in so you can see that beautiful face and baby blues a little better ! Hoping he keeps it long though….

  17. Renee says:

    Not to be impatient but Spinny please tell me you got the usual full, amazing set of videos for this show…please!

  18. Lori Crowl says:

    oH, i love THE LONG HAIR! I am a stylist, and Casey is blessed to have such gorgeous hair. Might I add it is soooo soft!

  19. Boudica says:

    I ve seen the pictures of Casey with short hair, and I think he needs to cut it. I dont mind the long hair, I like long hair on guys normally, but I think Casey looked great on the pictures with short hair. I think he could appeal to a younger demographic if he did cut his hair.

  20. Katy says:

    Casey’s long hair is gorgeous! The pony tail is unflattering unless the lighting is perfect. I think he grows it extra long, cuts, it, and gives it to a charity for cancer patients, I had beautiful curly hair when I was young, so look, he should use this beauty feature to his advantage while he can. It doesnt last forever. His music, however, will!!!!

  21. Marsha says:

    Boudica….why must Casey appeal to a “younger” demographic?? Everyone does. There’s a whole lot of people in other demographics…why can’t he just appeal to them and let the chips fall where they may…..Older demographics have the money to spend and will stick with him…young people are always following the new trend….Just sayin’……P.S. Marie you knew better than to start the hair thing again…..shame on you! But, I STILL like it LONG!!! 😉

    • Boudica says:

      There is nothing wrong with the other demographics, or any demographic for that matter, but at the moment the demographic that Casey has the least appeal to are young females. They are definitely a fickle bunch as consumers, but there are also huge advantages to have that demographic, you just have to look at people like Taylor Swift, she has become a huge hit because she appeals to young females and there are countless other artists who are similar.

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  23. cynyn says:

    OMG Drowning on Dry Land can’t wait to listen to them all! Thanks for coming through spinnyjb!

  24. Karen says:

    Well, I’m going to put my two cents worth in and vote ——— LONG HAIR all the way. Although he is gorgeous regardless, it makes him look so much more sexier and he has such gorgeous hair so why not show it off.

  25. Karen says:

    BTW, this is the Casey we grew to know and love so why change things.

  26. cynyn says:

    It looks like Casey needs a gift of a good pair of sunglasses for those sensitive baby blues. These videos are just great spinnyjb the sound is so good! I love when you can really hear the instruments.

  27. Gudrunvoncat(Australia) says:

    I think Casey with long hair but back in ponytail although maybe short hair for a while hmmm can’t make up my mind gorgeous either way!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Drew J says:

    I’m done watching 3 videos (YES! it’s a feat considering I barely have slept due to deadline @work)

    As expected, “Done made up my mind” is one of the videos I can’t wait to see. Now, tell me – did Casey FORGOT the lyrics altogether or did he just change it up? He started off with second stanza then the 2nd stanza has lyrics (those which I can decipher) I’ve never heard before. My guess is he had a brainfart cos he keeps looking back to his bandmates & prolly saying “it’s alright” or something LOL. Oh cmon Casey I love you & all but please never EVER fail to perfectly rock out your song that I truly adore from the beginning.

    Now on the subject of hair – locks down or bunned up HE’S HOT

    • Gail Vaughn says:

      In Casey’s defense, the sun was shining directly in his face….so he probably was distracted and lost his lyric. It’s more noticeable in the video, but for those folks that didn’t know the song. He covered it so well no one even knew….and as usual ended his show very gracefully…:)

      • Drew J says:

        I was joking on my post. Sorry if it came across demanding. Maybe I tried to cover it but I got honestly worried when I saw these performances. So un-Casey cos we know he always gives his all on his gigs, sick or not. I am worried about how he was actually feeling up on stage that time. I knew his eyes are very sensitive to light, plus reading reports about his back pain again (which I hope is NOT chronic) brought out the worry-wart in me.

        I love Casey as much as everyone here so I do hope he’s not suffering from the pang of over-stress. Someone give this guy a dose of TLC pill… he badly needs it 🙂

    • Boudica says:

      Yes he practically forgot the whole song, I ve also seen Drowning on dry land and Casey was really phoning it in, this was definitively not one of his best shows. But I guess everyone has a off day every now and again, and Casey has been traveling up and about a lot, so perhaps he is a touch tired.

      • Renee says:

        Someone said it looked like his back was bothering him again so maybe whatever he had to take for pain plus the heat and sun just took it’s toll. This is a tough time with all the appearences and travel and we know he doesn’t sleep well. Even though we see him as practically perfect he is human!

  29. Drew J says:

    Blog cut it.. I’ve written…

    “Now on the subject of hair – locks down or bunned up HE’S HOT / end of story.”

  30. Gail Vaughn says:

    I had the pleasure of being at this show and the one the following night at The Tin Roof. I personally like his hair in a ponytail. I do like to see his face when the music moves him. The following night at The Tin Roof he got a hair in his mouth…when he finished the song, he laughed as he was removing it and commented something like he thought he was going to choke on it. 🙂 He proceeded to tell why he grew his hair long in the first place. (For locks of love) He didn’t know they would make such deal on A. Idol about it. Now Sony says he can’t cut it until he becomes established and when he does, he will. When his performance was over, and his meet and greet was finished guess what he did?? He pulled his hair back in a ponytail. 🙂 For me it is all about his talents. I don’t care how he wears his hair. 😀

  31. Gail Vaughn says:

    About the hair. I personally prefer it in a ponytail. He has beautiful hair, but I am all about his talents and sometimes think the hair is distracting. This is what Casey said at “The Tin Roof” the following night. After a song he had to remove a hair from his mouth and laughingly said he thought he was going to choke…:) He continues to tell the story of why he grew his hair long in the first place. (Locks of love) And the way they made over it on A.Idol. He continued with –Sony says now that I can’t cut my hair until I am an established –artist or performer –not sure of the exact wording….but I am sure he said then “I will cut it”. When his show was over and his meet and greet was finished. He got to hang out for a while, guess what he did??? He pulled it back in a ponytail. 😀

    • Gail Vaughn says:

      BTW thanks for using my photo with the shades…that was an awesome shot. Especially for you folks that love the hair!!! 🙂

  32. Waternymf says:

    I finally got around to listening to the whole set. Yeah, so he blew a few lines, but like Usher once said, when he blows it, he has a tool to go to, and well he did. Ripped it up at the end of DMUMM.
    Hair? He’s still young, I say keep it. You see so often musicians get established then cut it. Figure he’ll do the same. Besides, he likes it long so if it makes him happy, we wanna make sure he stays that way, right?

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